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2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005

2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005 - Protocols and Methods Forum

2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005 - Post Any Protocol, Method, Technique, Procedure or Tips / Troubleshooting for any Molecular Biology Technique.

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Old 01-19-2005, 02:10 PM
Ben Radford
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Default 2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005

2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005
16th - 17th February
Marriott Kensington, London


2nd Annual Neurodegenerative Disorders 2005 will explore the current unmet
needs and highlight opportunities in the market by pinpointing potential
therapeutic targets. In this conference, pioneering experts will share their
concepts and current findings in novel therapeutic targets and treatments,
to expose new pathways into drug developments. In addition, experts from
pharmaceutical organization will demonstrate methods to maximize your R&D
profit by strategic marketing and building cooperative platform to
accelerate drug launches.

**Profit from emerging trends in ND therapeutics
**New approaches to improve clinical development for your organization
**Learn from the best practice case studies such as: Aventis, Wyeth, Eli
Lilly and Roche
**Examine areas shaping the future of ND therapies: disease modification,
proteomic, phamacogenetics and stem cell therapies
**Pinpoint where opportunities lie: explore alliances and collaborations
**Advancements in medical technologies
**Streamline product launches by integrating business strategies in R&D

- Dr. Steve Offord, Head, New Products CNS/Thrombosis, Global Marketing &
Medical, Aventis
- Dr. Menelas Pangalos, Vice President, Neuroscience Research, Wyeth
- Dr. Christian Czech, Senior Research Scientist, CNS Research,
Pharmaceutical Division, Roche
- Dr. Michel Dib, Medical Director for CNS Department, Aventis
- Dr. Michael O'Neill, Team & Project Leader, Discovery Neuroscience, Eli
- Dr. Linda Surh, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Neurology &
Pharmacogenetics, GlaxoSmithKline
- Dr. Brian Dickie, Director, Research, Motor Neuron Disease Association
- Dr. David Burn, Consultant Neurologist & Reader in Movement Disorder
Neurology, Newcastle General Hospital
- Dr. Ana Martinez, Director, R&D, Neuropharma
- Dr. Karoly Nikolich, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, AGY Therapeutics
- Dr. Alfred Stracher, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior VP, CepTor and
Professor, State University of New York
- Dr. Johan Häggblad, Head, Business Development, NeuroNova
- Dr. Grant Krafft, Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer, Acumen


**Director, CNS Clinical Discovery & Human Pharmacology
**Director, R&D
**Project Leader, Neurology Project Management Group
**Vice President, Drug Development
**Chief Scientific Officer
**Chief Operating Officer
**Clinical Pharmacologist
**Managing Director
**General Counsel
**Medical Director, Internal Medicines
**Medical Manager


Places at this event are strictly limited so BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.
To make a booking on this event, please contact me via phone or email. Book
early to secure a place.


Attend the:
2 Day conference - ONLY GBP1299 plus VAT


Booking is easy, simply contact me:

Andrew Oliver
Conference Division
Visiongain Conferences
Tel. +44(0)20 8767 6711
Fax. +44(0)20 8767 5001
mailto:[Only registered users see links. ]

B2B Conferences is part of the Visiongain Group


================================================== =====================
Morning Session:
Strategies for Pricing and Market Access of New Neurodegenerative Drugs
Led by: Ulf Munack, Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners
Afternoon Session
Novel Strategic Approaches in CNS Drug Development
Led by: Professor Tonmoy Sharma, Director, Clinical Neuroscience Research
================================================== =====================

Main topics of discussion:

Morning Session:
Strategies for Pricing & Market Access of New NDs Drugs
* P&R environment for neurodegenerative products in 2005
* Critical success factors for market access in
neurodegenerative disorders
* Examples of recent new neurodegenerative drug launches
* What it means for R&D?

Afternoon Session:
Novel Strategic Approaches in CNS Drug Development
* Use of the startle response in early phase studies of CNS
compounds - recent case studies
* Improving sensitivity of clinical trials in Alzheimer's using the
computerised ADAS-Cog
* Enhancing sensitivity of trials in mild cognitive impairment and
age associated memory impairment using computerised measures
* Demonstration of CogTest software

Day One Wednesday 16th February 2005

Conference Chair Day One
Dr. Michel Dib
Medical Director, CNS

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair


09:40 Focusing on Clinical NDs Drug Development
* What are the methodological issues in NDs clinical R&D?
- Human models, proof of concept & time of intervention
* Biomarkers in ND: from the diagnosis to the therapy
- What we can do? Methods to effectively utilise biomarkers
* What is the development plan for a new drug in the NDs?
* Can we speak about one neurodegenerative process in all
these diseases?
- Lessons from the past, consequences for the future
Dr. Michel Dib
Medical Director, CNS

10:20 Integrating Business Strategies into NDs R&D
* Methods to develop common mechanism platforms
* Cross-functional team - Enhance communication between
departments i.e. marketing vs scientists
- Feasibility, regulatory risks, unmet needs and market value
* How to shorten time of profit vacuum?
- Create commercial strategies at early stage
- Optimize scientific creativity
* Understanding the value of NDs drugs
Dr. Steve Offord
Head, New Products CNS/Thrombosis, Global Marketing & Medical

