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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

awesome( i cn ride thru puddles)

awesome( i cn ride thru puddles) - Physics Forum

awesome( i cn ride thru puddles) - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-07-2007, 05:28 AM
the land surfer
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Default awesome( i cn ride thru puddles)

awesome( i cn ride thru puddles)

[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:06:08]
Led Zeppelin
'The Rain Song'

th bong thang


still wet


th anti inflammatories have been workin

i'm slidin on one wheel again


been raining half th day

i had to

i had to

go scope out th drains

stilla bit much running water and

i ws on th wrong unicycle

this one gets grip


so close


bt i been up
every day for th last five days and

another week in th saddle and
she'll feel liek home again


bloody skatebowls


i cn ride thru puddles

got all out of shape

on this steeo grid

edge 've th street

full on sick
slide man

**** it squidged

mud and
clay on th tyre and

this young fella

it;s th new estate

they buildin houses there ws

suitably impressed

thanks man


bit on th nxt one

th tyre too dry

jumped into th air

i ws throwin it in
a bit hard


spring bounce


on ya monoshock uni


it's started drizzlin again

when it stops

that mossy drain is lookin solid

there's nothin on earth

liek a mossy drain

on a unicycle


all th road edges are now



i had three falls


one ws

a slab of concrete had shifted and

ws a two inch step

th uni took it fine

it ws me

pilot error


reactive soils


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:12:58]
'Bump Bump Bump'

marko man
they stuck inthis

like a snake s curve

in their fake creek

i cant wait till
conditions ar eperfect

and take yr 26 wheel down it


gets no grip


no ****in brakes


th back has gotten healed enough

i've jst come in frm a

five k warmup ride and

it came good
five minutes after stopping


i found another practise bowl

i wont name it


an easy edge and

not too small
not too big


close enough to

roll to


i've become a hat wearerer again

my personality

comin back

where did i lose th way ?


marryin that

lesbian bouncer chick

on a harley to led zeppelin

bout th last thing i remember


if it isnt written down

it never happened


i jumped into limewire

why havent i got this on my hard drive ?

wot;s goin on ?


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:17:48]
The Offspring
'Have You Ever'

th drugs have stabilized my mind alright


hit th
download bulk led zeppelin button
no man

i bought htis music already


downloadin my copy

th record is ****ed
th cd is scratched to shit

it wont play


i've paid three times fr that track


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:19:30]
Living Colour
'Love rears its ugly head'

and my juju is bigger than

jimmy page's


i lost a left hand slide

been a while


did ya feel that nippleclamp ?


tryin to scuff off th

clay and gravel


only fifteen mor epuddles to home


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:21:28]
'Fade to grey (Remix)'

12 psi in th tyre and

still on th small knobbie pattern

no preload and

th extra damping taken off


no serious traction problems and

it loves clay


th work utes
draggin it out onto th road

i cn pick
test patches


think i'll have another go at that



[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 15:23:38]
A Perfect Circle

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