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Enforcement Order

Enforcement Order - Physics Forum

Enforcement Order - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 10-23-2006, 12:30 PM
The Wizard of OZ
Posts: n/a
Default Enforcement Order

Enforcement Order

hey psychic blog

wot's happening ?
'i want to ride my bicycle'

i'll spoke at ya after i get down this

bong ok



Person shall not Drive/Ride/Permit
Driving or Riding a Vehicle or
beast upon the mall




got another bluey in th mail
didnt pay it
first time


ridin a bicycle

down th fortitude valley mall
in brisbane

it was a unicycle and

it's th entertaintment zone

and it was after midnight


marcy playground
'sex and candy'

**** it

i'm just
gunna pay th ticket and

ppl smile everywhere i ride my
monoshock unicycle

the fortitude valley can get ****ed


it's up to a hundred and twenty bucks

three days in jail in leu



jail me ya cunts

for ridin a unicycle thru th mall

th sick ****ers would
and i got dark skin

we still have aboriginal deaths in custody

i'll just pay it and

delete th joint from my

mike oldfield
'tubular bells, pt 2'

no offense mike man but

i'm thinkin of deletin this


th chick who stole it for me

i'm takin out of my life


dropped all th other friends

why not her


****in ex girlfriends


drive ya nuts


not as bad as a current one hey keith


never mind

my last redhead drove me to drink too


when i put it to th boys on
friday night

that gettin laid
in th doorway of a nightclub

as the unicycle man
in surfers paradise

was somewhat better

than gettin wiped fr bein black

in the fortitude valley


i never did

fly one of my surfboards

down th fortitude vlaley mall

my next trip thru th mall

will surely be interesting

fine seems th same

no matter wot th beast



how far can ya get a rebel car
into town

and back
film at eleven


th new xf falcon
sits pride of place in th drive

th white one;s off th road


little brother did some smick
mig welding work and

i did th buzzing of th bog
bloody xf's leakin into th boot

not this one baby

th s pack


little brother dont know it i'm

already talkin with another

of a turbo

no man i wanna

bore first

lower compression by addin cubes


gunna slay yr
XE falcon ESP special
little brother

even if i have to find a mate
who wants to
insurance job a

BA turbo six


i'm magic

i can find anything

machine gun fellatio
'full moon'

the wizard doesnt appear on th full moon anymore

pls leave a message with my assistant and

be sure to kick him in th nuts
when you finish

so he knows who it;s for


it makes em more attentive


we just gunna pay it paulo ?

"yep, i'll ring sper"


hey ya sper cunts

take ut outta my pension i

dont feel liek doin

community service this time


i'm not gunna argue with ya
brizzy shitty council

no ****in way


it's my wheelchair

i'm in th disabled employment service now


i'm more than one way annoyed


i hear ya had some

bad luck with th

city freeway

one of th spans cracked

violent femmes
'old mother reagan'

must suck

was some major traffic chaos

when ya closed th whoel freeway system

tenacious d

i see th opposites are still runnin


u dont need a half black wizard
in the fortitude valley

the kadaitcha man of kuta
wot a joke


my australian passport has lapsed


think i'll just get th

dutch one this time

maroon 5
'she will be loved'

i dont wanna say it mum but

did ya have to migrate here ?


not like u had a choice

opa runnin from th family curse


i bumped into a guy

th other day

who lived in yr village in


"the netherlands"

in 1959


was funny
i was

a book called

black like me

by a guy called

john howard griffin

about a white guy

in 1959

pigmenting his skin dark and
livin as a black man

in new orleans

th night before


john howard


our illustrious leader is john howard

prime minister

**** man

too funny


johhny wont say


to th black ppl

who owned th land and are despised by well

not as many as it used to be but

still significant


"not if you;ve got type one white skin"

roberta flack
'the first time ever i saw your face'

