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rappin with th nice dickless tracy

rappin with th nice dickless tracy - Physics Forum

rappin with th nice dickless tracy - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 10-25-2006, 11:34 AM
The Wizard of OZ
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Default rappin with th nice dickless tracy

rappin with th nice dickless tracy

and she was
didnt fine me

hi psychic blog

rogue traders
'voodoo child'

two lady coppers

one shopping bag and

my monoshock suspension unicycle


no shoes on and
no helmet

she's only goin on about th


i mighta been done a few times
i conceided

nice tits thinks i


gunna do me next time hey
heard that one before


tryin to think if i was carryin drugs

i was


ah well


if it was a male cop he woulda had

somethin to say about th beast's

"too busy starin at yr abs"

**** off paulo


yeah man it is
half a bicycle


still get whacked up by th cops
for not wearin a lid

only done
community service for it
three times

care factor

'how far have we really come?'

i wear a lid when i
wanna ride real hard

which is why my lid
has a huge hole in th front


a divot from a low
flying tree


wonder if th trash and treasure
will be open tomorrow

gotta load to take to th dump
for little brother

chasin a softer spring
for th unicycle damper


pimp my ride



i'm a wizard
got real magic but

can never scrape more than
a couple hundred dollars together


dont have a car on th road


get to cain th ring out of th
range rover tomorrow

<<< smile >>>


talkin RL

they always say

why dont ya bet

use yr magic to make


'milk shake'

well i could afford my girlfriends then but

they always spend

ten percent more than i can get



is that wot magic is for

to make more money for me

would my magic be

as big

if i was a greedy cunt


i have
tailor made smokes
to smoke and

there's pot in th mullbowl

and i've been for a ride on my
prototype unicycle

long enough

i cant feel my aching testicles

it's all good


hey madonna
how many starving black


did ya pass

on th way to th airport

to leave for africa


just wonderin

the red hot chilli peppers
'track no16'

spent six yrs
in th strete
as a street entertainer

ya meet all sorts


i dunno dickless tracy
i didnt have to pull out

i cant comply with bicycle laws

no handlebars or
a working brake

or a warning device


keeps most of th male coppers at bay

how can ya be selective
wot bicycle laws

u book me for


a unicycle is a bicycle
cause th law says it is


why i got a ticket
for ridin down the
fortitude valley mall

thru th entertainment zone

on a bicycle and

i was a on a uni

it's a never ending battle


six months blackban

for th whole of brisbane

i live outside th big city


i care factor


th streets arent as safe
as when th

witchdoctor is there

ted mulry gang
'jump in my car'

i dont ride th
inner city bikeways anymore and

there;s a sexual predator there now

knockin girls over


used to be
they never knew when the unicycle man
would cruise thru


all muscle and

trained kick boxer


i dont work for th pigs i

am aboriginal justice system


the local kadaitcha man


th pigs

knew i rode

every back alley

of th city

late at night

and mostly left me alone

th local council though

cares less

bob marley
'dont worry, be happy'

th pigs
rarely go down that back alley

no way to get their car thru


fat cunts cant walk


in six yrs
my runins with th bicycle

mounted police

were few


they did fine me for

not runnin a light

by memory

thru the city mall


ah well


when ya cant afford to fight back ya

i'm taken my toys home and

i'll play another day


th guy from th
disabled employment service
caught me ridin down

gympie road

thinks i'm pretty good on it



it's my wheelchair

'i'm on the drug'

cant get on it
less i'm stoned

sore pills but

do th hardest thing ya can do


dob in a druggie doesnt work for me

th pig psychologist said

it was th least of my problems

my problems with th psychic world are

far worse

'just'(you do it to yourself)


i wanted t be magic though


still consider it was thrust upon me


had yr
wedding day date

twelve months

before u did nickie


knowing that
wotever other cunts believe of it

knowing that


rare for one of my

no-one died


my twin brother
th guy i share a head with

i'm pirate jenny
he just likes to rack up

psychic kills


it's an obsession black

"it's leaves a trail"


a nasty trail

"i like predicitng th future by"

"throwin real awkward nasty"

"curses that point to a huge"

"natural disaster"


"is not nice sein 125000 die"


runnin away from a big wave


"would ya rather see it from th viewpoint"
"of th person at th scene jenny ?"



