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Wave Function Manipulation Experiments

Wave Function Manipulation Experiments - Physics Forum

Wave Function Manipulation Experiments - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 12-27-2004, 11:07 PM
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Default Wave Function Manipulation Experiments

summary of what I'm talking about in
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(a web copy of "Why Copenhagen Interpretation is Wrong" message)

The following is some experiments where a wave function
manipulator (known generally as healer) can affect cell cultures
in scientific experiments. For maximum effect, I think the
manipulator must use the right energy window that can program
the wave function. This differentiates between effective healers
and those general ones who just think (or pray) and don't impart
the right energy. The key is knowing the right energy that can
modify the wave function. Of course this is just a hypothesis I
deducted after decade of experiences with actual healers.
Also from common sense. If cell expressions can be affected
nonconventionally, the mechanism of actions are the electrons,
so the deduction is one can affect the quantum probability cloud
of electrons that can dictate expressions by modifying the wave
function. Remember the water crystal experiments. Unless proven
not true. I believe wave function is programmable or has
hidden-variables that need deeper theory in quantum physics as
hinted by de Broglie, Bohm, Bell.

Physical healing needs many cellular, biochemical,
electromagnetic and possibly wave function mediated mechanisms.
I'm focusing on the role of intent which may impart wave
function compatible energy. This brings up the topic of
consciousness. Von Neumann, who set up mathematical foundation
of quantum physics using "Hilbert space" is the first one to
suggests an active role for the observer's consciousness.
Consciousness being possibly some kind of modulator of the wave
function. So it's not weird to talk about consciousness when it
is stuff of quantum physics. If physicists can believe in
electrons existing not as particles but quantum probability wave
until measured. What's so strange about collective waves that
produce a morphogenetic field or holofield that is the wave
function correlates of the biological body, and the purpose
of healing being to reprogram them or bring them back to their
original state or primary programming. Prove me wrong and
I'll stop posting.

Glen Rein shared in Quantum Biology:

Manipulators - James)

In an attempt to verify the phenomenon of energetic healing,
nearly all scientific studies have been limited to
phenomenological observations about the efficacy of healers to
influence biological systems. These studies have been hindered
by the numerous and complex factors which can effect the results
of clinical protocols using humans. Although the placebo effect
is the best known, other factors like the emotional state of the
subject and the healer and even their chemical intake (drugs
and/or food) prior to an experiment must be considered. In
addition to these internal factors, external factors like the EM
environment, astrological/ astronomical variations and subtle
energy influences not generated from the healer may also effect
the results. In an attempt to minimize these confounding
variables, several investigators have used non-human targets for
healing energy (Benor, 1990). These studies indicate that
healers can effect biological systems at the organismic level
(animals), at the ce llular level (tissu e culture) and at the
subcellular level (enzymes within cells). These studies indicate
that healers can have direct effects on the body which are not
mediated by the mind (belief system) of the person being healed.

Although the results from these studies demonstrate a wide
spectrum of biological responses to healing energy, the question
of specificity is still unresolved. Due to the profound effects
of the brain/mind to control so many physiological processes,
biochemical communication in the brain was chosen as a
biological endpoint which might mediate the variety of
physiological responses to healing energy. Neuronal transmission
between nerve cells in the brain is mediated by a group of
chemicals called neurotransmitters. The functional properties
of one class of neurotransmitters (the adrenergic nervous system
regulated by the neurotransmitters, doparnine and noradrenaline)
were studied in vivo with mice and in vitro with Mammalian
cultured cells. The animal study (Rein, 1978) involved measuring
the amounts of the neurotransmitters and the cellular study
(Rein, 1986) involved measuring the activity of an enzyme
(monoamine oxidase) which regulates the actual amounts of the
neurotransmitters. Since the author had previously studied the
effects of EM fields on norepinephrine in cultured nerve cells
(Dixey, 1982; Rein, 1987), experiments were conducted to
determine whether healing energy and EM energy shared the same
biological endpoints. The results indicated that both EM fields
and healing energy were able to effect norepinephrine and both
caused quantitately and qualitatively similar biological
responses, eg. enhanced adrenergic neurotransmitter function.
More recent experiments, described above, indicate that
non-Hertzian quantum fields generated from the non-Hertzian
shielding device are also capable of enhancing the same
neurotransmitters in cultured nerve cells (Rein, 1988). These
results support the hypothesis that healing energy is composed
of non-Hertzian fields as well as conventional EM fields.

An alternative approach in studying the healing phenomenon is to
study the healers themselves, rather than the healee or the
target of their healing energy. These studies have measured the
psychological and neurophysiological state of the healer in an
attempt to characterize their state of consciousness. The
neuropsychological approach has been extensively studied by Cade
and Blundell in England using a specifically modified EEG called
the Mind Mirror which displays the relative amounts of beta,
alpha, thet a and delta frequencies from each side of the brain
(Cade, 1979). Different states of consciousness were represented
by characteristic brain wave patterns. Although there was no
universal pattern depicting the "healing state of
consciousness", it could be demonstrated that the person being
healed could acquire the brain wave pattern of the healer,
assurnedly at a point of energy exchange.

