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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Quaes Particle and Quantum Particles

Quaes Particle and Quantum Particles - Physics Forum

Quaes Particle and Quantum Particles - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-25-2007, 10:15 PM
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Default Quaes Particle and Quantum Particles

How are you? I have for many years read many books on quantum physics
and when I get a chance will get a degree or two in quantum physics with
a bridge in particle physics and chemistry when I am ready to face the
educational zealots. Now you know like all understand that the top level
of chemistry has a periodical movement system of weight and measure, now
in some basic mathematical tests I have done, it would be my
understanding that for example in the whole debate the missing matter
and dark matter physics in the world, this matter isnít missing it is
part of subatomic particle physics, where there is a central piece that
does not flaw the hyper string theory but amend it.

See in when I related string theory to what I dubbed the quaes particle,
that allows for a sub nuclear particle to exist tangibly between the
multiverse where a particle isnít missing matter it is just stretched
through the multiversity in subatomic periodical movements, which I can
see they may be 4 to 8 layers. Possibly even 6 layers of chemistry
periodical movement, which support the ability for a particle or
compound to have a boot strap (ref Tao of physics).

See the quaes particle is a particle that sits in it own quantum flux
bending between realities that support the missing matter in each
universe that equates to the total mass of the multiverse, this also
means the particles do not need to be in the same place from the
causality of string theory. If the string instead of being an energy
line is a bridge between universal layers see from my understand of time
and space, everything we do and have done or going to do is here and
now, how we access this information is through our biological senses.

See for a particle to have a boot strap as seen in atomic accellerators
it would have to be interconnected with something that allows it or
tells it what to boot up to, much like an OS on a computer. This is
where the weight of the particle is coversely affected to the
fundimental multiverse where a pulse is fired through the ether and a
particle will attract the subatomic periodical components to make for
example proton-a.

This would explain how a proton, electron and neutron would have
differing weights in some example as it consist of a different
periodical system to make a particle or compound.

Have a great day!!

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