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qPCR NEWS August 2009 - focus on HRM

qPCR NEWS August 2009 - focus on HRM - Protocols and Methods Forum

qPCR NEWS August 2009 - focus on HRM - Post Any Protocol, Method, Technique, Procedure or Tips / Troubleshooting for any Molecular Biology Technique.

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Default qPCR NEWS August 2009 - focus on HRM

qPCR NEWS August 2009 - focus on HRM

Dear researcher,
dear Gene Quantification page reader,

Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are compiled and summarised on the Gene
Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

- Update in HRM papers & HRM dyes => [Only registered users see links. ]
- New molecular diagnostics qPCR/real-time PCR discussion forum:
LinkedIN & XING
- qPCR / real-time PCR BLOG => [Only registered users see links. ]
- For better navigation we developed a TAG CLOUD =>
[Only registered users see links. ]
- New qPCR events in autumn 2009: symposia & workshops
=> [Only registered users see links. ]

European wide qPCR application workshops => register now !
=> course program autumn 2009 & winter 2010
=> [Only registered users see links. ]


Update in HRM papers => [Only registered users see links. ]

Determination of KCNQ1OT1 and H19 methylation levels in BWS and SRS
patients using methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting analysis.
Alders M, Bliek J, vd Lip K, vd Bogaard R, Mannens M.
Eur J Hum Genet. 2009 17(4): 467-473.

High quality assessment of DNA methylation in archival tissues from
colorectal cancer patients using quantitative high-resolution melting
Balic M, Pichler M, Strutz J, Heitzer E, Ausch C, Samonigg H, Cote RJ,
Dandachi N.
J Mol Diagn. 2009 (2):102-108.

Identifying sequence variants in the human mitochondrial genome using
high-resolution melt (HRM) profiling.
Dobrowolski SF, Gray J, Miller T, Sears M.
Hum Mutat. 2009 (6): 891-898.

Quantitative evaluation of DNA methylation by optimization of a
differential-high resolution melt analysis protocol.
Malentacchi F, Forni G, Vinci S, Orlando C.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 (12): e86

Mutation scanning using high-resolution melting.
Taylor CF.
Biochem Soc Trans. 2009 37(Pt 2): 433-437. Review.

High-resolution melting analysis (HRMA): more than just sequence
variant screening.
Vossen RH, Aten E, Roos A, den Dunnen JT.
Hum Mutat. 2009 30(6): 860-866.

Methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting.
Wojdacz TK, Dobrovic A, Hansen LL.
Nat Protoc. 2008; 3(12): 1903-1908.

Primer design versus PCR bias in methylation independent PCR
Wojdacz TK, Borgbo T, Hansen LL.
Epigenetics. 2009 (4): 231-234

Base-pair neutral homozygotes can be discriminated by calibrated high-
resolution melting of small amplicons.
Gundry CN, Dobrowolski SF, Martin YR, Robbins TC, Nay LM, Boyd N,
Coyne T, Wall MD, Wittwer CT, Teng DH.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 36(10): 3401-3408.

High-resolution melting analysis (HRMA):a highly sensitive inexpensive
genotyping alternative for population studies.
Molecular Ecology Resources (2009) 1-4

Multiplex Amplicon Genotyping by High-Resolution Melting.
Michael T.Seipp, Jacob D. Durtschi, Karl V. Voelkerding, and Carl T.
Communication in Journal of Biomolecular Techniques (2009) 20: 160–164

.... and much more => [Only registered users see links. ]


New HRM & qPCR Dye - Chromofy
Chromofy is a monomeric asymmetric cyanine dye, developed by TATAA
Biocenter for use in qPCR applications. The dye has absorbance and
emission wavelengths that are suitable for the FAM/SYBR channel on
most common real-time PCR instruments. When binding to dsDNA Chromofy
shows a very strong fluorescence increase
download flyer => [Only registered users see links. ]