**** off carrot top


this john howard

he could stand up

and say

i am an aboriginal


u had balls man


when i was singin with brother julian doin

black man's blues

on th corner
of the fortitiude valley

hangin shit on white ppl

cause they cant tell if i'm

white or black


i'd think of u sometimes

i read yr book

so many yrs ago and

put it in my library

it jumps out of pile occasionally and i


played trumpet
three years

my lips never recovered


had seven broken noses

i was a minder on th showground

and in a motorcycle club


and olive skin

welcome to australia

system of a down

after th second marriage i

hit th street


wandering on a unicycle

just livin life


lived in five houses for a year


no fixed address


drag th unicycle

out of th surf and

lay on th beach and
just get darker and darker


over twenty years
in this god forsaken country
they called me


as my nickname


savages great oma ?

****in hell


th black ppl arent th savages

'it dont matter'

and not all th white ppl

or oz wouldnt work at all


i dunno wot i ****in am


th one thing i do know is

my ancient ancestor

th head inquisitor
of th french inquisition

is in my blood


they made ya a pope
i'm allergic to girls

makes sense to me


come with me pope benedict

while we peer

into th cosmos

black wants to have another look at that

city in space

kevin bloody wilson
'ailments of the eighties'

"it's grown too big"

will it split ?


"all those cans of flyin shit"
"robot freighters in th void"

"if i could follow em in"
point taken


why she's got so many kills hey


"it's alright jennifer"
"yr kilcount will slay hers"


u seem awful sure


"i'm sure"


our last post u

said earthquakes were easier than

single kills and

marcy playgorund
'sex and candy'

i was whingin i'm havin a lean yr

i wont crack

10 thousand psychic kills for th yr

i have to rteport

a six point five earthquake

th next day in hawaii


none as far i've heard to this point


said u were passin some up

"no-one hurt, who cares"


seems our focus is


"i care factor"

"not paid"


psychic what ya wnat to psychic hey ?

"just rackin up kills"


quarter million not enough for u ?

"**** no"

the geraldine fibbers
'dragin lady'

dragon lady
in marriage counselling said

he'll bee a psychopath


"she was psychic ya dumb bitch jen"

"she knew i was big time killer"


she didnt understand though



"th idiot on th unicycle"

"could nt have kileld thosuands"

"no-one suspects th fool"


ah man we had a nice ride


and th record clearly shows

009 asked for and got

one ****in huge tsunami

as payback

for a terrorist attack on



when we asked for it

th terrorists
hadnt hit us yet


a very hair trigger


fires before u do


hey smiling assasin


they lettin a couple of yr mates out early



just lettin ay know
th witchdoctor

who whacked dr azahari

is watching

midnight oil
'short memory'

the kadaitcha man of kuta

who pointed th bone of death

at dr death

on th internet

twelve days

before he died

bad doctor

bomb make for both

bali bomb attackss in

kuta beach


th witchdoctor is watching


cant bee in th next three months paulie

our next big active phase starts

january thirteen 2007


"u havent racked up yr hundred thousand"
"dead souls for th yr"

u said i wasnt goin to


"why not before then ?"

i got a court date on that date

'you're not alone'

we both do


"th psychic pigs"


not wot they call emselves paulie


"wot am i up on this time ?"


we're still up on fratricide

"and i still dont understand it"

i thinik it;s th




"cloning em"


th god drug


"i dont have enough sway down here"

he means no cunts listens to us


"i can t get wot he;s saying"

somethin about how big our power is


"there's onyl one thing mate"
"they get so scared"

'when they see truth"

'they tell no-one"

'purple hills'

drop another purple pill

u'll be right

dropped into

a psychic killers

psychic blog

this book kills




next time i down
six rums that guy

is goin to hospital
"i thought we gave up bein violent"

i'll make him hit me first
in front of witnesses

it'll be self defense


dropped into my personal life
sorry blog

was tryin to keep it light


u havent left cunt

not ever


one of th chrises was over

a coupel weeks back

watchint hc ar racin and

thinkin he;s as tough as my little brother

cause he's talking to im

thought my pension was a scam and

said a few words

black came to life and

"say any of those words again"
"my fist is goin in yr face"

