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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

water fire

water fire - Physics Forum

water fire - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 06-10-2006, 12:02 PM
the man
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Default water fire

water fire

i went off to make dinner

turned th telly on

it's a show


water forever
on nine

it ends i flick to th abc

rocket man

oh yeah


why use a separate oxidiser


watchin th building of titanic


massive steam boilers
at 200 psi


we want over 3000 paulie

"i know"


"leave it t th engineers"


with a steam boiler

it uses it's own pressure

to pump in water



we use
th constiuents of water




in liquid form

burn em

inject water till it


and then turn off th starter motor

hey paulie

th yanks got to th moon
just usin th

starter motor

didnt even light th main drive


"dont forget"
"ya also get that massive expansion"

"of steam"


huge power in steam


will it be th
second steam age paulie ?

"th age of water i think"


she's off to meet her iceberg


the age of aquarius


"reality runnin a bit slow"

i'll get th karma cops on it

"will you"

"if you;d be so kind"


music on:

rickie lee jones
'we belong together'

i went and fed th dogs

whiel my dinner was cooking

bout a minute to go on th chops

went to come back inside and

th sliding door is locked

oh dear

think fast paulie

th lamb's gunna burn

standin outside

popped out from under th verandah and

it's raining and

i've only got on a sarong


found a saw horse

still three feet short


climbed onto th back roof

of th shed

walk th roof to get to my bedroom and

thru th window


she just sung

climbed upon th rooftop



and run downstairs to save th chops

i made it




never locked myself out

feed in th dogs before paulie

would i really do it

just to have that

thing come up in th song

while i writ eup my psychic blog

"i choose to think so"


<<< smile >>>


in th world of opposites paulie

where everything seems to be backward

"for every action"
"there's an equal and opposite reaction"

wot's th most abundant thing on th earth ?



"salt water"

must be our fuel source


"it puts out fires"

the red hot chilli peppers
'road trippin'

pissin myself laughing


water wont put out
that fire

"dig it"


scuse i


a mirror for the sun - lyric


if we had
abundant energy

we could all...


who wished for world peace ?


wiz ?


he's ****ed off

smokin cones

wait for me ya cunt

"let's go get lost - lyric"


is scottie right

can we build it ourselves ?


"his name's scottie"

the black eyed peas

he kinda large

economy size


we can buy th


and th

oxygen and

we got bulk

high water pressure


"i know where we gotta spare"

that one 3500 psi

"<<<smiel >>>"


wot if i dont get it built first ?

"thought of it"

yeah but

guy who thought of satellites

didnt get a cent


"last guy who thought"

"burn constituents of water"

"to fire water"

"wot he do babe ?"

tried to file patent and

"they never see his body again hey"



"why ?"


two way greed


"i just as happy to spark idea"


i wanna go into space

"yur a healthy as 44 yr old"

"we'll still go"

'mr e's beautiful blues'

and see those
beautiful blues

th dark blues as
we top th atmosphere

thanks god


my chops didnt burn

evrything happens for a reason

sometimes that reason is just strange


"just for yur diary ya mean"



"so ya can see"


taking it's time
choosing th next song
do re mi
'warnings moving clockwise'

ok i dig it


i'll take on your
psychic challenge

bring yur checkbook
"and a balance from yur bank"

"i dont like time wasters"


how close will i peg this next event paulie ?




tellin me to

go back and read my diary if i want



no thanks


i know who i am today




were we doomed to live this way
cause we were born

cusp of pisces and aries

"water fire"

"mik fairly plagued too"

"born other side of th cusp"

but he's

water fire

and i'm fire water

"everything's backwards"

so that;s why i whacked my hair up

with a hairtie

ten seconds ago

i dont write everything



training my gift

dont mind me


"she' singin"

**** off


th money better be in th ****in bank

or i'll show ya

how many ppl

i killed

by pointin th bone


"by demonstration ya mean"

i dont like bullshit

th prize money


****in be there


"i apologise for my sister"
"she can be a bit ruthless"


hey man
i listened to th bullets

goin into my mothers head
makes ya ****in callous


not kiddin cunt

not a bit of it

'bizarre love triangle'

100% true



"not bizarre hey ?"

well yeah


i know i'm right paulie
i'm psychic enough to be



it's a magic property of water

can always use itself

robben ford and taj mahal
'rainy day, dream away'

<<< smile >>>

thanks windows xp media player


a magic property of mine

dont need th computer

just convenient



one woman magic to birth jeannette

"havent found er"

"still lookin"

andrew wasnt as fussy little girl


she's finally punched thru paulie

"she's our daughter isnt she ?"


