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God is REAL!

God is REAL! - Science and Religion Forum

God is REAL! - Discuss and post questions about Science and Religion in this Forum

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Default God is REAL!

Proof of God

Copyright 2009 George Hammond, M.S. Physics

This story begins with my accidental discovery of the long sought
(Hammond 1994, for an online copy of this published paper see
my website*below)

With the advent of computers in the 1960's the
factorization of large (100x100) matrices became feasible.
Researchers in Psychometrics soon discovered that for some
unknown reason there were always the same 4 eigenvectors
in every Pearson correlation matrix of Personality data... but
no one could figure out why. It seemed to be more of a Physics
problem than a Psychology problem. And yes, finally an
unsuspecting physicist named George Hammond accidentally
wandered into this arcane field and promptly discovered the
reason why!

Up until a few years ago I used to receive handwritten
letters from Prof. Raymond B. Cattell the world's foremost
Psychometric Factor Analyst. Then 93 and living in Hawaii
he used to berate me for not doing "good science" by having
failed to read all 50 of his books and 750 papers. The gum
on the envelopes was lapped so many times the paper shrunk
and his scrawling hand was so illegible I scarcely dared to
argue with him. He is however one of the few great men that
ever recognized me. Too there was Prof. Hans Eysenck 80
then the worlds most famous living psychologist and a year
before his death with whom I sat on the dais in Montreal
as an invited speaker and when I proffered a copy of my
paper coolly remarked "I've read it". He did generously
refer to me as "Dr. Hammond" in his 30 minute speech
following mine knowing full well that I am not a doctor of
anything but it was an egalitarian gesture that I will not
soon forget.

It seems that any scientific candidate qualified to look
into a scientific proof of God is inevitably over 80 years
of age and this has been so from the beginning. Even the
celebrated Prof. Julian Jaynes of Princeton whom I talked to
died within months of hanging up the phone and could do
nothing to assist me. This historic discovery then, perhaps
like Mendel's Peas has been signed, sealed and delivered
only to find that there is no one capable of understanding
it! But enough of futile complaining and back to the story.

With the advent of the universally used SPSS computer
program, which you're probably familiar with, thousands of
researchers began Factoring Personality correlation
matrices. The SPSS has a built in "Varimax" oblique
rotation algorithm and is very reliable. To make a long
story short, what we now know is that in any large
psychometric matrix there are 30 "1st Order Factors". These
have been named and measured by Cattell. After rotation to
Simple Structure this 30x30 matrix yields 13 "2nd Order
Factors". I discovered that these 13 are Cubically
intercorrelated being the 13 symmetry axes of a common Cube
(ibid Hammond 1994). This is a truly astonishing result which
any competent scientist can clearly see must point to the
physical origin of the eigenvectors... and therein lies the
discovery of the Structural Model of Personality, the object
of 2500 years of research ever since Hippocrates the Father
of Medicine said there was such a thing!

Rotating the 13-2nd Orders to Simple Structure and
Factoring the 13x13 matrix we get 4-3rd Order Factors, and
finally after rotating and Factoring the 4x4 we get a SINGLE
FINAL FACTOR.... the supreme Factor in the entire realm of
Psychology. Again of course, the psychologists have no
idea what is causing this final Factor... and again it was
yours truly who discovered and published the explanation of
this single 4th order Factor in 2003. It turns out that the
Final Factor is nothing other than the first known
scientific measurement and proof of the existence of the
"God of the Bible", so called. My 2003 paper is the
publication of the world's first bona fide Scientific Proof
of God! (An online copy of this peer published paper is
posted on my website*below)

Incidentally, besides discovering that The Structural
Model is composed of the 13 symmetry axes of a cube, I was
also first to discover the final 4th-Order Factor. Cattell
had published the 4-3rd Orders in 1975 at the height of his
career but said that Factorization to the 4th-Order needed
more data to insure accuracy. Little did he know of course
that the single 4th-Order is God! That discovery
awaited my research (ibid Hammond 2003). At the time I didn't
have a computer large enough to run the SPSS but I persuaded
Dr. Paul Barrett in London, Hans Eysenck's former laboratory
director to run the 4x4 through SPSS and sure enough the
single 4th-Order Factor emerged-- the world's first actual
scientific measurement of God had been achieved!

Now you might rightly ask "how do you know this 4th-Order
Factor is God" and it sounds like it is a complicated
matter, but it turns out it is not. Even to a casual
scientific observer the demonstration is simple,
straightforward and overwhelming.

