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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Some questions that I really need answers to.!

Some questions that I really need answers to.! - Physics Forum

Some questions that I really need answers to.! - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 12-28-2005, 02:52 PM
the land surfer
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Default Some questions that I really need answers to.!

Infinity <[Only registered users see links. ].Think.About.It> wrote in
news:dVLpf.6399$[Only registered users see links. ].pas.earthl ink.net:

Subject: witchdoctors diary catch up
Newsgroups: bigpond news:alt.tv.charmed,alt.fan.harry-
potter,alt.traditional.witchcraft,alt.witchcraft,a lt.sci,01alt.folklo
Followup-To: alt.tv.charmed

witchdoctors diary catch up

engage music
apply drugs

be with ya in a tick

massive attack
'safe from harm'

in that nice zone after orgasm

th testicle pain

goin down


it's overshare

i know


was a nice one but


"shutup jenny"


i only get to talk till th drugs run out Black

you shut th **** up


"you still dont wanna talk while we're straight ?"

and let ppl talk to my testicles
and vice versa

i dont think so


i saw melissa
while i was singin in th fortitude valley street

did i mention that online ?

"cant remember"
"cant be ****ed to look it up"

never mind

last time i bopped thru th

fortitude valley

i didnt sing a note

just unicycle slides


havent sung there since

may never again

'she wont let me ****'

she was seventeen when we were together paulie
give er a break

we werent entirley honest with er then

"or now"

cmon man
bein honest with a chick is a waste of time

"weird condition"

yeah but i wrote it all down

deborah coleman
'dont lie to me'

havin a break at dom's party

on th verandah
havin a fag

doin th

reality of rock n roll

is ya end th night with a glorious wank after a final joint and a
good laugh

did ya clock her face paulie ?

"yeah was funny"

didnt paul hester say it first ?

"that his name ?"

wot popped out of memory

"not real reliable then"

i dunno

it sees forward far enough for my tastes

"memory isnt based on time"


had chicks hangin off me
in th street
tellin me

i **** six women

ya cant beat that


was ****in any of em


i fell off th horse recently

paid a visit to versace lady

her orgasms

and mine with her

still amazing but

somethin missin

'i need you tonight'(extended)

not really
i can lick my boy clitty

still get off


"wot set you off ?"

hang on


i'm determined to stay un****able
"wont last, never does"


"just makes em wanna see yur party trick"

same rules as before

two chicks in my bed ****in me

then i show you


last one who
promised somethin to see it
didnt pay

i been a street entertainer

five years

i know how it works


just my care factor is so low

not in th street

ridin a unicycle

after midnight

for th reasons you think i am


headin to a street corner
to sing with a mate


not enough singers in th street

to whet my appetite paulie

rather travel to wombles house

and follow his guitar

he dont hate it anymore

****in keyboard player

i'm a kadaitcha man
i sing background

singer of my tribe

doesnt matter if no cunt listens

when i point th bone

and sing

th ****ers still die


walked in
wombles door


for th bbq

everyone else has left

he's got

black fella's

on th tv


les higgins

i thanked him for his courtesy

made me

the lethal kadaitcha man of kuta

feel right at home

a lovely host

'rockin rocks'

i have many happy memories

i wrote them down

i told some tales

at a couple of different parties

"you oughta write a book"

i have


laid in th doorway of a nightclub

will i ever tire ?

of saying it


i see a better year
for me

in 2006


i had a stab at


many problems

before this xmas
just gone

'black velvet stallion'

went offline for a month and

just lived

no diary at home even

well two pages

not bad for a month

sometimes i write eight in a day

i only want

one snippet

a chunk fromt h future to fall out

that i can see

**** you cunts


just five percent of th future


i'm gettin too much


january 23 or 24

not know why

cant tell ya

and i'll be back offline

you never listen to me


too scattered

you tryin doin what i do


cant help ya
once little brother gets back from his beach holiday

two weeks
i'll have a pension check in my hot little hands

and th cunt did abuse me
i have good time with my counsellour session

after new year


i go into my
after xmas purge this year

much stronger

in body mind and spirit


ppl keep judgin by five minutes

i;ve spent
43 years on th job

i still have trouble

understanding me


oh yeah

i hit th redcliffe skatebowl

xmas eve


rode straight in and

straight over th combing

down th wall and

saw many jaws drop

BLACK written down my side

one percenter dirty jeans

no helmet

no safety gear

jumped over th far wall

first time

easy as

first attempt at it

beauitful slide down th wall
nicely caught

got ont op of th fun box

and turned around

and back down

no fall

and not ****in small

my attitude firmly in place

dont wanna talk to you cunts

you ride girls bikes

or is it me ?

