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Proteins Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9

Proteins Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9 - Protein Forum

Proteins Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9 - Protein Forum

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Old 02-21-2007, 04:50 PM
Dan Guire
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Default Proteins Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9

Hi Adam,

People do often use low concentrations of detergent in ELISA buffers (0.01 -
0.1% Tween, for instance), especially in washes between incubations. It may
help cut down on non-specific backgrounds. Amounts you are likely to use
for extracting proteins are almost certainly too high though. That is,
until you dilute your sample for the assay, as I expect you might.

If you still might have too much detergent, why not dialyze your sample vs.
your assay buffer? Or if that's unacceptable, you could do a few cycles of
partial extraction buffer removal and re-dilution in assay buffer on a
centrifuge filter concentrator. Good luck, and btw do you have any affinity
column experience?


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Today's Topics:

1. Setting up an ELISA: any advice gratefully received!
(Stearns, Adam T)


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Subject: [Protein-analysis] Setting up an ELISA: any advice gratefully
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I wonder if anyone might be able to give me some advice about how to go
setting up an ELISA: I'm looking at fairly subtle changes in membrane
expression (SGLT1 transporter) in intestinal tissue samples. I have been
Western blots, and quantifying with densitometry, but I want to try to get
slightly more quantitative results. My initial main concern is the protein
extraction. Up till now, I've been using triton X in lysis buffer. Will this
interfere with the ELISA, and do I need to find a different extraction
for extracting the protein? Alternatively, does anyone know if I can remove
detergent from the samples?

With many thanks!

Adam Stearns
Boston, MA

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End of Proteins Digest, Vol 21, Issue 9

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