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Ben Radford 02-10-2005 11:23 AM

Anti-Arthritis Therapies 2005
================================================== =============
Anti-Arthritis Therapies 2005
Company Case Studies, Novel Approaches, Experimental Treatments
23rd and 24th February 2005 - workshop 22nd
Hilton Kensington Hotel, London
================================================== =============

-THE AGENDA IS NOW COMPLETE - request your PDF brochure today-


*Learn from the best practice case studies such as: Remicade
(Schering-Plough) and Enbrel (Wyeth)
*Find out what the key differences are in the biochemical properties of
anti-TNF drugs
*OTC or prescription drugs for arthritis?
*Overview of the pre-clinical pharmacology of new anti-arthritis drugs
(Pfizer and Serono)
*Analyse products in the pipeline: Rituximab (Roche) and CC-10004 (Celgene)
*How to use genes in research: humanising drug discovery in arthritis;
Inhibiting the groove of HLA-DR4 (AstraZeneca)
*Learn how to choose effective endpoints in RA

+Kenneth Kilgore,Senior Scientist, Department of Inflammation Therapeutics,
+Martin Braddock, Associate Director, Respiratory and Inflammation,
+Dr. Christian Antoni, Group Director Immunology, Schering-Plough
+Dr. Henk Nab, Associate Medical Director, Wyeth
+Tim Shaw, Clinical Science Leader/ PDM (1-5) Site Head, Roche
+Dr. Rocco Cirillo, Programme Manager, Research Pharmacology, LCG-RBM,
+Dr. Eric Culbert, Respiratory and Inflammation Research, AstraZeneca
+Hiko Kohno, Fellow- Department of Protein Science, Amgen
+Dr. Alan Lewis, President, Celgene
+Dr. Ennio Ongini, Research Director, Nicox
+Dr. Ernesto Zatarain, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford
University School of Medicine
+Dr. Peter Bohlen, Senior VP, Research, Imclone Systems

This event will provide unrivalled opportunities to promote your brand to an
audience of senior level delegates. Decision makers from all aspects of the
arthritis therapy market will be in attendance, what better way to elevate
your product/services? We are continually recognised for providing
innovative and effective means to support your marketing requirements
through sponsorship and exhibitions at our leading events. Options include:

**Full Conference Sponsorship
**Exhibition Stands & Booths
**Cocktail Reception Sponsorship
**Promotional Inserts in Delegate Folders
**Conference Bag Sponsorship

Global Medical Director- Immunology
Group Director, Immunology
Vice President, and Head of Inflammation Discovery
Group Leader, Biologics
Global Project Head, Immunoscience Development
Senior Clinical Research Physician, Inflammation/ Immunomodulation
Senior Scientist, Dept of Inflammation Therapeutics
Head, Immunopharmacology
Vice President, Arthritis Research
Senior Director of Metabolic Diseases
Executive Director, Arthritis & Bone Metabolism
Associate Director, Inflammation
Vice President, Respiratory and Inflammation Research Area


Places at this event are strictly limited so BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.
To make a booking on this event, please contact me via phone or email. Book
early to secure a place.


Attend the:
2 Day conference with interactive workshop - ONLY GBP1600 plus VAT
2 Day conference - ONLY GBP1299 plus VAT
Workshop only - ONLY GBP650 plus VAT


Booking is easy, simply contact me:

Ben Radford
Visiongain Conferences
Tel. +44(0)20 8767 6711
Fax. +44(0)20 8767 5001
mailto:[Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]


Strategies for pricing and market access for innovative anti-arthritis
Tuesday 22nd
February 2005
Led by: Gerald Schell, Senior Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners

This workshop will give you the opportunity to engage in knowledge-sharing
with fellow professionals, which can result in brainstorming
and creating ideas which you can use back in your own organisation.
You can gain a greater understanding of the pricing of anti-arthritis
drugs, have detailed discussions about market access and new

Main topics of discussion:
* Challenges within the anti-arthritis market
* P&R environment for innovative anti-arthritis therapies
* Key learnings from recent product launches
* The concept of value based pricing
* International pricing

It is of most use to those who are willing and prepared to engage in
meaningful discussions and network with others. This 'facilitated
open-space' provides you with ideas and time to explore possible new
ideas and benchmark them against other approaches.