"be glad it;s been a quiet yr"


i asked th oz gummint for
a counsellour

who can handle
my quarter million psychic kills

"wot they say ?"
they;re givin me one


tony soprano got a counsellour

i need support services


"new to th system"

a real kadaitcha man

point th bone of death at

dr death

dr azahari
duly dies

within th traditional timeframe

i can prove we did th same to
christopher skase


livin on th edge

'the new wild west'

th gummint departments i deal with are

fallin over emselves


gave me a pension
for my

every day
sore testicles

from livin around women's


i have th blood

of a pope


and a family curse


allergic to girls i
sang on street corners to em for

six yrs
i dont like being beaten by anything


this one doc said
have a sexchange and

become a girl
i thought on it for

twelve yrs and
decided i like

not wearing a shirt


and it wont beat me

paulo cant get rid of

his female side

who drags his body out to sing

but being a unicycle master and
zen freak

we understand



"u talk too much"


<<< smile >>>

but there are two of u

"<<< smile >>>"


my male side and

th combination of both of us




u talk least


'i read our memory mapped file"


elvis costello
'everyday i write the book'



the stoners bible

just our book of

the stoners bible

all stoners have a book in em


it';s just yr immortality
th traces u leave behind of

u being here


i was alive
i had fun and

it's all good


and if yr alive
and i'm dead

when u read this
go and get ****ed


<<< smile >>>


i saw th internet as

an immortal treasury of

human thought



every page

is stored

for th professional historians to

ponder over


pls ammend

australian witchdoctor bone pointing to

a good

example of applied

psychic principals


plus it works


when it happens

'i want to ride my bicycle'

i read history
th tales of ppl

who knew they were right

but never vindicated

in their lifetime

their name recorded in our history books

twenty years after their death


i proved magic was real

five yrs ago and
continue to do so


i dont read comment i'm
happy enough

some read
and of those some

some go back and check up

u did

point th bone of death at
the islamic terrorist cunts

th night before
the northern pakistan earthquake

and yr spell did have in it
the very soul of th problem pls

machine gun fellatio

twisting heads


and doin my job

th witchdoctor of


five yrs ago

i was

the land surfer


the kadaitcha man of australia


my mission


is to

avenge australian deaths

especially from terrorism

by using my psychic gift to

**** with ppl's heads

about religion


i dont come in peace


our northern pakistan

was seven days after

oz lost five souls
to terrorism

in kuta beach


i am the kadaitcha man of kuta


if ic an
make it pppear
i speak to god and

god talks back

with devastating earthquakes

maybe i can insert some


into th debate

easy star all stars

and we could possibly
start workin on goin to th stars

instead of killin each other


wot religion we pracitse





i dont work on faith
i work on facts

my religion kills


i dont care wot any cunt believes

practise any religion u like


when it's got as much magic as mine
u tell me


i dont want fantasy

truth is good enough for me


wont build a rocket ship

that can leave th solar system


i know we'll make it

marcy playground
'sex and candy'

when i close my eyes

my forever eyes

i can see us

flyin thru th void


and it;s so close

so close

but th waiting for

a real psychic for

th things ya see

is the

interminable hours


with th tsunami i was
crawlin th walls

six months to th day before
and squeelin in my psychic blog

in th weeks leadin up to it

i see a big

splash but

long after it hit

i was just

goin back in my psychic blog

readin synchonicity and

found where i;d asked

for th tsunami

cause they bombed us

turned out to be

fifty aussies died that time

'boys and girls'

and i'm the
witchdoctor of kuta

th religion of
black honey

from th native stingless bee
of australia


my head swims with

th souls of th dead


it must have
some good purpose this

psychic gift


i dont consciously
write th words

of these
psychic curses

i know when i'm writing them
i'm writing history and

it hangs heavy

phil colins
'in the air tonight'

my dreams


in my dreams i'm
discovered and

so many diferent opinions



one of the
kadaitcha man


for tens of thousands of yrs

has been



i write to be caught

which keeps me



i ride a unicycle in th surf and

i'm rodney try hard

been on telly a of couple of times but

i'm nobody


just a fool on a unicycle

playin with magic


i kept my mouth shut
in th weeks leadin up to yr wedding

but i knew


cause i see things backwards and

i proposed marriage to you

twelve months to th day



redheaded cow

it haunted me


i've ****ed too many redheads


th last one

punchin me in th head

cause we were fightin

true irish collen she was

pink floyd

livin with a psychic hitman


my wizard's blog
livin in our bedroom


didnt have a webcam but

this psychic blog we're both readin

would catalogue

jane goin over th edge seven times

in as many minutes

a truly wet redhead


i was more jennifer than paul then

jane couldnt stand paul


when paul's nuts are goin off and
jennifer sinks into th background

anything can happen


hey mr vice president
of a motorcycle club

pj harvey
'working for the man'

