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Anti Migraine Therapies

Anti Migraine Therapies - Protocols and Methods Forum

Anti Migraine Therapies - Post Any Protocol, Method, Technique, Procedure or Tips / Troubleshooting for any Molecular Biology Technique.

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Old 02-15-2005, 07:31 PM
Ben Radford
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Default Anti Migraine Therapies

A Two Day Conference + interactive workshop
8th & 9th March 2005, workshop 7th
Hilton Kensington Hotel, London

-Improving Disease Understanding, Drug Delivery & Future Targets-

**PDF brochure available - order your copy today!**


* Case studies from industry leaders GSK, Boehringer-Ingelheim, AstraZeneca
* Achieving more efficient drug delivery - the latest technology examined
* Genetic research; the future of migraine treatments and possibilities for
new drugs
* Future targets for anti-migraine therapies - learn which areas to watch to
ensure your company gains its share of the market
* Alternative therapies; new possibilities for botox in the anti-migraine
therapies market
-Plus much more - full agenda below-

* Dr. Michael James, Head of Preclinical MRI, Neurology & Gastrointestinal
CEDD , GlaxoSmithKline
* Dr. Henri Doods, Head of Pain Research, Boehringer-Ingelheim
* Dr. Per Almqvist, Zomig Global Brand Physician, AstraZeneca
* Dr. Chas Bountra, Head, Pain Research, GlaxoSmithKline
* Dr. Mitchell Brin, Senior Vice President, Development & Therapeutic Area
Head BOTOX(r), Neurology and Dermatology, Allergan
* Dr. Stephen Farr, Chief Scientific Officer, Aradigm
* Barry Cohen, Vice President & New Product Development, NovaDel
* Dr. Stephen Silberstein, Director, Jefferson Headache Center
* Dr. Don Penzien, Director & Founder, UMC Head Pain Center
* Dr. Ann Pakalnis, Clinical Associate Professor of Paediatrics & Neurology,
Ohio State University & Columbus Children's Hospital
* Tony Fisher Director, Clinical Trials, West Pharmaceutical

* Vice Chair of Neurology
* Associate Director of Neurology
* Head of Preclinical MRI & Neurology
* Senior Vice President, Neurology & Dermatology
* Professor of Neurology
* Global Head, CNS
* Head, Laboratory CNS
* Head of Pain Research
* Vice President, Clinical Development
* Senior Vice President, Clinical Research & Medical Affairs
* Vice President, Global Research & Development
* Chief Scientific Officer
* Research Advisor
* Senior Vice President, Product Development


Places at this event are strictly limited so BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.
To make a booking on this event, please contact me via phone or email. Book
early to secure a place.


Attend the:
2 Day conference - ONLY GBP1299 plus VAT
3 Day Conference and workshop GBP1,600 plus
Workshop only Fee GBP650 plus VAT


Booking is easy, simply contact me:

Joe Stone
Account Manager - Conference Division
Visiongain B2B Conferences
Tel. +44(0)20 8767 6711
Fax. +44(0)20 8767 5001
mailto:[Only registered users see links. ]


*Day One Tuesday 8th March 2005*

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair
Dr. Don Penzien, Director & Founder, UMC Head Pain Center
An overview of the anti-migraine therapies market: introducing
the main topics for discussion including the underlying
mechanisms of the disease, possible therapies, and the need
to improve patient care

Cortical Spreading Depression: Understanding
* Links between cortical spreading depression and
migraine visual aura: analysing the evidence
* Recent key advances in animal and human studies:
understand CSD & the pathophysiology of migraine-
contributing to the possibility of future treatments
* Assess the long and short term consequences of
cortical spreading depression on the function of the
brain during migraine
* Brief overview of animal models: analysis of results
and implications for treatment
Dr. Michael James
Head of Preclinical MRI, Neurology & Gastrointestinal


10:20 Alternative Therapies: non-pharmacologic treatments
and the success they enjoy
* Beyond drugs - when the drugs don't work, what are
the alternatives?
* Assessing the options: advantages and disadvantages of the
multiple alternative therapies: physical therapy; mind/body
therapy; herbal therapies
* Behavioural and psychosocial elements of migraine: lifestyle;
co-morbidities; frequency of pain; onset of pain
* Advice on how to manage problem patients
Dr. Don Penzien
Director and Founder
UMC Head Pain Center

11:00 Morning Coffee

11.20 CASE STUDY: Botox - Possibilities for Migraine
* Accidental discovery as an anti-migraine therapy:
potential market success
* Mechanism of action: targeting the central brain,
not just the peripheral
* Analysis of recent research findings: the safety and
efficacy of BTX-A in the prevention of migraine
* Advantages over other therapies - lack of negative
side effects
* Market potential and the possibilities for extreme
financial profit: how to gain your share
Dr. Mitchell Brin
Senior Vice President, Development & Therapeutic Area
Head BOTOX(r), Neurology and Dermatology
Allergan, Inc.