th girls convinced

it takes more pills

to ride th back of a motorcycle

tend to agree

but i am a bit female


you can beat
any ****ing problem


if yur talented
ya strike jealousy everywhere

if yur also an empath
it's gunna ****in hurt ya

wot doesnt kill ya

who gives a **** about

the offspring
'walla walla'

hey man

did ya

like the

maybe some day
ya meet aman like me

and i drop in my

i got a big dick line

why shouldnt i be ****in proud of it

**** our world's gettin strange

it's like a skinny girl

cant be proud she's not a

fat bitch



****in strange world we live in


barbie girl is not anorexic


"alright jennifer stop defending yur sister"

it was er mother

stealers wheel
'stuck in the middle with you'

i havent forgotten ya nana


wal proposed to lil sis on xmas day

happy as a pig in shit


look wal

i said

clayton's got a cunt in im

proves he belongs in th family

look around ya

i dont see anyone

who aint got a cunt in em


this chick in th street
screamin at one of my black mates singin he's a girl

screamin he aint got a cunt

in th street

i bet he does sister

i bet he does

have a cunt in im

i listen to 'is lyrics


me and barbie girl's old lady

have mellowed

she tellin me

who she's put in hospital

nah babe

i just kill em

makes me wet

pj harvey
'long snake moan'
violent femmes
'give me the car'

th violent femmes were fightin
at waynies party

on december 23

jen's bought herself a
miniture harley

for xmas

told her man

she'd look good on a real hog

specially with her girlfriend on th back

he chucked a wobblie

rather see er on soemthin

japanese i think

not altogether sure

nah man

i see harley


other lady friend of hers

her dad owns a harley bike shop


miss you

miss you badly


i stopped her drivin that day

she wasnt capable


barbie girl is callin me kutaman now too


i really celebrated this xmas

ruined a coupel for a few ppl

which i felt good about

bout time


how ya goin car
still waitin on yer reply

goin to little brother this time
wont work

tenacious d

have some balls and ****in read yur xmas messages carsten


not as stressed

or as paranoid

cousrse i told im a couple tales

of where and how
i smoked drugs

with other buskers

surfers paradise

he at th river bank

little robbie

in th street

but womble

you have got ads man

named adam

you played kings cross alone

nice tale sharing

we had

just liek me

tryin like shit

to get out

of every relationship i get in

even before gettin in

that chick aint asleep

ah well


you one of five or so ppl

gave me a jumper

in th winter

when i wasnt wearin a shirt

marks you as special ppl


and first busker that stopped me




all th crowd was pushin me to entertain

you taught me


mik wouldnt come oput

wanted to be paid

it's a religion man

and ****

five years singin inth street

my singin voice hasnt suffered

not by a long way

'when love comes to town'

little brother bought his son a karakoe machine for xmas

so he'd have a telly

over on th island

me and his son

son first

both asked

can paulei use it

when he not

so he can sing




**** he hates me


dont blame im though
i would too


jenny's family buyin a karaoke machine

so i can sing

dont worry about it


jenny's car
she was drivin

broke down in barbie girls driveway


98% about

it breaks down in my driveway



paulei doesnt control jenny

nothing controls jenny


"although pot makes ya mellow"
"and stops ya ****in with th weather"

little brother finally copped to
fcukin with th weather

every time kenny
lands a job for em

it pisses down
when they go to do it

"does he listen to himself?"

do i ?


way i figure it brother
if i'm a kadaitcha man
and lethal

and you know i am

you are one too

even if ya are a white boy
massive attack
'enertia creeps'

told this one
to a few hereabouts

in three or four generations

we all be


it's where we live

all be dark skinned



i dont want

john howard to say sorry

all i want him to say is

th oath of allegiance to australia

i am an aboriginal australian

anyone who cant

can **** off as long as i'm concerned

anyone who can
is a real australian

dont tel me yur

asian australian

or anglo australian or

lebansese australian

all i care about is

are you australian

and that's what you better ****in answer

if th kadaitcha man if kuta

asks where you come from


rememeber i'm lethal


like i can forget



thank you queen elizabeth

i like what th british have done with australia

we lead th world in enough fields

magic is just one more


i dont want th british monarchy removed

a monarch can do

what no

elected official

can do


we disagree on one thing jane


i will ask

when i get th chance

for your country's freedom

kevin bloody wilson
'sunday morning'

