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[Protein-analysis] Re: Newbie question about microarray analysis

[Protein-analysis] Re: Newbie question about microarray analysis - Protein Forum

[Protein-analysis] Re: Newbie question about microarray analysis - Protein Forum

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Old 05-31-2006, 02:49 PM
Derek Potter
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Default [Protein-analysis] Re: Newbie question about microarray analysis


You might like to go to
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The single protein lookup in ProteinCenterT Open Access is a small subset of
the full functionality provided by the commercial version of ProteinCenterT,
which takes you to a completely new discovery level, enabling comparison of
data sets with thousands of proteins in minutes, with advanced clustering
and filtering to quickly reach biological conclusions.



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Subject: [Protein-analysis] Re: Newbie question about microarray analysis

Hi Austin,

I just have a plain list of 200 proteins, without data from the
experiment. I need to cluster the proteins by their inherent
characteristics (function, ancestry). I used the protein database on
the NCBI website to get the sequences. Now, I want to take all these
200 sequences and get some measure of how similar each is to each
other. I figure this would require some specific software that would
allow me to enter all the proteins and see how they're related. I found
ProtoNet, but it seems you can only enter one protein and explore its
specific cluster. Are there any other tools for this I might not be
aware of?

I'm sorry to keep asking you questions like this -- just referring me
to a website that explains this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Austin P. So (Hae Jin) wrote:

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