Schedule: The workshop will run from 10:00 until 14:00 with lunch and
refreshments at appropriate intervals
Workshop schedule

Day One Wednesday 23rd February 2005

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair
Gary Johnson, Managing Director, Inpharmation


09:40 CASE STUDY: The success of the biological response
modifier Remicade in RA
* Mode of action: blocking tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)
* Role of remicade as an anti-TNF-blocking therapy for
rheumatoid arthritis: significant reduction in symptoms and
sustaining long-term clinical benefits
* Clinical safety and efficacy- FDA approval for 'improving
physical function'
* The success of remicade- marketing approvals and global sales
* Problem points? - life threating infections and CNS disorders
in patients?
* Anticipating the future of treating rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Christian Antoni
Group Director Immunology

10:20 CASE STUDY: Enbrel- the soluble TNF receptor protein
for treating arthritis
* How to improve the sign and slow down the progression of
rheumatoid arthritis
* The demand for Enbrel- meeting the needs of current and
future users
* Competition- how to keep market shares from competitive
COX-2 selective inhibitors
* Additional inflammatory indications that benefit from TNF
* How to identify additional therapeutic targets for patients that
do not respond to TNF antagonism
* Problems of biotech drugs- building and certifying plants to
produce biotech drugs
* How to overcome the complications and expenses of growing
and harvesting cells
Dr. Henk Nab
Associate Medical Director

11:00 Morning Coffee


11:20 Key differences in the biochemical property of anti-TNF
drugs: Humira, Remicade and Enbrel
* Similarities and differences amongst Humira (Abbotts),
Remicade (Schering-Plough) and Enbrel (Wyeth)
* The interaction between anti-TNF drugs and TNF
* The interaction between anti-TNF drugs and Fc-gamma
* The interaction between anti-TNF drugs and the complement
component C1q
* Possible clinical relevancy and biochemical differences
Hiko Kohno
Fellow- Department of Protein Science

12:00 OTC or prescription drugs for arthritis?
* Advantages and disadvantages of OTC drugs
* The prevalence of use of OTC analgesics
* Risks associated with dose and variable duration of use
* Cost and effectiveness of OTC drugs
* Polypharmacy, comorbidities and the elderly
* Controlled and observational studies: what do we know?
* What to be aware of and what to implement
Dr. Ernesto Zatarain
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
12:40 Lunch


14:00 How to choose effective endpoints in rheumatoid
* Pain endpoints and functional endpoints
* The ARC response elements
* Pain and what global assessment scales to use
* Who is an ARC responder?
* Pros and cons of DAS endpoints
* Multiple end-point testing
Dr. William Sietsema
Vice President, Clinical Regulatory Strategic Planning
Kendle International


14:40 Forecasting the commercial potential for anti-arthritis
* Discover the pitfalls of patient based forecasting
* Learn how to make accurate forecasts
* Pricing: what allows premium pricing for anti-inflammatory
* Advice on how to gauge how big the premium can be
* How the 'big three' factors in market share function for
anti-inflammatory products
* Devices: to what extent do the NCE or the device drive
commercial success?
Gary Johnson
Managing Director

15:20 Afternoon Tea


15:40 Pre-clinical pharmacology of new anti-arthritis drugs:
the NSAIDs and COX-2s
* Class distinction of agents inhibiting arthritis
* Inflammatory cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes)
* Inhibitors of kinases and chemokines as anti-inflammatory
* The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and COX-2's:
preclinical pharmacology
* How is this area shaping drug development?
Kenneth Kilgore
Senior Scientist, Dept of Inflammation Therapeutics

16:20 Pre-clinical Pharmacology of new anti-arthritis drugs
* Experimental models of arthritis
* Alignment of experimental models to human disease
* Chemokine inhibitors in arthritis
* Intracellular kinases as targets to treat arthritis
Dr. Rocco Cirillo
Programme Manager, Research Pharmacology, LCG-RBM

17:00 Questions and Discussion

17:20 Summation of day one from conference chair

17:30 Close of day one

Day Two Thursday 24th February 2005

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair

An Overview of the Industry
The panel session at the end of Day Two will offer you the
chance to hear from Dr. Ray Scraggs, Head Consultant at
visiongain on the analysis of results from the
questionnaire and a freeform discussion of the major
issues in the anti-arthritis market


09:40 CASE STUDY: Rituximab, targeting B cells in the
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
* Understanding the potential role of B cells in the
pathogenesis of RA
* Rituximab as a targeted B cell therapy
* What we know about Rituximab in the treatment of
non-Hodgkins lymphoma
* Review of current clinical data on Rituximab in RA
Tim Shaw
Clinical Science Leader/ PDM (1-5) Site Head

10:20 CASE STUDY: CC-10004, novel anti-arthritic agents
* Immune modulating drugs- activity in arthritis/ inflammation
* Phosphodiesterase 4 drugs: CC-10004 a phosphodiesterase
(PDE)4 inhibitor and selective cytokine inhibitor
* Discover anti-arthritic properties in kinase inhibitors
* Preclinical and phase I clinical study results: safety and
* Phase II results- progress to date
Dr. Alan Lewis