i promised my little brother

if a meteor
was gunna land in th pacific

a dinosaur killer

i'd give him six months notice

th guy we were talkin to

was a bit spun

cause i was sayin

no-one ever listens to me but

i did warn of th london bombings

seven days before they hit

and i did say
i sick of

predictin mass death

and gave a return date

six months in th future

one day before

aceh tsunami

dont mind me

just think i'm mad

or quaint or

even take me seriously

just dont tell anybody ok

just be a ****in troll

its only been four years

predicting th future

**** human beings are dumb


bainsey is one of us
got a change in his mouth

now we just have to find him another freak

to breed with

"dont meddle"

i'm th witchsmeller pursuisant

th bitches cant hide from me


would never lay

with anything that wasnt a witch
you know that lara


look at is kids

all lost in it


and you're carryin one of em

easy star all stars
'track 4'


clocked a


house or somethin

then a pretty girl with black hair

next suburb

he clocked a


house or somethin

and another pretty girl with black hair
popped up

funny coincidence

didnt wanna see anything in it

if i'd gone out with hayley
pretty goth girl

and been as much in love with her

as you were

you just having returned
from around oz trek

by motorcycle and car and

****in everythin else

yeah man
i dont see much in it either

you'll see it

love ya

and her

want both of you


"and me"

you stay out of this

city high
'what would you do'

i think we're an incestuous family

th girls keep grabbin each others tits

it's rubbed off

all th boys are doin it too

everyone still
tryin to figure out jenny/paulie

jenny's sixteen
BLACK is about 25

th numbers dont add up



hey mlm mlm girl

rock spider said he knew you


wot's my bother ?

it aint th motorcycle club

we both faced em

they let us in

gave us both respect

and i'm sorry i talked about it

BLACK's gotta cunt of a sense of humour

bailed and left me

facin knives and guns and

her old bike club


no way

went upstairs after th old man topped th old lady

to top im

i face this

they were nice to us


when did i go girlie ?

with melissa


brown belt with a black tip



doesnt look violent
far from it

looks delicate



just let down


will you tell your professor father i wrote th book

that he bugged th piss out of me about


had yur arm around a girl

afte rme

yur arm around a

really effeminite guy

ina leather jacket

didnt like my


femal bouncer at a country club

me and bobbie used to commentate
when she beat shit out of th guys


i married er

melissa stopped calling


last cone

was a brief


back online

i'll not subject you

to my testicles talking


without a decent buffer

there's lots more happened in th last month and yeah

if i explored last month

which i haven written much about

i;d show you

much of

next month

which hasnt happened yet

for every action

there is an equal and opposite reaction


in th psychic world

dont care what you think

care that it works

i proved it for me

i can wait a hundred years

i'll still b here

wendy mathews
'the day you went away'

too psychic

to trained psychic

to take unawares

pay a heavy porice but

my death

i'll see

in graphic detail

before it happens

and have to live with it

at least six months

what i get for training it

worth it but

impresses th shit out of my girlfriends

i pull in th drive

why sad beautiful lady ?

wanna wash yur car

looking good matters

cant find th carsponge

i'll just grab th one i bought

on th way here

instead of buyin ya chocolate

if i cook some nice asian food

will you eat it ?

it's good enough to love and live with

it doesnt need

anybody elses


and that's

how you become magic


be anal about it


no secrets


anything is possible

"and th truth shall set you free"


infinitely large universe

i buld with a infintely small particle

world constructed in opposites

reality made from


reality made out of bullshit

cant talk about it


doesnt make sense then

go figure

einstein was kinda right


most money spent on


wizard called harry potter

i'm a real potter

make pottery ocarinas

with real magic


cause it's








ultrasensitive at large


i jacked down th sensitivity

still lethal but

i dont strike

pre emptively anymore

rickie lee jones
'on saturday afternoons in 1963'

hi mum



uncle genie
tellin stories

about how psychic yur mum was

yeah ok

but mum

was yur blood money curse

dropped th twin trade towers seven days later

and all in server logs


i'd rather they didnt fight mum

i want th infinite resources

endless leand

above my head

if they dont kill me

i'll get em

'milk shake'

ya meet me in th flesh

you see



a cunt

massive veins
muscles and

no fear

but you talk

to jennifer

most ppl
includin kuta lady

who gave me this song

dont remember th conversation

doesnt add up

in th mind

girls in th street
scream at me to put a top on

i had a jesus beard till yesterday

they thinkin i'm a girl

dancin on my unicycle

so funny

it's all about balance


becoming a zen master is easy

living with it can be ****ed


i unicycle in th surf


and just catch some ****in waves
without a ****in camera chasin me

"yeah right"

do re mi
'man overboard'(remix)

i speak with you again online diary
when kuta provides

with love and shit



lethal kadaitcha man of kuta

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