"thirty yrs of sore testicles worth cunt"

city high
'best friends'

he shut up


i might be jennifer
twelve yrs of

have a sexchange paulei but

"i didnt have a sexchange"


they always forget
there's still a boy in here

a full grown man
and a killer




in th flesh


just paulie the
unicycle man

loon atic
stoned and drunk and

singin on strete corners
for six yrs



it;s all balance
how ya find



oh and

do all th singin on strete corners for six yrs

not for money


for th love of music

shakepears sister
'i dont care'

closest i could come

to my

boy hood dream
of bein a rockstar

benedicts testicles
dont handle unrequited love real well at all


when i started singin in th street

there was one pigamp

and th rest were

eau natural

now th pigamps are proliferating


38 to 44 i

bummed around in th street


on a unicycle


gettin th previous five yrs out of my system

hard to live with a woman
who can feel ya masturbate from

five kilometres away


at 38
i was too old

to be in th centre of th street


at 44 it's

'political prisoners'

maybe just th wrong street


this old bugger th other day

caught me ridin down th road

with my eyes closed

to this song

in th mp3 player


just openin em to

clear cars


so they dont freak out too much


dont much have to look wher ei'm goin

on th protytype

monoshock unicycle


i left th little red flashin light

th landin lights

on for 24 hrs

it was still goin

tough little bugger


it's dangerous man

it needs warnin lights


i wear a helmet occasinally

when i wanna ride hard

there's a fifteen mill

hole in th front of my helmet

low flying tree

at midnight

maroon 5
'she will be loved'

jenny 3 prototype unicycle


th spring rate is

dead right

goinfdown th big hill

down cash's crossing

in th dirt

and over th rocks

she bounced th whoel way down

th hill tripper but

nice man

real smooth

wheel spittin rocks like

gorgeous man


hasnt dragged th surf unicycle

into his lair yet


no hurry

th silver car

may not be ready this week

we're patient ppl


i gotta block it down and

three low spots to fill

i know it's under th

c pillar cover but

little brother did a smick job


he dosent liek boggin much
i dont liek weldin


get me a buzzer man

a proper spray shop buzzer

violent femmes
'i held her in my arms'

i laid up a
57 chevy nomad wagon once in

balsa wood aircraft construction
hell of a bog job


over a foot long and


never forget my
three months in a

spray shop


or th illicit one i worked in

at the farm


hey gooey


"and loose arse"


alright wot have u doen with my brother ?

stacie orrico

"waddya mean ?"


there's no rubbish on th bed


cept that empty smoek packet




oh dear
means th manager has popped back in


one of my personalities but

not sure from



can i help u sir ?

"this bill"
"why are u squeeling about it on th net ?"

cause this is my ****in blog


"just pay it"


"like we'll feel it go out of th pension"

the red hot chilli peppers
'track no15'

i'd prefer t pay th cunt in cash


"let it dribble out i've"
"paid off that loan"


fortune's faded


"had two wives"
"get over it"


"yr not alone"


"how much did that mob cave ?"

700 bucks

"havent said a word to em yet"



"from 2400 to 1700"


i'm lookin forward t their next letter


c'mon cunt
i could use a


'mr e's beautiful blues'

couldnt loan a dollar

for five yrs
oh yeah

she crushed me


it can make ya though


i dont count many dollars
in my bank account

well any


but i can see thru four dimensions

a trained psychic gift

and it;s as easy as

can i write a clue to th song about to play



and see if it fits


cause if it doesnt
if it ****s th reverie

it usually indicates

yr psychic blog will only work with
no secrets

well few
i still have a few


but not many


some things
from my time

as a minder on th carnival
i was sworn

and i dont share


i see most of those as
th big fella's secrets

i just had a few
he didnt know about

it was th underworld


teach me
dont let yr left hand
know wot yr right hand;s doin


i have never doen a side deal man


truth is still runnin at

99 percent


back to serious issues

at wot age

do ya tell yr kids

the wizard of oz

is australia's psychic killer

with a quarter million

dead souls

on his conscience

the verve
'bittersweet symphony'