12:00 CASE STUDY: Topamax - A New Treatment in the
Anti-Migraine Therapies Market
* Mechanism of action: blocking voltage-dependent sodium
channels, augmenting neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyrate
activity, antagonizing the kainate subtype of the glutamate
receptor, and inhibiting the carbonic anhydrase enzyme
* Popularity with patients: avoiding negative side effects
including weight gain
* How does Topamax reduce the frequency of migraine as well
as treat the pain?
* Options for drug delivery: which is the best choice to meet
patient demand?
Dr. Stephen Silberstein
Jefferson Headache Center

12:40 Lunch


14:00 How to Improve Migraine Diagnosis & Care:
Migraine as a Chronic Healthcare Issue - Why Symptoms
Should Not be Ignored
* What response should there be to the lack of access to care
and appropriate diagnosis?
* How to educate physicians about the necessity and
advantages of efficient diagnosis
* How to encourage migraine diagnosis - get patients into the
clinic and advise on efficient diagnosis
* When to implement preventative therapies and when to
implement acute therapies
* Potential benefits of allied healthcare providers
* Ways to monitor pain - what do we mean by 'moderate';
'mild' etc?
Dr. Roger Cady
Founder & Director
Headache Care Center

14:40 Advice on Achieving Service Excellence and Ensuring
Patient Satisfaction in Migraine Care
* How to obtain high patient satisfaction
* How to recognize opportunities in organisational development
* Identify and create positive cultural changes in operations
* Reconciling the best clinical practices and the best business
Dr. Brian Mondell
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Johns Hopkins University

15:20 Afternoon Tea


15:40 Anti-Migraine Therapies for Paediatrics: Considering the
Possible Treatments
* The gap in the market: what are the possible contenders to fill
the void?
* When standard drugs do not work - possibilities of 'off-label'
use in the treatment of migraine in children
* Analysis of recent study results using sumatriptan nasal
spray (GSK) for children
* Considering children-friendly drug delivery options: improving
patient care and understanding their preferences, EG nasal
spray over tablet
* Understand the link between migraines and behavioural
disorders in paediatrics
Dr. Ann Pakalnis
Clinical Associate Professor of Paediatrics & Neurology
Ohio State University & Columbus Children's Hospital

16:20 Questions and Discussion

16:30 Chairman Summation and Close of Day One

*Day Two Wednesday 9th March 2005*

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair

09:40 Novel Targets in Anti-Migraine Therapies
- The Potential for New Drugs
* Limitations of present drugs: lessons to be learnt
from the past
* Strategic planning for migraine research :
preparing for more progressive research
* Biochemical/biomedical targets
* Outlook: new targets for migraine relief and the
future for anti-migraine therapies in the clinic
Dr. Chas Bountra
Head, Pain Research

10:20 The Impact of Triptans on Migraine Research
* How have triptans unlocked migraine research?
* How studying triptan pharmacological mechanisms has led to
spin-off mechanistically related targets
* Prophylaxis: a neglected preclinical research area - what can
be done to expand the information available?
* The impact of migraine genetics on drug discovery
* The prospect of personalised migraine therapies
Dr. Jenny Longmore
Freelance Consultant

11:00 Morning Coffee


11.20 The Genetic Component of Migraine: Understanding the
* Which genes should researchers pursue? - how to identify
human genes as future targets for anti-migraine therapies
* Recent identification of new genes: possibilities for future
anti-migraine therapies
* Overcoming complications in genetic research - inconsistencies
in clinical diagnosis; variable age of onset; unknown mode of
inheritance, locus heterogeneity; the poorly understood role of
environmental factors
* Characterisation of mutations in genes: how to improve
categorisation of subjects and make trials more informative
Dr. Miguel Estevez
Assistant Professor of Neurology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

