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hygromycin primers

hygromycin primers - Protocols and Methods Forum

hygromycin primers - Post Any Protocol, Method, Technique, Procedure or Tips / Troubleshooting for any Molecular Biology Technique.

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Old 10-09-2007, 01:12 PM
Vince Mulholland
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Default hygromycin primers

Dear SVemuri12,

I suspect that you are using too high an annealing temperature. The calculated Tm is just an estimate. Also, my rule of thumb for annealing temperatures is Tm - 5C (can't remember where I picked up that bit of information). Try dropping the annealing to 55C, or even lower. Also make sure you are using a sufficient number of cycles, that the PCR recipe is OK, PCR machine is working properly, pipettors are OK, DNA template is good etc.
The conditions described for these primers by Chen et al (2006) seem a bit more stringent than is normally needed. Use a standard three temperature PCR (95C, 5 mins; 94C 30 secs, 55C 30 secs, 72C 1 min for 35 cycles; end with 72C for 10 min).

Good luck,


Vincent Mulholland
Molecular Biology Unit Manager, Diagnostics & Molecular Biology Section,
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency


To those who have worked with hygromycin primers for genomic DNA:

I am trying to do PCR amplification of my genomic DNA (WT and mutant
lines). So far, I haven't had any luck in getting the Hyg primers to
hybridize to the DNA templates. I have observed various annealing
temperatures and wondering if these are the annealing temperatures
that are often used in hybridization of these primers.

Forward primer:
Tm = 61.70 deg Cel

Reverse primer:
Tm = 58.84 deg Cel

For the PCR reactions I have used annealing temperatures ranging from
58 to 61 deg Cel. But none of these have shown PCR products. Should I
use a higher annealing temperature? When I manually calculate the
primer Tm using formula :
Tm = 4 (G+C) + 2(A+T), I get
Tm = 70 deg Cel forward primer and Tm = 66 deg Cel reverse primer -
both which are much higher than listed on the tubes.

I can see there is DNA after I run the gel, however no hybridzation
occurs. So, DNA is there. Are there any suggestions on making these
Hyg primers hybridize to my DNA templates?

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hygromycin , primers

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