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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Causal Theory of Life After Death

Causal Theory of Life After Death - Physics Forum

Causal Theory of Life After Death - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 05-28-2007, 03:15 PM
George Hammond
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Default Causal Theory of Life After Death

On Mon, 28 May 2007 07:08:27 GMT, George Hammond
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Research note: 5-28-07

Causal theory of Life After Death :

First of all let me state that I only believe that there
is a "30% probability" that there actually is a literal life
after death. There is of course "life after death" in the
metaphorical sense in that simply being aware that there is
an "invisible world" is tantamount to a physical
resurrection, however that is not what we are addressing
here. Having said that, let me advance a plausible
scientific explanation for the Afterlife based on the
Scientific Proof of God which I have published in the peer
reviewed literature and which is posted on my website also

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mirror site:
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GOD=G_uv (a folk song on mp3)
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and which has been discussed widely on Usenet.

Causal theory of Life After Death :

The growth Deficit means "fewer cells" therefore "a
smaller body" (and smaller organs, and smaller brain
components). Ultimately this means that the mind does not
perceive "flat subjective spacetime" but sees Curved Reality
and hence sees a world which is "bigger and faster" than it
would be if the person was fully grown.
What we presume is that the microtubule "computation"
process is actually capable of computing "flat spacetime"
(e.g. true vision) but that there simply aren't enough
neurons in the less than fully grown brain to make this
vision (e.g. Beatific Vision) conscious...since
consciousness is a neuronal process and there is a deficit
of neurons.
Life After Death then is occasioned (caused by) the fact
that death shuts down the mind (i.e. brain function) from
the "top down"... e.g. neuronal consciousness (neuronal
firing) ceases first..... and then in a second phase the
microtubule signal system shuts down.
Added to this is the fact that "consciousness" itself
moves from the neuronal to the microtubule level (by
default) when the neuronal system shuts down leaving us
with a microtubule "paramecium type" (see Shadows of the
Mind, Penrose 1994) of consciousness instead of our normal
"neuronal consciousness".
In addition, it is posited that during life the complete
"flat spacetime" vision of reality was always fully computed
by the microtubule system, but that there was simply a
"shortage of neurons" (due to the brain growth deficit) to
be able to express it but that instead a "curved version" of
it was all that became conscious..... but however, it is
posited that the "flat" neuronal version remained embedded
in the microtubule ("memory") and hence this becomes the
"default memory of reality" (the input) to the neuronal
consciousness system. Because only a curved portion of the
actual flat reality has been read out during life.... the
remainder is "pent up" and as soon as consciousness moves
from the neuronal to the microtubule level, it immediately
"reads out" as the natural last act of the living body
before death (at the last trump as St. Paul put it). This
read out is very fast (seconds) and occurs at the moment of
death.... however, the signal already has consciousness
built into it with its own clock, (like a movie of a clock
ticking off a year can be "downloaded" from a computer in
seconds. Interestingly, this is described mathematically as
a classic relativistic time dilation (see also Penrose
Thus it is seen that "Life After Death" is actually life
before death which only APPEARS to take place after death
because of the Relativistic time dilation.... this handily
solves the longstanding criticism (that dead brains can't
dream) of St. Paul's (e.g. Christianity's) classical theory
of Life After Death as posited in I Corinthians Ch.
Like I say, my study of the history and origins of the
Afterlife and having discovered the world's first and only
bona fide scientific proof of God leaves me with only a 30%
belief in Life After Death.... nevertheless, the discovery
that God itself is a relativistic phenomenon has now
eradicated the only historical scientific argument against
the Aterlife.... namely that dead brains can't dream....
since the loss of simultaneity between the death bed
observer and the dearly departed.... the so called Afterlife
actually occurs BEFORE death, not afterwards.... a classical
Relativistic effect.
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