To begin with it is simple to show that the 13 Cubic
2nd-Order Factors (Personality Types so called) are simply
the celebrated Greek Dodekatheon- the 12 Olympian gods.
These 12 (or 13 actually) also appear in the famous Egyptian
Pantheon as the legendary 12 animal headed gods that we see
painted on the tomb walls in ancient Egypt. It is also
well known that the Romans adopted the 12 Olympian Greek
gods and renamed them with Latin names. It turns out
(Hammond 2003) that this 13 axis Cube comes from the cubic
cleavage of the brain itself a part of basic body geometry.
The axial Cartesian geometry of the body, which comes from
the binary Cartesian cleavage of the egg itself, is why we
have 4 limbs and 4 major brain lobes and which turns out to
be why there are 4-3rd order Psychometric Factors, or
Personality types, known today as the canonical 4-Gospel
personalities of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

In short the scientific proof of God I have discovered explains
the entire history of Religion from Paganism to Christianity as
the progressive discovery of higher and higher Orders of Factors
in the Factor hierarchy culminating in the discovery of the single
supreme God of Monotheism. All of which "gods" today are the
subject of routine experimental measurement to 3 significant
figures. This ranges from the 30 (1st-Order) demigods of
Hinduism through the 12 (2nd-Order) Olympian gods to the
4 (3rd-Order) gods of Christianity Mt,Mk,Lk,Jn to the single
supreme (4th-Order) God of Monotheism!

Demonstrating that the single 4th-Order is "God" consists
of the simple demonstration that this factor is caused by a
"brain growth deficit" due to the well known Secular Trend
in human growth. The well known properties of this brain
growth deficit compellingly and completely explain every
known phenomena ever attributed to "God"; why there is an
invisible world, why God is an invisible Man, what Eternal
Life is, why Creation occurred only thousands of years ago,
why there are miracles, why the Cross is the Cartesian
Coordinate system etc... the list includes every central item
in Religion and is all reported in my published paper
(Hammond 2003).

Finally we come to the creme de la creme of the theory,
the discovery that the phenomena of "God" is entirely
explained by the fact that "subjective" spacetime is actually
CURVED. In fact that this Factor Analytic proof shows that:

GOD = G_uv = % BGD (brain growth deficit)

where G_uv is the elementary Einstein Curvature Tensor. It
turns out that the same equation that describes the
curvature of "objective" spacetime (Gravity) also describes
the curvature of "subjective" spacetime (God). The
difference is that there is a different "source term" on the
r.h.s. of the two equations. "Braingrowth" takes the place
of "mass density" in Einstein's Field equation!

All of this is simply demonstrated by the fact that the
"oblique" matrices of Factor Analysis are in fact identical
to the "curved" matrices of (linearized) Gravity in
Relativity. Einstein it turns out not only discovered the
equation which describes Gravity, he also discovered the
equation which mathematically describes God! Although he
went to his grave without knowing this, anecdotal stories
indicate that he probably suspected a connection.

In conclusion then, there can be scant doubt that the world's
first scientific proof of God has been discovered, proven
and published.

All of which brings us to the burning question of the day
"What is a scientific proof of God worth?". What good is
it? After all, the majority of the world's population
already believes in God, even if they don't know what it is.
It is true that there is a widespread atheism in modern
academia, but so what, nobody pays attention to them. And
it's true that the American discovery of the world's first
scientific proof of God might have some political impact on
the present conflict between Islam and Christianity. And it
certainly represents a historical vindication of the 2,000
year struggle of Israel. It certainly is a scientific
vindication of the Catholic Church, indeed of all of

But these are fairly intangible matters... is there any
practical meaning to this discovery. Well, yes there is. It
turns out that this discovery identifies the direct cause of
the "invisible world" of Religion as being due to the
reduced Fourier cutoff frequency of visible movement, due to
the BGD (brain growth deficit). This is easily measured by
the motion Picture Fusion Frequency (PFF) which has been
known for 100 years. This raises the distinct technical
possibility that it might be possible to program this
equation into "virtual reality" computers and actually allow
people to "see Heaven". Not only could you see Heaven, but
by the same methods you could see yourself at various stages
of (theoretical) growth. Such a device would virtually
replace psychotherapy overnight. If you needed a
personality change virtual reality programmed with these
equations could actually show you what your new personality
would look like, sound like and what your "new reality"
would look like. Why for heaven's sake; the power of God
actually issuing forth from a computer!
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