Chromofy in High-resolution melting
High-resolution melting is a post-PCR analysis that discriminates
different samples on the basis of their melting temperature. Chromofy
and HRM can be used for genotyping, either with ro without unlabelled
probes and for methylation analysis. Methylation analysis is performed
after bisulfite treatment of the DNA samples which converts
unmethylated cytosines to uracils while methylated cytosines remain
intact. During subsequent PCR the uracils will be substituted for
thymines giving rise to a Tm difference between methylated and un-
methylated samples, which is seen as varying heights of the plateu in
the normalized HRM data. Using Chromofy your assay can be sensitive
down to 1 % methylated DNA in un-methylated background.
Download Chromofy user manual => [Only registered users see links. ]


Upcoming Events World-wide academic and commercial qPCR Events
[Only registered users see links. ]

Symposia, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Online-Seminars,
qPCR Education Program, etc.
Please submit your qPCR event here => events@gene-


qPCR 2010 in Vienna

International qPCR 2010 symposium in Vienna 7th – 9th April 2010
The focus of the qPCR 2010 Event will be “The ongoing evolution of
qPCR” representing all new and emerging techniques, applications and
data analysis methods. HRM, microRNA, CNV, single-cell qPCR, digital
PCR, and analysis of circulating nucleic acids will be in the focus of
the conference.

[Only registered users see links. ]

download first announcement => [Only registered users see links. ]



BioEPS GmbH / TATAA Biocenter Germany - qPCR Application workshops

At the TATAA Biocenter Germany we offer qPCR application workshops, a
3-day qPCR Core Module and a 2-day qPCR Biostatistics Module. All
courses are held regularly in Göteborg, Sweden, in English and in
Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany, in German and English, and in Prague,
Czech Republic in English and Czech.
Depending on the occasion the workshop language and the different
prices may apply. Further customized workshops and specialized
trainings will be held as well across Europe and world-wide.
TATAA Biocenter Germany workshops are held in cooperation with BioEPS
GmbH, located at the campus of the Technical University of Munich, in
Freising-Weihenstephan, very close to the Munich Airport (MUC). For
more information and registration, please see our web page:
=> [Only registered users see links. ]

Course Occasions 2009:

- 3-day qPCR Core Module (Mon. - Wed.)
- 2-day BioStatistics Module (Thu. - Fri.)
- 3-day single-cell qPCR Module (Mon. - Wed.)
- 3-day microRNA Module (Mon. - Wed.)

14 - 16 September 2009 (E) NEW single-cell qPCR
19 - 23 September 2009 (E)
3-day microRNA Module (Mon. - Wed.) & 2-day BioStatistics (Thu. -
26 - 28 October 2009 (E) 3-day qPCR Core Module (Mon. - Wed.)
16 - 20 November 2009 (E)
3-day microRNA Module (Mon. - Wed.) & 2-day BioStatistics (Thu. -
7 - 11 December 2009 (E)
3-day qPCR Core Module (Mon. - Wed.) & 2-day BioStatistics (Thu. -

=> [Only registered users see links. ]


Forward Please send the qPCR NEWS to further scientists and friends
who are interested in qPCR !

Best regards,

Michael W. Pfaffl
responsible Editor of the Gene Quantification Pages
[Only registered users see links. ]


If this newsletter is not displayed correctly by your email client,
please use following link:
[Only registered users see links. ]

The qPCR NEWS and the Gene Quantification Pages are educational sites
with the only purpose of facilitating access to qPCR related
information on the internet. The qPCR NEWS and the Gene
Quantification Pages are edited by Michael W. Pfaffl. Copyright ©
2005 - 2009 All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, reproduction,
or transfer of this message or its contents, in any medium, is
strictly prohibited. Disclaimer & Copyrights are displayed on the
homepage [Only registered users see links. ]
To subscribe or change your e-mail address in qPCR NEWS, and if you
would like to receive future issues FREE of charge, please send an e-
mail with the subject SUBSCRIBE to mailto:newsletter@gene-

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