11:00 Coffee

11:20 CASE STUDY: Novel Insights & Therapeutic Opportunities
* Human CNS disease - A global health concern
* Conceptual & technical approaches towards novel therapies
- Genomics and proteomics: how effective are they?
* Analyse AGY's approaches to CNS R&D development
- Focus on mechanistic pathways: Genomics & proteomics
* Explore novel mechanistic pathway involved in NDs
* Understand the underlying cause of the diseases
* Future outlook of NDs R&D: Pinpoint where opportunities lie
Dr. Karoly Nikolich
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
AGY Therapeutics

12:00 CASE STUDY: Targeting Stem Cell Therapies
* Focus on the underlying cause of neurodegeneration
* How to develop compounds to target stem cells?
* "Therapeutic Neurogenesis" - analyse the mechanism of action
* Examine clinical evidence of efficacious results
* Explore potential candidates - possible collaboration?
* The future prospects of stem cell therapies' clinical application?
- Discover where opportunities lie within stem cell therapies
- How can the technology be implemented into your R&D?
Dr. Johan Häggblad
Head, Business Development

12:40 Lunch

14:00 CASE STUDY: Glutamate Mechanisms - Promising
Therapeutic Target?
* Glutamate receptor subtypes: Review of biology &
pharmacology - What have we learnt so far?
* How to use glutamate pathways to search for effective
* Examine efficaious results of in vitro neuroprotective studies
* How to modulate glutamate to develop novel therapies?
* Explore NMDA, AMPA and mGlu receptors: Examples of in
vivo neuroprotection
* Evaluate current clinical data of neuroprotective properties
Dr. Michael O'Neill
Team & Project Leader, Discovery Neuroscience
Eli Lilly


14:40 Understanding PD Unmet Needs
* R&D advancements through the years:What have we learnt so far?
* Designing novel PD therapies - Multifactorial considerations
- Motor and non-motor complications
* Examine potential therapeutic targets
* Promising compounds in the pipeline
- Clinical evidence, trial data and safety assessment
* What do we hope for in the future
Dr. David Burn
Consultant Neurologist & Reader in Movement Disorder Neurology
Newcastle General Hospital

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 CASE STUDY: Advancements in Medical Technologies
* Symptomatic relief: dyskinetic movements
* Implantation procedures and mechanism of action
* Current success stories in surgical interventions
- Activa and N'Vision Programmer
* Areas of improvement: Where partnerships can be formed
* Positive clinical results of mid-brain stimulation on other
symptoms:Pinpoint areas of combination therapies
Dr. Abed Hammoud
Procedure Solution Manager, Neurological


16:20 CASE STUDY: Anti-ADDL Therapeutics: Reversing Synaptic
Degeneration and LTP Deficits
* ADDLs, NOT fibrils, cause AD and MCI
* Evidence: ADDLs attack specific synapses to compromise LTP
* ADDL intervention strategies - treatment and prevention
* Explore anti-ADDL antibody therapeutics - What can you learn?
- Discovery of ADDL assembly blockers and receptor antagonists
* What are the future outlook of Anti-ADDL therapeutics?
Dr. Grant Krafft
Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer
Acumen Pharmaceuticals

17:00 CASE STUDY: AN1792 - An immunotherapeutic approach to
Alzheimer's disease
* Discover how Abeta 40-42 plaques are central to the
diagnosis of AD
* Immunisation against Abeta 42 with AN1792 in animal models
- positive clearance of plaques
* Examine clinical studies in AD patients & analyse clinical data
from the studies - what can you learn?
Dr. Stephen Donoghue
Vice President, Clinical Development Europe

17:40 Question and Discussion

18:00 End of Day One
Day Two Thursday 17th February 2005

Conference Chair Day Two
Dr. Menelas Pangalos
Vice President, Neuroscience Research

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair

09:40 CASE STUDY: Challenges in CNS Drug Discovery
* Why is CNS drug discovery so important?
* Anaylse NDs prevalence statistics and unmet needs
* Problematic issues with long-winding drug discovery process
* Wyeth's AD drug discovery programmes
- Explore novel therapeutic targets
- How to expand R&D pipeline?
* Focus on advancement in clinical approaches and trends in
collaboration - What can you implement?
Dr. Menelas Pangalos
Vice President, Neuroscience Research

10:20 CASE STUDY: Promising New Drug - Miraxion
* Etiology of Huntington's disease & global unmet needs
* Miraxion - Therapeutic target and mechanism of action
* Positive clinical trial results and recent multicentre studies data
- Near term focus and targeted developmental approach
* Estimated Miraxion global sales -How will it impact the market?
* Opportunities in terms of market space and development?
* What to expect in the coming years? Amarin's future
approach and ideas in Huntington's R&D
Rick Stewart

