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Post-doctoral Post and Discuss Questions about Post-doctoral (Post-Doc) Jobs, Salaries, and Opportunities.

Advice please, doc's have me confused, desperate for fun and to start ttc post

Advice please, doc's have me confused, desperate for fun and to start ttc post - Post-doctoral

Advice please, doc's have me confused, desperate for fun and to start ttc post - Post and Discuss Questions about Post-doctoral (Post-Doc) Jobs, Salaries, and Opportunities.

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Old 09-04-2011, 04:17 AM
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Default Advice please, doc's have me confused, desperate for fun and to start ttc post

missed miscarriage sorry TMI? Missed miscarriage discovered 2Aug, spoke to GP said to watch and wait for symptoms & repeat Hcg lvl,
Hcg lvl rechecked through this week slight drop but not conclusive. still no bleed and no pain. check lv again in 1 week watching and waiting
Hcg lvl dropping substantially, confirmed missed miscarriage still no symptoms at all, doc sent me to hospital antenatal ward for vaginal dose of misoprostil or d&c, discussed with gyno and decided to go for misoprostil, painfully inserted by nurse then I was monitored for 2 hrs in case I had any adverse reactions and when I didn't I was sent home to pass clots& gest sac. Had cramping severely about 4 hrs after insertion of the drugs, had urges to go to toilet, went and passed a few clots varing sizes each time, another hr of cramping and back to the loo, passed huge clot in comparrison to earlier ones, assumed this was the gestational sac. Bleeding and cramping settled after the big clot. Woke up to change pad about 2am was full not soaked. Cramping mod to mild, bleeding comparable to menstrual bleed. Slept til mid morning no issue.
The next two days was moderate to mild cramping and menstrual type bleed
Two days of spotting type bleed. Had check up at hospital & Hcg lvl check. Lvl still falling as expected. No scan done but doc said since bleeding had eased or stopped and I thought I had passed the gestational sac that I was in the clear and just needed to wait for my Hcg to be at 0 and 1 cycle before ttc again.
20Aug next day after apparently getting the all clear I had very insane cramping which got worse as time passed, but no blood so stayed home in bed curled up with heat pack on abdomen to try and ease cramping. By evening I felt terrible, finally forced myself to get up and trek to the toilet only to discover i had soaked a maxi pad, my undies and my pant, the whole lot! Got change of clothes and pad and went to lie down again to see if the worst was over or not. It was not, felt need to go toilet again so tried to stand, fail, sat back down just in time to pass out. When I regained consciousness my fiance helped me to toilet again and packed my hospital bag, after I changed another soaked combo of pant, undies and pad we went to ED at hospital where I passed out again in triage. They had me on a bed before I regained consciousness, then came the IV fluids, vitals moniors doctors and nurses galore. They got a speculum and all crowded round to peer inside, one gyno doc reported lots of blood and a large piece of tissue stuck half way out the cervix, she removed the tissue, informed us it was the gestational sac and sent it off for pathology. Kept me in on fluids overnight as iron level was low and I had significant blood loss caused by the sac becoming stuck. They re checked my iron the next morning and discharged me, requested I return the next morning for ultrasound as the scan done the night before showed there was still something small in my uterus that they needed to monitor until it passed too.
22Aug scan still showed small clot/ blood pool in uterus, booked for Hcg lvl again for Friday26Aug sent to antenatal to see doc again - internal exam and swab to check for infection. Still slight spotting type bleeds, doc visualized small amount of old blood by cervix, didn't say much else.
26Aug Hcg lvl dropped to 60, ordered repeat in a week again. No scan done to check if the clot/ blood passed as doc was away. Not rescheduled either, just told I'd be fine.
2Sep Hcg lvl 14 now, no repeats should be at 0 in a few days. Asked specifically if I needed a scan to confirm products were expelled, spoke to doc who said since bleeding has stopped I don't need a scan and I'm all free and clear.
So the confusing bits
I was told by 1 doc to start ttc as soon as emotionally ready, she said no physical benefit to waiting, and that our chances of conceiving again would be higher for the next 6 months, so we were really keen to get started again, but then..
We were told by another doc to wait to ttc until 1 normal cycle,
And told by another doc to wait for 3 months before ttc

I'm confused, I don't want to wait, especially not 3 months, that's half our extra fertile time and that's time I don't want to waste! I have also been told that women whi have been long term OCP users have an increased chance of conceiving in the first few months off it, and seeing as I came off the pill in end July I don't want to waste that time either. Its so upsetting to not be preg at the moment.
Which doc do I listen too? I know who I'd prefer to be right but I just don't know...

Also I've been told I'm in the clear but no one 100% confirmed that my cervix is closed and that I can resume having sex?? I just don't know how much i trust what I've been told, I mean I was told I was "clear" on the day before I passes the sac..?? I've been so shall we say, in the mood the last few days, i
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Old 09-04-2011, 04:17 AM
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The primary reason for the doctor's wanting you to wait a full cycle before trying again is so they will have an easier time dating a new pregnancy based on your last menstrual cycle - there is no specific health reason for this unless you were more than a few weeks pregnant. If you were more than two months pregnant they would want you to wait 1 to 3 cycles to allow your uterus to shrink back to normal and give your body time to "flush" out the pregnancy hormones that could still be floating around.

Before trying again, I would strongly suggest that you have a scan done to confirm that there is nothing "left over" and that your uterus is clear and ready to build up a new lining.

I am sorry to hear about your loss, and I do hope that you never experience anything like that again.
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