12:00 CASE STUDY: Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide
(CGRP): a Causative Role in Migraine
* How effective are they? - possibilities for effective
abortion of migraine attack
* Benefits - no cardiovascular side effects as with Triptans
* How do they work? - blocking vasodilator activity &
neuronal transmission in migraine
* The therapeutic potential of olcegepant, the first
non-peptide CGRP receptor antagonist available for
human studies
* Analysis of data from clinical trials and implications
for treatment
Dr. Henri Doods
Head of Pain Research

12:40 Lunch


14:00 Alternative Dose Routes - the Nasal Delivery Option
* Outlining and understanding the function and physiology of
human nasal cavity
* Possibilities and applications of nasal delivery for anti-migraine
* Advantages of nasal delivery over alternative routes (injection,
tablets etc)
* Barriers to this option of drug delivery: cultural and
scientific drawbacks and strategies for overcoming them
* Considering the options available - case studies from West
Pharma (general pain and migraine-specific)
Tony Fisher
Director, Clinical Trials
West Pharmaceutical Services

14:40 CASE STUDY: Zomig - the First Nasal Spray for a
Second Generation Triptan
* Tablets, rapimelt or nasal spray - advantages and
* Nasokinetic profile: assessing the advantages including
maximum dose absorption
* How to provide fast onset of action: intranasal
* Sustained efficacy by active metabolite
* Clinical performance and patient preference
Dr. Per Almqvist
Associate Professor, Zomig Global Brand Physician
AstraZeneca R&D

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 CASE STUDY: Intraject Needle-free Anti-migraine Drug
Delivery System
* Analysis of results showing acceptable performance and
delivery consistency
* Improving patient care: painless, hassle-free & efficient drug
* Possibilities for delivering the leading anti-migraine drug,
* Considering the way forward: after meeting the primary clinical
endpoint, what's next?
Dr. Stephen Farr
Chief Scientific Officer

16:20 CASE STUDY: NovaDel's Lingual Spray of Sumatriptan
* How to weigh up the options: melt tablets, nasal sprays,
injections - which is the best option?
* How to get anti-migraine therapy delivery up to speed: using
technologies from other areas, EG sustained release patch
technology from HRT
* Analyse preliminary findings of pilot pharmacokinetic study:
what are the recent conclusions?
* Looking to the future - moving onto the market & assessing
potential problems
Barry Cohen
Vice President and New Product Development

17:00 Questions and Discussion

17:20 Summation of Conference from chairman

17:30 Close of Conference

Terms & Conditions
NB - Due to high demand, we do not 'reserve' or 'hold' places - a request
for an invoice to be raised will be treated as an official booking and will
be subject to the cancellation policy as outlined below.
Cancellations/substitutions and name changes: All bookings carry a 50%
liability after the booking has been made, by post fax, email or web. There
will be no refunds for cancellations received on or after one month before
the start of the conference (e.g. cancellation on or after 20th January for
a conference starting on 20th February). If you decide to cancel after this
date the full invoice remains payable. Conference notes, which are available
on the day, will be sent to you. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer
places between conferences and executive briefings. However if you are
unable to attend the event you may make a substitution/name change at any
time as long as we are informed in writing by e-mail, fax or post. Name
changes and substitutions must be from the same company and are not
transferable between companies or countries.

Indemnity: visiongain Ltd reserve the right to change the
conference/executive briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without
notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled due to acts of terrorism,
war, extreme weather conditions, industrial action, acts of God or any event
beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises we will
endeavour to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held
responsible for any cost, damage or expenses, which may be incurred by the
customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or cancelled. We
therefore strongly advise all customers to take out insurance to cover the
cost of the registration, travel and expenses.

To unsubscribe please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Data protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with
the Data Protection Act 1998. Information contained about you may be used to
update you on visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax
or email, unless you state otherwise. If you wish your details to be
amended, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd,
40 Tooting High Street, London, SW17 0RG. Alternatively please reply with
unsubscribe in the subject line. Please allow approximately 7 days for your
removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of
communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the
changes come into effect.

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Default Re: Anti Migraine Therapies

Hmm thanks for sharing about anti-migraine therapy this is very impressive post i really like that specially for those who are going to have these therapies....
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