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 CASE STUDY: New Disease Modifying Approaches in AD
* Roche's approach to AD R&D -Disease modification therapies
- Target amyloid and APP to delay disease progression
- What can you implement in your pipeline?
* Analyse current promising compounds in Roche's AD pipeline
- Analyse efficacious clinical results and drug trials
* Focus on cost effective therapies to optimize market needs
- Novel methods to penetrate the market
* Future outlook on AD's clinical studies - identifying global
market trends
Dr. Christian Czech
Senior Research Scientist, CNS Research Pharmaceutical


12:00 Targeting Clinical R&D of Motor Neurone Disease
* Overview of MNDs and the importance of treatments
* Current clinical drug trials & explore promising compounds
* Forecast of what will cause an impact on MNDs therapies
- Examine mutant genes & protein aggregation in MND
- Implement new therapeutic targets to penetrate MNDs market
* What is HUGO and how will it impact MNDs R&D discoveries?
* Identify current unmet needs & unmet needs in the market
* How to improve overall treatments?
Dr. Brian Dickie
Director, Research
Motor Neuron Disease Association

12:40 Lunch

14:00 CASE STUDY: Explore Emerging Options in Multiple
Sclerosis Therapeutics
* Overview - Aetiology, pathophysiology and unmet needs
* The MS therapeutics pipeline - Multiple targeting strategies
* Immunopathological hypothesis - Targeting CNS inflammation
* Discover neuroprotection approaches - Targeting axonal loss
* BTG Ageing & Neuroscience's team focus on MS
Dr. Russell Hagan
Head, Ageing and Neuroscience

14:40 CASE STUDY: Neuropharma's Neuroprotective Project
* Identify new neuroprotective agents and neuroprotective
activity detection methods
* Systematic search for neuronal antioxidants & calcium
channel antagonists -Explore other new targets & candidates
* Current pipeline analysis: NP031112 non atp-competitive
GSK- 3ß enzyme inhibitor - Positive neuroprotectors
* Neuropharma's future approaches in AD R&D and novel
ideas on neuroprotective strategies
Dr. Ana Martinez
Director, R&D

15:20 Afternoon Tea


15:40 CASE STUDY: Methods to Identify Biological Markers in
CNS Development
* Calpain inhibitors as "magic bullets" in the treatment
of CNS disorders - Examine evidence of efficacious results
* Discover the activation of calpain in neurodegeneration
- Mechanism of action and therapeutic properties
* Therapeutic approaches using calpain inhibitors in the
treatment of DMD, MS, hearing loss and retinal degeneration
- Methods to utilise calpain inhibitors in each treatment
* Positive result on delaying degeneration of ALS
Dr. Alfred Stracher
Professor & Chair / Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer
State University of New York, CEPTOR Corp

16:20 CASE STUDY: Pharmacogenetics (Pgx) in
Neurodegenerative Pharma
* What are the drivers for Pgx in the Industry?
* Pgx Resources and Relevant Methods needed in NDs?
* What are potential triggers to implementing Pgx in
Neurodegeneration R&D
* What are potentially different Pgx Outcomes depending on the
Development Stage?
Dr. Linda Surh
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Neurology and Pharmacogenetics

Conclusions and recommendations
This panel discussion will be an occasion to review the issues
addressed over the last two days and attempt to provide
recommendations on overcoming hurdles and challenges in ND
drug development and other business issues.

Dr. Menelas Pangalos, VP, Neuroscience Research, Wyeth
Dr. Stephen Donoghue, VP, Clinical Development Europe, Elan
Prof Tonmoy Sharma, Director, Clinical Neuroscience Center

17:30 Close of Conference

Terms & Conditions
NB - Due to high demand, we do not 'reserve' or 'hold' places - a request
for an invoice to be raised will be treated as an official booking and will
be subject to the cancellation policy as outlined below.
Cancellations/substitutions and name changes: All bookings carry a 50%
liability after the booking has been made, by post fax, email or web. There
will be no refunds for cancellations received on or after one month before
the start of the conference (e.g. cancellation on or after 20th January for
a conference starting on 20th February). If you decide to cancel after this
date the full invoice remains payable. Conference notes, which are available
on the day, will be sent to you. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer
places between conferences and executive briefings. However if you are
unable to attend the event you may make a substitution/name change at any
time as long as we are informed in writing by e-mail, fax or post. Name
changes and substitutions must be from the same company and are not
transferable between companies or countries.

Indemnity: visiongain Ltd reserve the right to change the
conference/executive briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without
notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled due to acts of terrorism,
war, extreme weather conditions, industrial action, acts of God or any event
beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises we will
endeavour to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held
responsible for any cost, damage or expenses, which may be incurred by the
customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or cancelled. We
therefore strongly advise all customers to take out insurance to cover the
cost of the registration, travel and expenses.

To unsubscribe please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Data protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with
the Data Protection Act 1998. Information contained about you may be used to
update you on visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax
or email, unless you state otherwise. If you wish your details to be
amended, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd,
40 Tooting High Street, London, SW17 0RG. Alternatively please reply with
unsubscribe in the subject line. Please allow approximately 7 days for your
removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of
communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the
changes come into effect.

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