the man leaves me alone



i work for australia

and i answer to australia

the land


source of my power and

the only thing i answer to

tens of thousands of yrs

of tradition


never pick a fight with th wizard

said one of th high priests of kuta

pity he didnt listen to his own words


i do admit

pointin to

a hundred thousand deaths and

sayin these
avenge our fifty deaths is


system of a down
'lost in hollywood'

i've done if enough times

i'm confident

i can do it again


as fragile as i am

cant drink in an australian pub any more

as sensitive as i am

any disaster that befalls

yr ppl

becomes just something for me to



i want u to stop killing th ppl

from my land

and natural disasters

affect us all

at some time


and shortly before they do

i jump online and

whack a curse that

points to it as


for some act that killed aussies

my job


as a real psychic and

australian patriot


it's th least i can do for my country

to wheedle at th

more suspicious

of th country men

who are killing our ppl

we wont stand for it


australia's witchdoctor is

****ing nasty


i'd rather

do sweet things with my magic but

we're at war

machine gun fellatio
'take it slow'

u probly never heard of



online magic religion that
only accepts real magic


no temples


no bullshit


no special robes


and anyone can practise it


no secrets


unburden yr secrets and

open yr mind


big magic comes at a price


i could claim
to being king of the witches

i'm confident
no other magic person

can harm me


my karma


yr a real witch nickie

i dont do that big a magic trick

for non witches

'hooker with a penis'

strawberry's song

hot redhead

**** she;s gorgeous


how's yr dad's harley goin then ?


when i played football

playin hooker

and always laid th first punch

of th footy match


always smile when this song plays


our reputation in
psychic war


hey strawberry


they still let me run wild



marcy playground
'sex and candy'

i'm carryin
two hundred thousand in

collateral damage mr bond


u think u can seriously
threaten me with




live with extreme pain
every day and

my heart has stopped too many times
to be able to count


source of my power man

why it;s so stupendously ****in big


and why i'm still invisible

after pullin some major


in th psychic world


i'm stilla rguin with my brotehr penna nd teller

i think yr

bullshit series on television

deserves the death penalty

the black eyed peas
'the boogie that be'

and th next time black
gets drunk on rum i'm gunna

have a serious write about u


my power


just smokin some god drug

play amongst yrselves


i figure
yr makin war with

fat cunt

that aint wise


my death curse on
paul mc cartney backfired
he not such a bad man

predicted a date that
he was gunna die
and in his newsgroup it was

i was a day out and

i hate th dateline

and th bastard got up

in front of th tv cameras and announced proudly

i'm gunna have another child

any tarot card reader

worth their salt knows th
death card
can mean

new life


it's all done in opposites


and all just coincidence right


get up publicly
and dare me to

whack u
if u so confident

th witchdocotr
cant kill u

by pointin th bone of death at u


bein th tribes singer

and singin of yr misdeeds

i'm confident
i can find enough bad side in anybody

to do th job



says u die

seven days
from when i start singing

plus or minus


i sang

on strete corners

with my unicycle

up against th wall

for six yrs


background singer to any
musician who;d let me

"99% did"


tribal singer


i read th books
on our history

i was brought up white but


was nicknamed black
soon as i walked out th door


for twenty yrs
my name




a whole personality


in th strete
for six yrs i was



i'm being petty
i wont ride in th valley

i sing like a girl man
and look like a boy

well mostly


i dont ride a girls bike



it was ****in th music

'breaking it slowly'

once upon a time we had

rock n roll george

he cruised brisbane city in a
gorgeous fj

with twin fox tails

then we had

rock n roll paulie

half cast

on a unicycle

cruisin thru th nightclubber crowds and

singin on strete corners


an entertainer has to
draw th line somewhere

even an unpaid


and six months away

is nothing


i drive to surfers paradise

climb on one of my

half bicycle
unicycles and

within five minutes

somebody i know

from th street

says gday

and i'm home

tenacious d
'kyle quit the band'

been ridin so long

on so many streets i'm

the singing unicycle man

in a bunch of places

janes addiction
'jane says'(steel drums)

with my
big yellow surf unicycle

propped against th wall

singin this with johnno

centre of th fortitude valley mall


my addiction


jeez u could sing it man

made me wet singin that song

we'd onyl get it out

twice in a night

signin gorilla in th street like that

for five hours but

it moved us


got five muso's in my head
who are all screamin

where th **** are ya paulie ?