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 Blocking the activation of VEGF Receptor-1: A new
approach to treat inflammatory diseases?
* VEGFR-1 MAb: how does it inhibit the progression of arthritis
and atherosclerosis in mouse models?
* Mechanism of action: independent to endothelial cell function
in models
* Inhibition of recruitment from bone marrow of hematopoietic
precursor and inflammatory cells
* How does this inhibit the influx of inflammatory cells to sites of
Dr. Peter Bohlen
Senior VP, Research
Imclone Systems


12:00 Treating OA- An overview of current and pipeline
* OA- pathology, risk factors and biomarkers of cytokines and
eicosanois in OA
* Molecular targets for the treatment of OA
* Promises and limitations of Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis
Drugs (DMOADs)
* An update on the LOX/COX inhibitor Licofelone
Dr. Wolfgang Albrecht
Head, Drug Research

12:40 Lunch

14:00 CINOD: A unique new class for effective and safe
treatment of OA pain
* How NO donation improves gastrointestinal and cardiovascular
safety; role of NO on arthritis
* Discovery and development of CINODs
* Rationale underlying NO-releasing glucocorticoids
* Pre-clinical profile of the lead drug HCT 3012
* Efficacy data in osteoarthritis pain and models of inflammation
* Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular safety data
* Perspectives of CINODs in the changing environment
Dr. Ennio Ongini
Research Director


14:40 Humanising Drug Discovery in Arthritis
* Current understanding and pathophysiology in osteoarthritis
and rheumatoid arthritis
* Which genes cause arthritic diseases and affect the progression
* Critical unanswered questions for identification of new
therapies, patient stratification and trial design
* Contribution of human disease tissue
* Contribution of genomics; implications of the human genome
project for arthritis research
* Contribution of genetics
* Contribution of disease models
Martin Braddock
Associate Director, Respiratory and Inflammation

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 New Therapies from Insights into RA Genetics- Inhibiting
the Groove of HLA-DR4
* Genetic association of chronic, erosive RA with specific alleles
of the HLA-DRB1 locus
* Generation of small molecular weight peptide mimetics to
inhibit the groove of HLA-DR4: preventing further antigen
driven synovitis in patients with RA
* Results of clinical responses in HLA-DR4 transgenic mice
* Will selective antagonists of RA-associated HLA-DRB1
molecules offer a novel therapeutic approach in the treatment
of chronic RA?
Dr. Eric Culbert
Respiratory and Inflammation Research

16:20 Discussion: Attendees Perspective
Presentation and discussion by Dr. Ray Scraggs of the previous
day's questionnaire results. An insight will be given into market
revenues, growth areas, new developments and new entrants to
the anti-arthritis drugs industry. This will involve some freeform
discussion, giving you the opportunity to engage in knowledge-sharing
with fellow professionals
Moderator: Dr. Ray Scraggs
Head Consultant
visiongain Consultancy

16:40 Questions and Discussion

17:00 Summation of Conference from chairman

17:20 Close of Conference

Terms & Conditions
NB - Due to high demand, we do not 'reserve' or 'hold' places - a request
for an invoice to be raised will be treated as an official booking and will
be subject to the cancellation policy as outlined below.
Cancellations/substitutions and name changes: All bookings carry a 50%
liability after the booking has been made, by post fax, email or web. There
will be no refunds for cancellations received on or after one month before
the start of the conference (e.g. cancellation on or after 20th January for
a conference starting on 20th February). If you decide to cancel after this
date the full invoice remains payable. Conference notes, which are available
on the day, will be sent to you. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer
places between conferences and executive briefings. However if you are
unable to attend the event you may make a substitution/name change at any
time as long as we are informed in writing by e-mail, fax or post. Name
changes and substitutions must be from the same company and are not
transferable between companies or countries.

Indemnity: visiongain Ltd reserve the right to change the
conference/executive briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without
notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled due to acts of terrorism,
war, extreme weather conditions, industrial action, acts of God or any event
beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises we will
endeavour to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held
responsible for any cost, damage or expenses, which may be incurred by the
customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or cancelled. We
therefore strongly advise all customers to take out insurance to cover the
cost of the registration, travel and expenses.

To unsubscribe please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Data protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with
the Data Protection Act 1998. Information contained about you may be used to
update you on visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax
or email, unless you state otherwise. If you wish your details to be
amended, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd,
40 Tooting High Street, London, SW17 0RG. Alternatively please reply with
unsubscribe in the subject line. Please allow approximately 7 days for your
removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of
communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the
changes come into effect.


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