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Tyrone 03-03-2008 10:22 AM

Zebrafish PKA

I am looking for information concerning zebrafish Protein Kinase A. I
have found one paper siting its existance but am yet to find a single
paper characterising it. Do zebrafish have a PKA enzyme? Does it auto-
phosphorylate at teh zebrafish equivalent of Thr197? Has the gene been
cloned and sequenced. Is there an NCBI accession number for the DNA
sequence or proposed protein sequence?

I am not really working with zebrafish at all, but instead
Nothobranchius furzeri. I am planning some immunohistochemical work
and would like to know what antibodies are available for zebrafish.
I'm looking at evolutionary conserved proteins involved in
neurological development and so far the antibodies directed at mice
have also worked in Xenopus and goldfish... and we assume zebrafish as

The fish, N. furzeri, develops neurofibrillary tangles with age. These
tangles do not occur when the fish are dosed with resveratrol. PKA has
been implicated in priming tau for hyperphosphorylation (that results
in the neurofibrillary tanlges). We would like to take a look at this.
There is a p-CREB antibody that has worked in zebrafish but pCREB is
affected by several kinases so its increased nuclear localization
would not tell us a great deal. Mammalian PKA autophosphorylates
itself at Thr197. This would be better to monitor than pCREB to see if
PKA activity is increasing or out of place in aged fish.

If anyone can suggest a good reference, NCBI accession number or a
source of a phospho-PKA antibody that would be much appreciated!


Zagami 09-19-2013 01:24 PM

Re: Zebrafish PKA
Try rabbit antibody anti-TAU(pT212) phosphorilated [Invitrogen cod. 44-740G] against synthetic phosphorilted biotinylated peptide GSRSRTPSLPTP

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