i dont give my phone number and

bein black i

go walkabout


i suffer th same trouble with u man
with most buskers

they just disappear


and eighteen months later

yr ridin down th street


on some mad unicycle

groovin to th music and th
city smiles

and here he is

dan playin in th street in brizzie again

hey man


all i have to do

to see a smile is

ride out th driveway

just boppin to th shop

and chattin to th dickless tracy;s

my eyes are up here dear


doin standup comedy in th street cause

he's busted a string and

too out of it

takin time to refit

'justify my love'(**** me mix)

hey madonna
u ever

smoke ganga
thru a carrot

while singin in th
fortitude valley street


she's so ****in outrageous hey


does a video clip with a cross and




to musicians in th street

airbrushed popstars are

kinda out there


singin in facepaint
in th street is interesting

th crowd get really friendly


ppl have enough trouble
decidnin wot sex i am
singin liek a girl
whiel playin th drum
like a boy

without a crazy clown mask on


i like drivin

to wherever i ;m goin singin
in paint

minka would do th wildest

devil faces and i'd

drive into town at midnight

interesting at th lights

laurie anderson
'walking and falling'

mount up

on th crazy unicycle

painted as th devil and

ok wicked unicycle

how many good slides

u got in u tonight


a man is many things


over and over yr falling
and then
catchin yrself from falling




luv u laurie

'speed of sound'

i ride my
monoshock unicycle

it cushions th bumps




weird thing it is

th unsprung weight
is constantly


cause as most unicyclists will attest

yr weight on th pedals

and on th seat

keeps changing


everything is in motion but

th overall motion is

glide smooth


babybum soft


just need

to go down in spring size


tailor it to my
small frame

65 kg


th unicycle has kept me 65

with a two kilo variance

for five yrs


i'd ride in th surf
after midnight

at surfers paradise
on th low tide

in th dead of winter


redcliffe beach has th

flying lizards
'the best things in life are free'(i want money)

has th wizard's
flying proficiency course


where i go to fly to
do th miles and

ride th edge


lookin for holes in th wind
to surprise me

my psychic gift

has me stay upright


in th wind gusts
whiel ridin th edge and

do a ewie

on th floating platform

at the end of th redcliffe jetty

cause ridina uncicyle

on a floating platform is

honing my unicycle skills

'the wonderwall'

ok magic computer

i'll cop to

droppin into th
redcliffe skatebowl

and playin this song in my
mp3 player

as i drop into th bowl

on a man;s bike


one wheel

over th wall


and back up

over the wall


ride straight thru

the grinding rail


half a monoshock bicycle

and cut in half again

beautifully balanced

unicycle it

coped with bouncing

on th tenth attempt

goin down th wall


gorgeous LST tripper

i love it man


cunt didnt even spit me when it bounced

goin down th skatebowl wall

spun their minds tripper

and mine

ya fabricate good man


i had a fifth bourbon in th car and
came straight here t tell ya aman


gorgeous flight test


th edge


doesnt hurt if ya


if yr well cut

first time over th bowl

the prodigy
'out of space'

some ppl
have trouble with

i sink a six pack of bourbon and

four cones of grass and

ride around th nightclubbers
whiel they're all on pills but

in six yrs

i never put one in hospital


at nine bourbons it gets

kinda interesting


i dont drink
four days of th week

i make up for it


i miss u folk

'pennyroyal tea'

which busker sang this paulo ?






yr a prick paulo


i wanna whack th fat cunt


not u dickhead
penn and teller


he's askin for it


u and yr ****in ethics

is it ok if i just

give im death threats then ?


been had up for them before
minder in a showground seventeen yrs

the geraldine fibbers
'dragon lady'

nailed that one

this is libby's song

th ex wife


if i wanted ya dead bitch
ya;d be dead


do ya wanna divorce ?

