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motivation shapes except for the voluntary honour
take place undisturbed. In the beginning, stay with
drinking the middle stream. Alternated with urine, pure, clean water
can be drunk. Once the fast has been in progress for some time, all
the urine can be drunk. In this period, you will urinate quite easily
(urinating every fifteen minutes is not unusual). A complete body
massage every day with old, heated urine is highly recommended. Urine
massage is good for blood circulation, and massaging with old urine
also ensures that you do not have heart palpitations during the fast.
Furthermore it serves as a way of feeding the body through the skin,
immediately into the muscle and lymph tissue. During fasts, urine
enemas are highly recom-mended. Many illnesses begin in the intestines
and it is vey important to get rid of toxic waste products stored in
them and to keep them clean.

After a fast: This period is necessay in order to slowly and carefully
return to a normal and natu-ral eating pattern. You should take at
least one week to gradually and carefully readjust your eating hab-
its. The best way to end a fast is to stop drinking urine and water at
the end of the afternoon. After one hour, drink a glass of orange
juice, lemon juice with water, grape juice or apple juice. The next
day, drink another glass of fruit juice during lunch. From this time
on, start eating juicy fruits. The following day, eat vegetable broth,
steamed vegetables and rice. This is a good way to return to your old
pattern of eating, excluding the unhealthy habits.

If fasting exclusively on water and urine is too great of a strain,
consume one light meal per day. This fast proceeds according to the
same basic rules as a complete fast, except for a few differences:

1) Eat a light meal consisti

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