wot a bugger


th night before
th northern pakistan earthquake

the wizard of oz

pointed th bone of death at the

islamic terrorist cunts

the very soul of the problem pls lord



"june 25 2001"

th day th wizard of oz
started his online journal

"june 25 2005"

the day the wizard of oz
proposed marriage to nicole kidman
on the internet

"june 25 2006"

the day nicole kidman got married to keith urban


i wear so many hats i

sometimes forget

which one i;ve got on


"so we have things in th record that"

"they could tlak about publicly and"

"things they'll never wanna mention"

"a dark side"


th feds havent kicked down my door

dr patel

looks i will get another crack at dr death

i'll convince black

it's the


want ya dead


and we're a wierd mob


th yanks have banned vegemite


"i want my ppl home"
"i want my ppl home"

'sunday bloody sunday'

it's our national food

it's an insult


th last psychic date i threw

was september 28

which i said

pointed to america

sure enough
here in oz

september 28

september 27 there

th first of three

high school shootings


hate predictin crap in america
th yanks are ****in mad


but ya see
wot ya see
of th future

and shit happens


how much of it i shit in

is a matter for conjecture


"or disbelief"
care factor

"u do care"
i care far more th cunts die

when i say they die


five yrs i've
written on th internet

killing ppl


th thing with nicole kidman

me proposin marriage to er from
the wizard of oz

to oz's princess
a yr to th day

before she got married

paul young
'love of the common people'

if i could get thru
i could do more

nice magic
like that

i hope it works for ya


he sounds too much liek my

twin brother


was about th sweetest thing we've done and

kuta is

th honey of th native australian stingless bee


our religion


with a sting

far worse than th brisbane shitty council


been a lean yr
i wont crack ten thousand souls this yr

feels odd


lear jet 3 5 alpha

'track 13'

13 january
i know

new business

system of a down

i cant see
any major disasters

comin for th end of th yr

i wanna take credit for

bein as i'm
a real psychic


a summer of
chasin th perfect wave

on my refurbished

surf unicycle

with a brand spankin new hub and

some smart thinkin on th sand


and psychic enough to

jump bakc online

in a timely fashion

liek last time

th day before

dr death got off

from th oz justice system

ok dude

puts u in my court

aboriginal justice system

and we were back online to

be talkin about ya th day before

not really an everyday topic


"i'm unhappy with these cans of flyin shit"

machine gun fellatio
'all of them ladies'

just buy her th
perfume poo operation and

bee done with it


and tell er
her tits will look better if she

lives in zero gravity


i get a better perv

lookin uptime and

inside th spaceships than i

get here on th ground now and

i used to play th heart beat drum

in th fortitude valley

cant count how many chicks would

dance in front of it


the man
has taken over th place

closes th nightclub doors at
three am

no smoking in th pubs since
last july

wots next cunts
helemts if we piss standin up ?


the fortitude valley has

lost it;s street cred

all th really wild buskers i used

to sing with have all


johnno fled form a woman
michael left caus eof a woman
mika had a woman tell him where to go

i'm just kidding man

ernie watts
'highway blues'

womble went soft


had t drag im to th strete and
even then


always die in th ring by three


if it's
extra good

yr still singin at dawn

and when th cops

started stealin my drinks

in centre mall

jon english
'handbags and gladrags'