she said yes

i said


a great big pause

i want andrew
we're off to do a coupel things

for th weekend

my weekend with th young fella and

she went off her brain


u seriously think woman

after u sold five of my motorcycles i

wanted my son fulltime ?


blowout queen


did i tell u he;s a papal prince

oh well


i didnt marry u
and give u a magic child

because u had brains


i gave u a magic child cause
u;d ring me

when i masturbated
about u


if yr magic's big enough i'll

overlook a few things

golden earring
'radar love'

when golden earring recorded this

for th cameras
in 1973


yr ex boyfriend downstairs

my other brother

and i
were standin

behind th cameras


mum's second cousin


is how she explained it but

i knwo it was more complicated than that but

my thinkin is

he must be

descended from

the head inquisitor too


radar love

we had

and radar hate


the head inquisitor
of the french inquisitions blood

courses thru the
wizard of oz's



and our family are still

suffering with radar love

hey nickie


a pope shouldnt breed
why i'm allergic to girls


in my french bloodline

here in oz

not one of us

has died a natural death here

four and counting


radar fournier

it's in our blood

i'm the black sheep of the family



little black bastard
they changed my last name

at nine months

'political prisoners'

my mother freaked me out at seven

my teeth

werent normal


i dont have them now mum


mutant next generation teeth


savages testicles and
whacked up mind powers


i live next door

to a gorgeous mutant girl

her skin is two coloured


she's two tone


thought u wee gunna buy another girlie car

butthole surfers

she came home with a red


a common door
nothin common about u dear
luv yr numberplate


every curse

carry's a silver


the stoners bible


i have th weirdest life


plagues with magic and


sittin in a room
with a girl is


but if i like her enough i'll

smoek some drugs and

grina nd bear it and

th real pain hits

well after th stimulus so

u never see it
at it;s worst


it;s fair though

i'm a real wizard

i carry a real curse


hey dr death




city high

i;ve been hiding
since i was seven


th television keeps sayin

on th serious bit

th news

that psychic powers are

crap and

somethin to laugh at

poor deluded drug ****ed fools


i will laugh last

i usually do


th ppl who
poo poo

all psychic phenomena

do more harm than good

to th drug ****ed




rock your world


and blow your ****ing mind

the stoners


have the power


we were right all along


how does it feel

to be iq 85

and be fed

only wot th witchdoctor


peter gabriel

and behold

a hundred thousand ppl

of th islamic faith

were killed th very next day

in a giant earthquake

summoned up by th witchdoctor

of australia


and th witchdoctor did say

that's a hundred thousand for

th five aussies

u killed seven days ago

u ppl never learn

pj harvey
'i think i'm a mother'

the mother land


my voodoo
as the witchdoctor of australia

will avenge
every australian death

at th hands of others


a legal execution of an australian citizen

is thrown to th ghosts to decide


no correspondence will be entered into


the dark side

u kill one of my ppl

i use my magic to see

a disaster
any disaster
i can link to u

and paint it black

my speciality


and drop it
into a newsgroup
a week before yr

'mr e's beautiful blues'

piece of bad luck is announced on telly

that bit is public


it's nasty but
it's war
and war is hell


ya wont see
that psychic phenomena are real

i'll leave a trail
so nasty

and so long

in th record

even th most ardent skeptic will read and

verify and

shit slides down legs

violent femmes
'gimme the car'

so if u
th current reader


decide to whack me
cause i'm
gunna interfere with your


remember th last guy

turned th gun on himself and

blew is brains out


u will too


i leave a trail
a diary

in th record

knowing it wont all survive

mulling over my thoughts and

doing my job

th witchdoctor thing

still a minder

workin in th background

most of my ppl

dont know i exist



deep undercover

hidin in plain sight

makes sense


it's a black
australian aborignal justice system

they tolerate us

is even embedded in

australian law


cultural heritage

massive attack
'inertia creeps'

it doesnt pay well but

th juju makes up for it


oldest religion on earth

and still deadly



religion of the

wizard of oz


dont harm australians
and i wont write nasty
about disasters happening to you

before they happen

just does me more good



was off hookin up a phone line

big audio dynamite II
'the globe'

ok magic computer

where about to go online

here come th mad witchdoctor


pirate jenny
'the land surfer"

i approve this message

tv rock
'flaunt it'
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