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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Air as a source of energy, a new of producing electricity withoutany fuel

Air as a source of energy, a new of producing electricity withoutany fuel - Physics Forum

Air as a source of energy, a new of producing electricity withoutany fuel - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-30-2008, 06:26 PM
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Default Air as a source of energy, a new of producing electricity withoutany fuel

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On Nov 30, 4:42*pm, Pranab <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote:

Not at all it's called lying and conditioning. They hope to discourage
you from progressing your venture by causing emotional stress.

It's like my neighbors cat who invades my house then walks all over
everything. But when he steps on my keyboard I will get vocal so he
steps over it allowing me to continue typing.

I doubt he knows why, but he steps over it anyway.


People are creative, resourceful and violent, 1500 years is a long
time to invent a sofa out of a stool.

I was actually looking at those while you wrote this posting. Or
perhaps it was the other way around :-)

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Absolutely, even I cant think of a good lie out of this one.

The lies are quite obvious when you know. I'm sure you do.

:> For understanding of the readers, I am giving below a
:> short zest of my technology.
:> This project is aimed at producing electricity by using the vast
:> content of atmosphere. The scheme is basically aimed as producing
:> electricity by extracting heat from atmosphere. In this project,
:> is done by using mechanical arrangement similar to heat pump. This
:> system is used to squeeze energy from huge volumes of air and to
:> produce temperature difference by which energy can be produced. It
:> to be noted that fresh water and salt are added bonus to this
:> as salty brackish water can be used in this project. This is done
:> vaporizing water inside an enclosed container named “Evaporator”
:> the help of a vacuum pump. As the vacuum pump sucks air from the
:> container, the water inside began to evaporate and in this process
:> collects its latent heat of vaporization from water. For that
:> the water inside becomes colder and heat began to flow in from
:> outside. Thus in effect, the latent heat of vaporization of water
:> collected from outside atmosphere. In the open-cycle OTEC, vapor is
:> produced in the same manner and on experiment it was found that to
:> have vapor flow rate of 1 kg/sec, power needed at the vacuum pump
is 3
:> KW. Whereas, the latent heat embedded in 1 kg of vapor is 2.31 MW.
:> After the vapor is produced, it is heated further with
:> compressed, hot air. After heating the vapor in the Boiler, the
:> compressed air is passed through the Evaporator to give up its
:> heat to the water inside. The process is the same as that of common
:> heat pumps sold in the market. And finally, the temp. diff. between
:> the Boiler and the Condenser is created by suddenly releasing the
:> compressed air at the Condenser. And thus a system of real
efficiency of >50% is created.
:> My e-mail address is [Only registered users see links. ].

Make drawings, design the parts, try to price tag the device as
accurate as possible. Investors are simple people, they only care
about cents per MWh

Play with the location, it are the resources, available heat,
available water, price of energy and the amount of industry on
location that allow you to lower the price.

Also make a website, investors love that stuff.

I took the liberty to forward your message to some other groups.

Good luck,

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