her mind splattered throughout time

just like her dad


i know

she's got red hair


although with a girl

that;s kind of


they keep changin


"ya stopped talkin to me jeannette"

i got lost in jenny

"so do other ppl dear"


"me included"


kuta lady's ex girlfriend jennifer

she got it too


"we're not talking"


you protect our body too much

flying lizards
'the best things in life are free'(i want money)

"she knows how much magic we got"

"knows how many i;ve killed"


when you;v cracked

a hundred thousand

then ya can call yurself a

kadaitcha man


change your ****ing name


or i'll get th wizard
to enquire of ya further


"he's just a kid jennifer"

it;s dangerous


"black magic always is"

half dutch
half australian

'standing still'

stop kid

u dont know wot yur ****in with


i wouldnt even leave a comment

they tend to linger

i dont read em

but can you

see th future

i can


you'll regret it


"and wee will run down yur leg"

"not a good look"

"just makes me mildly amused"

seventeen years as a minder

on th showgrounds


father was a murderer


didnt scottie bite dad

he an electrical engineer


much more


lives near th water

down near

stradbroke island


one of us

river phoenix and johnny depp
'i save cigarette butts'

i dint give im a ciggie mick

just a bourbon

i only had sixteens

mellow out

violent femmes
'kiss off'(live)

just remember little brother

six foot four and

"a half"

big boy

you punch me twenty times
righ tin th head and

i still

lookin for where my


punch is goin

i'm trained

you;re not


th nephew

cunning shite

call me jenny

and a bad girl

and then attack me


scottie laughed

cunnin prick


so i came outta th room as paul and

went first

i still win

we same size now


scottie laughed

was a decisive victory


love my nephew

he's a funny boy




i couldnt go for th gradings young man
i was a minder on th showground

cant have a black belt


didnt charge me for th first years tuition


fastest legs in th dojo


unicyclin makes

really fast legs

'not many'(remix)

lifted this off th nephew

always think of im

when it plays


"and a little bit beforehand"

for every action

there is an equal and opposite reaction

"yeah but you can prove it"


teenage boys are so


how many dudes you know flow like this - lyric


where does your father's
car run out of fuel

well if it;s
99% in th service station

then maybe
he knows something you dont


this is your welcome to reality speech young man


you'll have some measure
of th gift

all our family do

but how much
and how well trained

yours will be

is up to



if you try to push it back it will


violent femmes
'american music'

make your life hell


not one member of our family

has died a natural death in australia

and four have died so far


you be careful in that caravan bro

dont go same way as grandma and opa


lived with ya till

well till


i might only have been two but

i remember ya



i'm sorry oma
i keep meanin to see

yur other daughter

she still ****in

prima donna

i know she was

prima donna in

ballet company in oz


i know dear

if she wasnt so mouthy


th young fella got mum's skin

breaks easy


my kid ?

devil eyes is still with



i know

she's dragon lady


he's gotta grow up tough

or he wont survive

blue balls from age eleven till death


we're not in th fifties now


it wont bother our males

in th family

so much

when we get into space

i'm workin on it oma

tenacious d
'kyle quit the band'

"you werent before"

i liek singin


want yur help oma


want you onboard

massive attack

every real psychic

i meet

sees my father

usually within ten feet of me

th stronger ones

see th sharks circling


they call me sharkie

in th strete

on account of th wizard hat

with a shark fin


i wear when i slide my unicycle

round posts and

i aint comin into town tonight


havin a weekend off

rain day

dont get time and a half

dont get paid at all

where's my mullbowl ?

scuse i



help me oma

remember when i travelled to th

big nimbin hippy festival

with th hunger project

and just asked ppl to think about it

water fire

we're humans

most special thing there is

to us

and we can do ****in anything


always say

anything is possible

never say

nothing is impossible

they dont mean th same thing


the stoners bible


i can see



it's yesterday i have trouble


i can remember

the future

it makes a small

kind of sense


for every action

there is an equal

and opposite



dont help me


dont help us


one of many

'the man"
"pirate jenny"
"and the land surfer"


u dont say much wiz

'havent got much to say"

'bit like meetin us in real life"

'jenny always talkin"

till i'm offended

'quarter of a million confirmed kills"

'nothing frightens me"

'i;ve been dead a couple of times"

but i'm not you

'you'll get over it"

'more mellow than ya were"

'bohemian rhapsody'

mother just killed a man - lyric


th author apologises that this document contains


feel free to disbelieve

nothing really matters

and i'm magic whether you believe it

"or not"


to see truth

you have to write truth


the stoners bible
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