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sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer)

sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer) - Physics Forum

sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer) - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 06-27-2005, 10:14 PM
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Default sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer)

Subject: sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer)
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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 03:29:07 +1000
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sorry im late (confessions of a street entertainer)

"i dont get it"
"how does it work ?"

he's just singin away
got em spellbound with his virtuosity
or the drugs and th episs and finally started workin

and i roll in on the unicycle
crash into the wall
sit down

look up
and say

sorry im late
and just start singin background

"and he goes"
"that's alright"
"even though you've both done it twenty times that night"


something like that

"does it work ?"

does it matter ?

"but five times in one night"
"with different buskers is unusual ?"
would be at the moment


id roll in to sing with robbie
with a surfboard under arm

boppin away on th unicycle
ppl would yell out

you goin surfin man ?
was fun to pull up
and sing with a busker mate
and lean your surfboard against the wall

and then try to find a place for the unicycle
so that ppl wont trip over it


big heavy guys
fighting in the street falling on you
is one of the risks that buskers just dont tell ya about

they aren't attacking you
they are falling on you

and on some occasions

ladies fighting
do the same damn thing

im sittin cross legged
playin a bongo
and singin girlie

and this ****in chick
lands in my lap
goin off at this bitch
and how she's gunna ****in do her and shit

guy im singin with
is laughin at me
she was good lookin
and there are an awful lot of actors in the street

not in the league of the faller though
he got womble
got him good

i got the slapfall like everybody else
but umm

i had caught the three falls he'd done
comin down the footpath
and the havoc he was leavin behind him

"wasn't his grilfriend wet ?"
she was havin a ****in good time


"so ya gotta giggle back at him ?"
ya might say that


im singin with robbie
this redheaded chick
sits down next to me

and sings along

after a bit
she pulls out this joint

now robbie and i
are workin the cab rank at surfers paradise
ya gotta captive crowd
and if they go off

it drags the streetwalkers along
ya get a free bunch of spruikers
if ya dig it ?

so there's a stack of ppl
nuthin else to do

this joint is massive

think six inches

asks if i smoke
does the pope shit in the woods ?

lights up

has a big hit
hands to me
i have a big hit
robbie looks over

i've gone quiet
i'm holdin a six inch joint
burnin just nice
and offerin it to him

he stops playin
we all smoke it
sittin there
with the cabrank watchin

fully half of em smoked
heard a couple of mutterings
but ya know
not one walked over and went

hey man , can i have a toke ?
it's all it would have taken

that a few testicles

sweetest joint in the street ever

the three of us laughed our heads off
nodded to the coppers

i got back on the unicycle
break over
picked up my surfboard

put it up on one hand
and started flyin the surfboard in
the seabreeze
th wrong way down the one way street

i gotta leave man
the cops have spotted me

no shit
i was in a copchase earlier

this is gunna be fun

sirens on
and pull me over
right in front of terry

self confessed
stand up street comedian

we were both gigglin about it
as it was happening
i mean really

chasin a unicycle with a big bad police car
with the siren on

and even then
ya didn;t book me for anything

he doesn;t like me that guy
have we done him before ?


pull up to sing with womble
with two hot coffees
id gotten from the hot coffee van

womble liked crashes
and i'd milk em

just step off the unicycle as i came level
and maybe give it a kick

and run down to a stop
and just hand over his coffee unspilt
sit down

and he'd launch back into the song he was singin
and id slip into background


street background
which is

sing the same
not over the top
if ya can help it
but alongside

cause there's LOTS of noise
and ya have to get above it

just to be heard


sing with more than one busker
if you're ever thinkin about it

or for the adventurous

try robert james
in the street at surfers paradise
and sing background
to mozart


al was singin on the corner

i rolled in
sat down
started beltin along with al

he gave me a grin
we got on

punter steps outta the crowd
starts abusin me
where are my ****in sunglasses ?

al wears sunnies
and plays under the lights

this night though
i left the sunnies behind

had to borrow a pair
and we went to back to
harmonizing on a theme

cause he couldn;t remember the ending
and we were bullshitting it

all ya need to know is the first two paras
and they've walked on
and it's a crap song

and you ****in stop

and that's when i go
play me somethin ya love man
original if you've got it

i wanna fly
never really stoned till i've flown

get to the end of the song
and i go

what ****in crowd ?

that was a good song

on ya dom...


hope you had a lovely weekend too

........the land surfer.......
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