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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

say it in (broken door handles)

say it in (broken door handles) - Physics Forum

say it in (broken door handles) - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 06-28-2005, 02:04 AM
The Manager
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Default say it in (broken door handles)

Subject: say it in (broken door handles)
Newsgroups: bigpond
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Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 17:05:08 +1000
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say it in (broken door handles)

ah yeah g'day
"hi ****head"
music on


a perfect circle
'3 libras'


fixed th door handle on th right front of
"get sick of climbin over th passenger seat ?"

idiot gave me th wrong one

"a rear'

put it in in his carpark

"special tool ?"

screwdriver jammed in th right socket
"ah special ford door handle tool"




"dinner ?"
yur drinkin it




"not washin th car now ?"


just ate yur net budget
"i dig it"


was givin me th shits

still gotta hold th key to access th door



kylie minogue

"shutup kylie"


"u seen some australian boys today"
can ya tell ?


ryan saw a pig bike come down today
lucky bugger

"we saw a dickless tracy fall flat on her arse last saturday night"
yeah that was good

while we were singin wasnt it ?

funny as


aus suburbia


"what's a puncena ?"


little girls who ride cycles with two wheels


****in girls


"here's mud in yur eye"
"bourbon anyway"


more drugs over here


'theres more to life than this'

yur jokin right


and breathe out

breathe out i said

scuse i...


"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh"




i'm mailin th broken one to ford this time
i've had enough


so they can dispose of it
sure they designed em to break


**** em
"fcuk em"


"how's th pressure in th unicycle tyre?"
good enough


"slides ?"
**** yeah


"<<< smile >>>"
"gunna be a fun night"


no i'll have a black one thanks

bill hicks
'back to the garden'

which just proves that windows is psychic

or at least aware right ?


"yeah right"


i'm laughin anyway
havent heard it in a while


"how aware is it ?"
caught my hack of th front end
back in win 95 b

"we came in sideways ?"
i guess
hackin explorer
askin questions

green day
'time of your life'

volume up
i know it's called somethin else


singin later i think


"Takin th wizard character to th stretes"
escaped from my diary


anybody who ever was anybody
in history
wrote a diary

"can i be a toe tag?"
a perfect circle

th back door still doesnt open
from th outside

i figure th firies can break th windows

to get me out

probly die
under a taxi on a unicycle

statistically though


and yeah
i keep

drinkin bourbon behind th wheel

it's just

somethin cracked inside

somethin about bein australian


"and a wizard"


average typical australian male


"slidin thru th posts on a unicycle thru th nightclubbers"


pj harvey

dont give up


doin some early
warm up stretches

goin flyin on th unicycle


"tryin to find th right attitude to take out with us"
"you know"


**** off


"do me a backflip"


"oh ya answered me already"
you do me a backflip

who's th ****in wizard here ?


"whose voice we copyin tonight ?"


"and how many ppl we sing with ?"


wont last forever
"all th more reason to enjoy it"


"let me ride on his grace for a while"
"just singin along"


supposed to be a harmonizer


think smooth
if wanna attack th posts
and do th wild slaloms


"and smoke heaps of ganga"

the red hot chilli peppers
'track no 05"
"i got a bad disease"

ingestion is better


not if i ride my wheel


good evening
i'll be yur out of it host

if ya cant find me
just stop

and sit down
i'll come past




"welcome to brisvegas"


night life


"still daylight"

hey i'm awake




couple of pretty girls i'm supposed to bump into tonight

not bothered

i'll meet a few regardless


**** life's hard

bill hicks
'the elite'

****in pudknocker
stick to yur two wheeled girls bikes


you'll get over it

alex lloyd
'lucky star'

yeah it's all luck isnt it ?
no ****in hard work

or thousands of hours of practise


you'll be lucky
like th two guys last week

who got a lift into th valley from th city

with th wizard

"hey man u got a sound system"

and unicycles all over th seats
let me move these for ya's


"i got some petroleum jelly for jennifer two"
"to make her bearings wet"




th unicycle is drippin on th passenger seat


"wet girlfriend"


<<< smile >>>


"dont forget th spare mp3 player batteries"
chock full of lovely
pirated music

<<< smile >>>

**** ya


pirate pants are clean
yellow towel has had a wash

limo had some maintenance

been to th pub


thing about singin background
is yur out there

singin yur own thing

outside th mix


"and then go round th corner and sing lead with rock spider"


it's easier to sing along
with th words

'roll right by you'

take th hard way thru
it's a little more



"go round th posts"
"and th ppl"
"th hardest way ya can see"

flyin on one wheel
"flyin alright"
"****ed out of our everlovin gourds"

yeah verily


that opened up th lungs
"had to switch to background"

"<<< Smile >>>"


"ok guit ar practise"


"ya changed it"
"went mid range and"
"eyes closed"

"left hand nails need trimmin"
bad hand

music unpause

'push th little daisies'

i dunno
th lyrics ar comin a bit slow


"on one bourbon and two cones"
there is that


"but we can rebuild him"


"u tuned th axe bright"
mabe that was it


hold it in

let it go


nice song

do re mi
'new taboos'

"we gunna get felt up by a guy tonight ?"
just normal


"ok ten bucks says we see beth tonight"
yur on


side bet

ten bucks says

we see neither karen or beth

"i'll take that"


"five bucks says we see jane"
no way




my hair's all growed back


"fully sic wild again"


"got told off by an audience member"
"For puttin th helmet back in th car"
"last saturday night"
"overheatin somethin chronic"

"with th sharkfin hat"

"allowed it wasnt th same"

the offspring
'have you ever'



still get told tales


"screwed in th doorway of a nightclub"
ok it's a rockstar thing ok


happy now ?


"had sex on th floating bridge"


with jane
will u go away?


first weekend of autumn
birthday soon


****head brother

'the teachers are afraid of th pupils'

family do sunday
with ex montissory teacher auntie
"ex hippie"

mentioned his birthday
and my cousins
and my other cousins

a three way birthday celebration

hey ****head

mine's before yours

"he really wants us to come"
wants me to take his son home

and i refused to go to th art exhibit

"pulled a sensitive artist"

i can


"waddya mean i always had nice legs ?"
"As a girl or a guy ?"
"no wait"

"i dont wanna know"


got yurself in a mess there jenny
"ah well"
"mad cousin"


now if my ****in uncle
hadnt married his blood cousin

after they both had kids

we'd all be a lot more comfortable


i'll arrive stoned as usual
so leave some in th bowl jenny
"ok man"
"i got a sedate saturday night planned"

yeah right

'special needs'

she used to read my online diary
i'd spike it with
things to attract a reaction

they;d bite and
stop readin

it's a diary
easier to read if yur not in it

my mind
readin my mind

if you get bitten
dont blame me

yur choice


like karen says
i liek playin mind games

and too many felt free
to tell tales

of my wild and sordid past
even on th radio

used to ring him for tales

i can tell my own tales
least my perspective

and at least get yur ****in facts straight

no woman ever
close to me

woulda nudged one of my testicles
with her toe

cause little paul
woulda thrown her thru th window

know me before ya tell bullshit tales


talk about yur own ****in life

'drain you'

"the testicles would have had to have been"

"well drained man"
"even then"
"these are paulie's testicles"

they just dont got my perspective do they ?



yeah man
you know me real well

why do i ride th guts out of a unicycle ?
and what am i on a pension for ?


paulie from th farm



foo fighters
'learn to fly'




friday afternoon
time to was th car


i might not work anymore

but ya can still feel th ppl

kickin back into th weekend

time for me to go to work

flyin on my unicycle

puttin smiles on dials

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