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A Solar Toroidal Programmable ROM a base for Morphic fields and the No÷sphere
5.3. A Solar Toroidal Programmable ROM a base for Morphic fields and
the No÷sphere

If the oscillating vacuum lattice really has complex features as is
described in this book, as for the LASOF (Local Anti-Symmetrical
Oscillating vacuum Frame) or the directional memory for Quarks or
Leptons and Photonic information etc. etc, then we may call this super
dense Higgs-particle based vacuum lattice a kind of Cosmic but local
quantum vacuum memory.

If in addition, the vacuum Higgs particles within each vacuum lattice
has the possibility to act as a digital "Programmable Read Only
Memory" (STP-ROM) then the vacuum has huge and awful memory abilities
with a base for even paranormal (ESP) effects..

It is an interesting step to combine the idea of Frank Tipler, that
all information created in our universe will always be indestructible
memorized, with Rupert Sheldrake's idea of "Morphic Fields" and
Teilhard de Chardin's No÷sphere.

Then it is only a small jump to speculate that the Earth -as a whole-
is imprinting its changing existence including all people and all
people's thoughts, into the Solar referred oscillating quantum vacuum
(OQV) lattice, on each single Planck time.

At the same time this Solar OQV should be interpreted as an awful 3-
dimensional ever growing STP-ROM without delete options. Based on this
vacuum "Imprinting" action of the earth, the Solar STP-ROM is supposed
to have physical existence in the form of a huge Toroidal 3-D volume
within the OQV representing the orbit of the Earth around the sun in
one year.

If we assume, that people and animals, thus even all animate matter
are "connected" to this STP-ROM, then it could be the origin for all
our dreams and creative intentions an intuition. It could function as
a so called "Intuition Pump" mentioned before by Daniel Dennet.

Together with Big Bang Entanglement (BBE), we could even introduce the
ability to have telepathic communication as described by R. Sheldrake
via non-local instantaneous entanglement what he called "Morphic
Fields and Morphic Resonance".

If the Solar Toroidal vacuum STP-ROM does not rotate with respect to
the Galaxy, then even astrological ideas could become physical

In fact there is reason to change the name of the STP-ROM (Solar
Toroidal Programmable Read Only Memory) into STP-RAM (Read and Address
Memory), because there is supposed to be a continuous process of
memory input which is addressed to the memory going on. In fact we may
assume that the Earth is printing itself (with all human, molecular
and animal actions and thoughts included) every Planck time into the
dense Higgs vacuum. However because it is assumed that nothing can be
erased out of this cosmic vacuum particle based memory, I prefer to
call it a ROM instead of a RAM and leave the term "programmable" (the
"P" out of the STP) as representation of the address function..

5.4 Sole, Spirit, Mind and The Human STP-ROM

If we interpret the Solar STP-ROM as a growing data base of the Earth,
memorizing all human ideas and actions of the past, and is supposed to
be the origin of our creative intuition and dreams, then there must be
something like a Solar STP-ROM selection mechanism for each single

Each person should be continuously connected with only a reduced set
of "STP-ROM Tracks" out of the huge information chaos of the solar
Toroidal STP-ROM. By the orbit of the Earth through the Solar Toroidal
STP-ROM, the intuitive information stream is supposed to have a
continuous character.

It is well known that some humans suddenly are able to change
Character, or show a variable Character. This could be explained by an
instability of his Solar Toroidal STP-ROM Track selection mechanism.

Soul, Spirit and Mind.

Soul or Human Character.

As a consequence of the postulated Solar Toroidal Programmable STP-ROM
memory and the human selection mechanism, it is suggested that each
human has its own more or less stable character (also called: soul),
which is assumed to be based on continuous interaction with this Solar
STP-ROM Selection Mechanism and is based on personal DNA profile
related chemical influences.

Spirit or Human intelligence is supposed to be based on his DNA
profile and physical functioning of the brain.

Mind or Human Self-awareness (Consciousness) is supposed to be the
ability to make more or less balanced choices between the DUAL CHOICE-
SOLUTION INPUT, given by his character and his intelligence. As a
consequence, humans are supposed to be a Trinity of: Soul Spirit and
Mind, or: Character, Intelligence and Self-awareness.

The more Mind/Self-awareness a human has evolved, the more he is
supposed to be able to be aware of the differences between the input
of his Soul/Character and the input of his Spirit/Intelligence, the
more he is able to make balanced decisions and to be responsible for
his actions, the more he is able to realize his modest Free Will.

Telepathy and ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) by a Distant STP-ROM

An enormous number of Telepathy examples are present in the literature
between Humans, between Animals and between Humans and Animals. Rupert
Sheldrake invented the "Morphic field" and the "Morphic Resonance" and
concentrated on human/animal-connected telepathy in his book: "Dogs
That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home"(Hutchinson, 1999). Items
of his book are: Picking up intentions, distant recognition of deaths
and accidents, telepathic calls and commands, animal migrations and
memory, Pets finding their people far away, Pigeons finding their pen-
house with offspring far away even if this pen-house is changing its
location on a ship. See also Nobel Prize winner Brain Josephson (2003)
about ESP: [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]

If all human and animal thoughts and actions on Earth are stored at
specific locations within the awful memory capacity of the local
vacuum as described before, then it is only a small jump to postulate
that animals and humans can have LOCAL telepathic experiences by an
EXTENDED so called "STP-ROM Track Selection" (SRTS) mechanism"
mentioned before. However it is hard to explain how it is possible to
bridge large distances, as is claimed by R. Sheldrake.

Based on the "extended" STP-ROM Track Selection Mechanism, it is
obvious that Humans and Animals who are in each others NEIGHBORHOOD
should be able to make contact with the local vacuum framed STP-ROM to

For animals this would solve the problem of how birds are able to
navigate in huge swarms, and how Ants are able to organize their
community etc.

To solve the LARGE DISTANCE telepathic phenomenon however, we are
forced to postulate, that a kind of EPR or Big Bang Entanglement (BBE)
communication is possible not only between copy quantum mechanical
systems living in different universes, but also between different
humans or animals on Earth by DISTANT vacuum based STP-ROM selection.
Rupert Sheldrake's solution of "Morphic Resonance" could then be
called "Distant STP-ROM Track Selection" (D-SRTS). It is assumed, that
items like "Remote Viewing", and "Extra Sensory Perception" (ESP) are
based on the same footing as Telepathy. However, in "Distant STP-ROM
Selection" there is no base for explanation of "Future Precognitive
Clairvoyance", unless the concept of Free Will is restricted which we
did before.

5.5. Reduced Free Will

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