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[Zbrafish] Suggestions for fish room entry-ways

[Zbrafish] Suggestions for fish room entry-ways - Zebrafish Forum

[Zbrafish] Suggestions for fish room entry-ways - Zebrafish Danio Rerio Forum. Discuss zebrafish, aquarium culture and molecular biology lab specimens.

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Old 04-21-2008, 04:22 PM
Austin Bailey
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Default [Zbrafish] Suggestions for fish room entry-ways

Your not alone in this search. Barrier strategies are definitely some
of the most difficult aspects to retrofit for an existing facility.
For this reason, something completely independent of the building
infrastructure is usually recommended. Dedicated shoes fall into this
category. You'd still need to confirm that you have space for a
changing area. Because of the traffic outside the room, I'd recommend
swapping shoes inside the room. This will keep the aquatic shoes as
clean as possible.

But any strategy needs to be viewed in the context of the overall
containment and barrier strategies for the facility. Pathogen control
is only as good as its weakest link. Although they may be warranted
in certain cases, strategies like disinfectant shoe baths are a
holdover from the rodent industry. Most installations I've seen allow
users to often step over or around the mats. With proper floor and
hand sanitization, shoe sterilization might not be as necessary. And
if other barriers are not in place, foot sanitization may be a moot

The most effective strategies for barrier to pathogens involve
unidirectional workflow coupled with those primary barriers such as
foot baths and hand sanitization. If there are multiple entrances to
your facility this may be something to consider. If you have only a
single entrance, then foot sanitization becomes much less effective
due to the cross traffic in, out and past the single entrance - even
with a walk-off mat in place. It may be much more effective in your
case to focus on regular sanitization of the floor and other
established methods of pathogen control.

Austin Bailey
Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC
1 East Broadway, Suite 300
Eugene, OR 97401
tel: 541.485.1003
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