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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level?

How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level? - Physics Forum

How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level? - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-24-2005, 11:03 PM
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Default How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level?

As I posted on Nov. 10 12 : 01, the temperature 70 degrees C is
physiological temperature that kills almost all species of living
creatures. It is called denaturation of native organic protein chains.
In standard texts today, they say when protein chains fold or crank
three dimensionally it is denaturation. Particle physicists are quite
ignorant in organic carbon chemistry. So they do not know what happens
in chain conformations of protein molecules built in organic living
tissues when denatured.

Protein chains are built by single bonds linking between every amino
acids, so their folded chains or cranked chains can be readily restored
to their initial straight chain conformation. However denatured organic
tissue never returns back to its initial state. It signifies the
standard text today tells false stories.

The vital force disappears from living cells when denatured. Do you
know what is the vital force of living creatures? Perhaps your all the
particle physicists would not know that. It is the most mysterious
force of the nature to drive the associated molecular system of carbon
based organic polymers and water molecules to have self-metabolizing
capability by taking up solar energy. Then is the force a kind of
energy? No! This vital force is not a physical entity possible to
understand with our human knowledge. It is impossible for human being
to create even a single living cell perhaps forever, nor can make dead
organic living cells live. But we can only kill them by denaturing
them. Eggs exposed in such physiological temperature 70 degrees C
completely lost their vital force so chickens can never be hatched from

Protein molecules like egg white dissolved in water have to have
naturally straight chain conformation due to a large number of water
molecules attached on every CONH segment of their molecular chains,
associating linearly to form bio-water chains. Denaturation is to strip
off bio-waters from CONH segments of protein chains, according to Dr.

It is a plain truth protein chains cannot exist as a single chain in
living organic cells or tissues except water soluble protein chains
like egg white. Allegedly Linus Pauling used quantum theory to analyze
chemical bonds from basic principles and applied this concept to
determine characteristic structures in proteins. He concluded foolishly
it might have a helical conformation or a pleated sheet conformation.
This chemist with the background of quantum theory knew nothing except
hydrogen bonding force between internal protein chains, and never
regarded that the protein chain cannot lonely exist as a single chain
to perform a solo motion, but forming bundles with their neighbors in
real living tissues. In addition, he disregarded living body is
constituted with more than 70 wt. % of water. This overwhelming portion
of water content is unlike ordinary waters filled in an animal skin
bag. Almost of them are physically associated to the polar segments of
protein molecules as bio-waters.

Thus this misled primitive conformation of protein chains was inherited
to successive young Ph. D candidates in that field, parroting it for a
half century. Then what brought about this parroted result today? It is
believed protein chains have three stages of molecular conformation,
the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure. However,
these structures are all incorrect except primary structure. It
signifies all the physicists and chemists today know nothing about the
physical character of protein molecules, except only chemical
components. It is just like they do not know about the physical
character of water molecules but only its chemical components. It
signifies in turn that present life science is full of nonsense because
it never takes account for critical actions of water molecules with an
exceptional polarity in living organic system. How pity and funny!

According to Dr. Yoon's text, ([Only registered users see links. ]) any oligo-protein
chains (young proteins) attach a large number of bio-water chains on
their every polar segments, so they are soluble in water when made
fresh. Thus they are possible to be transported to the cell site where
needed, and then build gel crystals there due to bio-water chains
linking laterally between external CONH groups of protein chains
arranged in parallel, and further molecular chain growth takes place.
It says, protein chains have always linear straight chain conformation
in living organic tissues.

Dr. Yoon proved this gel crystal structure by observing animal tissues
under crossed polarizers, which showed clear optical birefringence
image with 4 extinction bands. When the specimen was denatured by heat,
he could observe these optical image disappeared immediately. The gel
crystal was destroyed. It is written in Dr. Yoon's MRS symposium
preceeding vol.174 (1990) and also in his text page 194-198
([Only registered users see links. ]. net). newedana wrote

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Old 11-25-2005, 02:42 PM
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Default How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level?

[Only registered users see links. ] wrote:

Denaturation means causing a protein to fold into a structure other
than the native 3-D conformation.
[Only registered users see links. ]

Not all species of living creatures are killed by 70 C temperatures.
Some thrive at up to 140 C. Why are their proteins not denatured?
[Only registered users see links. ]

BTW, 'crank' is not in the biochemistry lexicon as a verb to describe
the actions of *molecules* - just as a noun to describe unqualified
people who are convinced of 'truths' that can be easily demonstrated
(by qualified people) to be false.

That may be so, but it is rude and counter-productive to describe your
audience with offensive words such as "ignorant." "Unaware" may be a
better word choice, and the sentence should not be such a sweeping
generalization. There may be particle physicists reading this that are
also educated in biochemistry. It makes you sound like a bigot. It
would be better to qualify your remark as "Particle physicists are
often quite
unaware of organic carbon chemistry. "

Now *that* is just plain wrong. Denaturing proteins often involves the
breaking or making of 'cross-links' (a word borrowed from the polymer
industry). These are interchain or intrachain bonds, often involving
disulfide linkages between cysteine units.

'Denaturing' describes what happens to the polypeptides. The cells
themselves *die.* Cells are not 'denatured.' 'Vital force' has never
been operationally described in biology or biochemistry, let alone
reproducibly measured.

No, they don't, and neither do the biologists, biochemists, or
chemists, because no definition has been proposed that would allow
independent investigators to reproducibly identify its presence in a
system or quantify its amount.

We empirical scientists focus primarily on those things which we can

Now you are just getting ridiculous: 'self-metabolizing' water
molecules? Your world-view would deny that the denizens of the ocean
floor that concentrate around thermal springs are alive (excuse me:
possess 'vital force') because they get no *solar* energy.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

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Old 11-27-2005, 10:21 AM
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Default How can NaCl dissolve in water? Can Any one explain this phenomenon in molecular level?

>Mr. Tadchem! You are right! there can exist such kind of microbes according to Dr. Yoon's physics. In his text of page 190, he tells that needle leaf of high plant has a much shorter chain length of bio-waters associated in its gel crystal structure than those associated in that of broad-leaf plants, so the former is more resistive than the later at a lower temperature.... Binding strength of water molecules in building bio-water is temperature-sensitive,.... so the shorter the chain length of bio-water in the gel crystal the more stable is its structure against the temperature change. It signifies that your high temperature resistive microbes must be built with a specific type of gel crystal with the shortest chain length of bio-waters.

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