Other studies using conventional EEG reveal that the healing
state has different brain wave patterns distinguishing this
state from other alternative states of consciousness like sleep
or hypnosis (Tart, 1969). Preliminary results obtained with
Laskow using conventional EEG at the Biofeedback Institute in
Cotati, CA. indicate that different EEG patterns were obtained
during the specific states of consciousness he is capable of

Kripner (1976) and Cooperstein (1990) have used a psychological
approach to characterize the state of consciousness of healers.
Using specially designed tests, these investigators have defined
several psychological traits associated with different types of
healers, eg. magnetic, spiritual, energetic, etc.

Relatively few studies have attempted to combine the biological
and psychological approachs. Sweet and Myers of Spindrift have
compared two different healing states of consciousness, goal
directed and qualitative (Sweet, 1991). Since qualitative
healing, as they characterize it, is the surrender of one's will
to the will of God, there is no focused intention as in
goal-directed healing. These different states of consciousness
produced different biological effects on the growth of yeast and
seeds. Sweet and Myers conclude that qualitative healing is more
effective, although this interpretation is likely to be
dependent on the particular biological endpoint, since we did
not reach the same conclusion in our results with tumor cells
(discussed below).

In another series of experiments, Rauscher and Rubik examined
the relationship between biological responses and different
healing state of consciousness (Rauscher, 1983). Using a
different biological endpoint, these experiments were designed
to determine whether Laskow could protect bacterial cells in
culture from inhibition induced by an antibiotic (ampicillin).
Using different focuses of consciousness Laskow could either
protect bacteria from the lethal effets of antibiotics or
inhibit their growth in the absence of antibiotics depending
upon his intention.


A). Experimental Protocol

Based on these studies, it was of interest to explore the role
of the consciousness in the holoenergetic healing process and to
correlate different mental content (imagery, intent and thought)
with biological effects in tissue culture. In order to help
verify the hypothesis that the effects are target specific, a
third biological endpoint was chosen. The growth of tumor cells
in culture was chosen because it could be monitored
quantitatively using state of the art biochemical techniques and
was highly relev ant clinically. The protocol involved measuring
DNA synthesis by quantitating it's incorporation of radioactive
thymidine. The rate of cell proliferation was then determined
relative to the total number of cells which were counted in a
hemocytometer. Leonard Laskow shifted into a specific state of
consciousness and mentally and energetically focused on three
petri dishes held in the palm of his hand. Another aliquot of
cells from the same stock bottle was being held simultaneously
by a non- healer in an adja cent room. The non-healer was
reading a book to minimize the interaction of his consciousness
on the cells. Both sets of petri dishes (n--6) were brought back
to the tissue culture hood where they were labelled (blindly)
and scrambled. The author then labelled the cells with
radioactive thymidine and processed them after 24 hrs growth to
measuring cell proliferation. The same exact protocol was also
followed in another parallel set of experiments done with
distilled water contain ed in a plastic lid-sealed t est tube,
instead of cells in a petri dish. This water, as well as control
water, was then used to make statard tissue culture medium which
was then added to the cells at the beginning of the 24 hr.
growth period.

B). Healing States of Consciousness

Laskow explored five different mental intentions some of which
are an integral part of the holoenergetic healing process. He
describes an overall loving state that was maintained throughout
all the experiments, which allowed him to be in resonance with
the tumour cells. The technique for attaining this nonordinary
state is a form of meditation which allows intentional focusing
and cohering of energy. Laskow refers to these intentions as
different contents of consciousness. He distinguishes the
intentions as : 1) returning to the natural order and harmony of
the cell's normal rate of growth, 2) circulating the microcosmic
orbit, 3) letting God's will flow through these hands, 4)
unconditional love and 5) dematerialization.

Laskow describes the psychoenergetic state of consciousness as
follows: I shifted to a 'transpersonal healing state' of
consciousness by using a balancing breath which balanced and
cohered both hemispheres of my brain followed by aligning,
centering, and energizing techniques. These processes produce,
for me, a loving state which allowed my mind to come into
resonance with the tumor cells as I focused on them. While in
this transpersonal loving state I varied the content of my
consciousness to specifically evaluate the differential
influence of changes in mental content on tumor cell growth. We
evaluated five different intentions while I was holding petri
dishes containing tumor cells in my hands for each of the mental

"We were interested in varying what I was intending in my mind
for these tumor cells. The first intent was the focused
instruction that the tumor cells return to the natural order and
harmony of their normal cell line. By normal I meant that the
cells should grow at a normal rate, rather than their present
accelerated tumor cell rate. Another intention was let God's
will flow through my hands, so (in this case) there wasn't a
specific direction given. Unconditional love was giving no
direction at all. When I do healing work, I shift into an
unconditionally loving transpersonal state. While in that
general loving state, superimposed unconditional loving intent
without giving specific direction to the energy".

