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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

primitive aliens ( no interest )

primitive aliens ( no interest ) - Physics Forum

primitive aliens ( no interest ) - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 06-28-2005, 02:05 AM
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Default primitive aliens ( no interest )

Subject: primitive aliens ( no interest )
Newsgroups: bigpond
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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 19:33:52 +1000
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primitive aliens ( no interest )

that was a long sleep

paulie was a bit pissed last night

gummint came thru
five hundred dollars interest free

just gotta get my head together
and go visit th post office
they'll take th car registration payment

do re mi
'new taboos'

ok windows


lost th lights program
while on th net

maybe xp needs another reboot


do re mi
'big accident

$340 for six months
so th gummint can keep tabs on me in my vehicle

plates on th front and rear
identifying me

long as i stay in my car

they dont need plates on me


soon as i park th car
and join th throng

i become anonymous again

under the many many cameras
they have strung around th city


im payin it
nearly a month early

presidents of th united states
'naked and famous'

and to think i used to be a one percenter


so i have drugs on this good day
and i've rejoined th human race

a loan over my head
albeit a small one

interest free

th stress levels are lower


just waitin for my brain to wake up
c'mon brain
it's two o clock

the red hot chilli peppers
'track no02'

"put it in you"


we'll see


time for another birthday cigar


karen wants to do a proper beach shoot
"on th big beach'
i aint goin otherwise


shower time


much better

butthole surfers

"wet stuff paulie"


"dont forget"


"welcome to wednesday wiz"




i dont like th new bong


"used to make one a day at th farm"


i paid my drivers license a day late
no extra fee

but th car rego
they slug ya ten percent if yur a day late

****in gummint

'sunday bloody sunday'

automatic fine

a $41 reinstatement fee

they've got us ****ed


and as usual
we turn around en masse
lubricate our arseholes

and take it


time to take th limo for a drive
and pay another six months
so i can drive it legally for a time

with plates front and rear
so they can identify th car easily

u gunna make me wear a crash helemt at th piss trough next ?


'highway to hell'

ok i bought ya somethin for th bath
dont give it to lee this time


the land surfer dude's car is paid up to october

rock on


just consume a few drugs

janes addiction
'jane says'

g'day sweetheart


see ya tomorra


"wot about jane ?"
maybe over easter


can i keep my hands off jane's cute arse ?


there's a book and a bath waiting

system of a down
'chop suey'

smoke break


bath smells nice again

'clint eastwood'

makin dinner and wanderin th house in a sarong...



little brother has come home
it's much later

he's goin out to dinner with a girl
<<< smile >>>


gunna sit in th garden at dusk
and throw some water on th grass
it's brownin off

autumn winds have grown strong


6.30 pm
time for a hair of th dog that bit me

a bourbon



david essex
'rock on'

now a little marijuana


"tight arse"


chasin music for a coupel lady friends soon
better put my thinking cap on


jen 3 unicycle still sits on th passenger seat of th falcon
jen 2 across th back seat


the red hot chilli peppers
'track no05'

"i got a bad disease..."


wanna download some new flyin music for th unicycle


"boy's bike'
yeah not a ****in two wheeled girls bike

****in pussies


cant stand em


go and play on yur safety bicycles somewhere else
preferably in private

i find it a bit


ya sit down to pee man


th apprenctie and i were ridin on sunday
he on a girls bike
two wheels

a mountain bike
and stuffin our rides thru th gardens

i found a well disguised hole
buried under th vegetation

two wheels goes thru it
one wheel doesnt

do re mi
'after th volcano'
it was a big hole

think i mighta said

britney spears at th time


just amblin along
thru th garden bed
ridin in th

succulent plants
such as they are


no unicycle under me

excuse i

i got a ****in hole problem

just took out th wheel

stop laughin at me ya little ****
yur on

****in girl


we were ridin past th girls

black eyed peas
'05 shut up'

they were tellin us how cool

i;ve heard this before

th apprentice was
wot are they on about ?

i was in th garden bed at th time

takin a long cut round a tree
and waited till i returned to th path to say

they're girls man

no lady
that was cooler

got an appreciative squeel

so i left a litle rubber on th concrete path
couple of small slides

acceleration burnouts

come on mate
let's go out th end of th jetty



like th grass banks
with th white sand on concrete bases

at th redcliffe board walk

it's a bit in feel
like droppin into a bowl

dean's been practisin

put his uni up for sale
got three ppl interested in it

he's buyin a muni

mountain unicycle

he's gettin a bit big for a toy

a perfect circle
'the hollow'

we need a pool man

maybe next summer

operant conditioning

let's find out what we can do on em


th lip has a steel combing

slippery from all th bicycle tyres

very little traction

th unicycle wheel slips

drops into th bowl

"committed now"

a slide down th

till th pace
equals th rotational speed of a
tractive tyre

then turn into th slide
and ride off th trick

scary as
first time

david essex
'rock on'

try a travellator man


left knee is in complaining mode again

thought it was better

had a stack with my nephew

his pedal took out mine

said that one was an accident

jarred th knee

was a stiff launch

th knee was up to
a thirty k fly on th wheel

but not to
high g impacts

i got tossed pretty far
landed on my feet

but not pretty




yur supposed to know where i am


cut him off a few times after that
brought th blood to th boil

eventually we both smiled again

maybe thirty seconds later ok

we dont carry it too far
too many smiles to see


nearly took th mountain bike out
from th rear wheel

if i'd had a couple more k's of inertia stored

he woulda been down

hit it on a beautiful clean angle
and th deflection was kind to me

all th balances lined up ya dig
and it kicked his wheel out of sync

but he got two
gyro's spinning

ah well

bit more pace young man
and i woulda thrown ya

yothu yindi
'romance at garma'

'would buckled his wheel anyway"
ah no
it did that

oh yeah

his front tyre popped

bout two k's shy of th car
so he travelled on a flat back to th car

hey wait up for me
couldnt keep up with th solo wheel


<<< smile >>>

"dont **** with th wizard little man"

"ya know better"

the black eyed peas
'latin girls'

locked myself out of th car
th other week

hit up th subway shop
for a plastic strap
for th cartons

and was in th car within five minutes
of findin myself locked out

it's happened before

comes with th territory
mixin drugs and performance

as usual though
no problems at all

ridin into a shop on a unicycle

walk in
can you help me break into my car ?
by supplying me with a piece of plastic strap

no worries

<<< smile >>>




ah a clean environment
ctrl alt delete
wot we got running ?


i dont think so

end process

found another one i didnt liek th look of
and terminated it too

if i **** up
then maybe i need to do another reboot

i aint that much of a newbie though


we're goin exploring where th wild viruses thrive
has everybody clocked th
wot's runnin in our computer now ?

before we log on to th net

every now and then

i go into
that mad microsoft creation

the registry

and delete a bunch of

runonce and run entries

even with th update
xp struggles

and occasionally
th toolbar repair tool that lives on my desktop

comes to th rescue yet again

cause it wont load explorer

i've written explorer hacking tools

i dig it


set th controls for th heart of th sun
and hope th computer hasnt gone senile
at least pray it's not running windows




oh good

thank **** for that

system test successful

you have five minutes to figure out how to
override th overrides
and successfully fly th ship into th sun

figure that you have an alien fleet attacking you
and you carry a secret that they must not get
at any cost

your test begins now...


later pudknocker


th wizard of nuthin



th world really is a shithole
but with really good drugs
it can look rosie for a time...


happy pirating

<<< wicked ****in smile >>>


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