when th singer in th street
cant wet his whistle as he sings

as he;s done for thousands of


in human history

we've lost it


and fine th clown
for ridin a unicycle
thru th entertainement zone

and give him a ticket for

ridin a bicycle

cause unicycle aint in th computer


i dunno man


rock n roll paulie


38 to 44

may he rest in peace



hey dad

how ya goin old fella


me and paulie had a lot of fun


yr grandson is gettin huge and

he's inherited yr wifes magic


he's been tested


ayr afte ru toppe dyrself and th old lady

th pigs pulled a gun on our dog

do re mi
'cuttlefish beach'

some one
no names

dropped th savage hunting rifle
which has since disappeared

out th window and
took a bead on th pig

th other pig
rolled out th window and

pulled a bead on me
i had to laugh man

i'm th only cunt unarmed


u used to drink with those cunts

bought guns off them
th bent pigs


little brother
also descended formt h head inquisitor

he found
th panel beater

who wouldnt work on yr car

cause of yr gun hidey hole

which is where u stashed em

when we went to collect all yr guns

at 18
i couldnt find

everythin i was lookin for


old bill
went to his grave

with it on his conscience too

we coul;dnt find all yr guns

th oens ya bought off th pigs

we thought they were at th range

safely locked up


i dont get to see yr

old gun smithy any more dad

couldnt pull in his drive

with a sixpack


five yrs
she had a

police protection order on me


if i wanted th bitch dead

all i have to do is

ask for it

in my psychic blog


my sword isnt for jammin down her throat


think i wanna go down in history as

whackin th mother of a papal prince

be ****ed


i dunno about my father but

young andrew had

operant psychic parents


i tested u at 4 and a half

i was happy

noosha fox
's-s-s single bed'

yr names makes sense little man

u just too young to understand balance

yr uncle calls u

devil eyes

as th family name

nurse at th delivery called u

jesus that little boy is well hung


only time i ever saw th bitch smile
and i'm stickin to that


give me a break

she got 85%





caps lock off




where d ya think ya gunna hide from me bitch ?


if i can crack windows 95's
front end in visual basic i can

find u


"th bone of death can find anything"

john mayer
'bigger than my body'

nicely trained gift




stay ya mungrel


dont bite me



swallowin that first

hundred thousand psychic kills can bee

a bit daunting


but then

i drop into skatebowls

on a unicycle

on a ****in man;s biek ya cunt

i dont ride bicycles

they;re girls bikes


safety bicycles


his wicked esp
has a 383 long stroker


i'm gunn beat ya with a six man

and it'll look liek a



look bog stock
sound well

not quite bog stock


'it dont matter'

loading drugs:

loading internet:


dare to bee different
bee yourself


john howard griffin hey

i cant imagien oru

johnny howard

goin round th country as a black man and

i think that;s

really sad


we live in oz long enough our


will all have dark skin


highest skin cancer rate in th world


goin into space would be

less hazardous

space burn is feirce



better titties


like th anti gravity device we
'll one day get

it reaches out
to wot it wants to go to and

goes there


none of this repelling th earth crap


one body and one mind - lyric


i'm used to pullin
hundred thousand deaths a yr black

this is gunna **** with me
"can i help it "

"it's a lean yr for natural disasters"

tracy chapman
'fast car'

ok i get it kuta

i got a fast car to play with

and a couple ff weird and whackie

prototype unicycles

to get thru testflight


i found a huge moss bedded

out with little brother today

i'm goin back there


dont sweat it
it aint in brisbane

otside their councils boundaries

doesnt upset my blackban


couldnt do th
unicycle comp

in th bowl of kuta volcano
she's pissed off man


they still havent figured out

how th freeway ramps



sunlight on th conrete
was th last

bright thing i heard

yeah ok


anythin so they dont point th finger at me

i wasnt even online

'bump bump bump'(remix 3)

<<< smile >>>>

funny computer


dont trust yr computer ever

it may have been jinxed by me

worse things have happened


pirate jenny


'the wizard of oz"


tenacious d
'city hall'
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