"I had two forms of dematerialization, one was dernaterialized
into the light and the other one was dematerialized into the
void. I wanted to see whether there was a 'reluctance' on the
part of the cells to go into the unknown. Or is it better to
give them a direction into the light. Obviously, this has import
for people who are doing healing work in terms of giving
direction to tumor cells and energy forms that you want to
release. Is it easier to release them giving them a direction or
releasing them into their potential, but without the light".

C). Experimental Results on Tumor Cells

The results indicate that the different contents of
consciousness could be distinguished in terms of their
biological responses. Of the different intentions studied, only
three showed a significant effect on inhibiting the growth of
the tumor cells. The most effective intention we tried with
tumor cell cultures was "return to the natural order and harmony
of the normal cell line" (39% inhibition). Allowing God's will
to manifest appeared to be only half as effective (21%
inhibition). Under the same experime ntal conditions,
unconditional love neither stimulated or inhibited cell growth.
Its effect was neutral and seemingly accepting of the present
condition. These results have important implications for

The results suggest that certain healing states and contents of
consciousness are more effective than others. As mentioned
above, however, we do not know to what extent these effects are
target specific. It is possible that other intentions would have
been effective if other biological endpoints were chosen. For
example, treating the tissue cultue medium with microcosmic
orbit (41% inhibition) was equally as effective as treating it
with returning the the natural order, although the two focuses
of conscious ness were significantly different when treating the
tumor cells directly. Alternatively, the content and states of
consciousness that were effective in this experiment for Laskow,
may not have been optimal for another healer treating the same
tumor cells. Thus the results may be healer specific. These
questions, however, are amenable to study using cultured cells
in the protocol followed in this study. Future studies will in
fact compare different states of consciousness with different
biologic al experiment s, albeit with one healer, Leonard

D).The Role of Thought, Image and Intent

In these experiments we were interested in further defining the
specific contents of consciousness in order to determine the
relative role of non-focused thought and image as distinct from
intention. These experiments were done by changing the thought
and image content of a given state of consciousness and
determining what the corresponding effect on the growth of the
tumor cells would be. The results indicated that different
biological effects could be observed by just changing the intent
or the imagery as sociated with the healing process but
nonfocused thought had no effect. Thus, while Laskow was in the
microcosmic orbit state of consciousness, the mental image of
visualizing only three cells remaining in the petri dish after
the experiment caused an 18% inhibition of cell growth. On the
other hand, switching the mental image to one where many more
cells were visualized in the dish resulted in an increased
growth of tumor cells (15%). The results are remarkable since
not only could a diff erent biological r esponse be observed by
changing the mental image, but an actual reversal of the
biological process of cell growth was achieved.

We were then interested in determining to what extent intention,
as a focused mental thought, might contribute to the healing
response. This was achieved by Laskow intending and instructing
the cells to "return to their normal order and rate of growth",
while holding no visual image, thus separating intent from
imagery. This experiment can be directly compared with the
previous one, since the microcosmic orbit state of consciousness
was maintained throughout and the previous experiment involved
no conscious ly focused intent. We found that focused intent for
the cells to return to the natural order of their normal growth
rate produced the same inhibitory biological response (20%
inhibition) as did imagery alone.

When we included the intention for the cells to return to the
natural order of the normal cell line together with the imagery
of reduced growth, the inhibitory effect was doubled to 40%.
These results suggest that imagery and intent each contributed
equally in inhibiting the growth of tumor cells in culture.

E). Experimental Results with Water

Since previous studies indicated that healers could influence
the physical/chemical properties of water (Dean, 1975) and that
this energetically charged water could then influence biological
systems (Grad, 1965), we were interested in confirming these
experiments using the above protocol. Specifically, we wanted to
determine whether there were differences in the energetic
patterns associated with different states and contents of
consciousness and whether these patterns could be transferred to
water. If the energetic patterns could be detected in water
using absorption spectroscopy, it might indicate that specific
spectral patterns are associated with different states and
contents of consciousness. The rational for this hypothesis is
based on the reported ability of healers to change the spectral
patterns of water (Schwartz, 199 1). Preliminary experiments
with Laskow, indicated he could non-specifically alter the Raman
spectra of water charged holoenergetically (Gough). In our
approach to this q uestion, we st udied whether changing the
content of consciousness, while in a nonordinary state, could be
used to alter tumor cell growth when tissue culture medium was
treated psychoenergetically.

The results indicated that water was in fact capable of storing
and transferring the information associated with different
contents of consciousness to the tumor cells. Thus water treated
with the intention to return the cells to their natural order
and harmony resulted in a 28% inhibition of cell growth, quite
similar to that obtained when the cells were treated directly.
Even more surprising, however, was the fact that two other
focuses which were ineffective when the cells were treated
directly, were eff ective when the water was treated. Thus
unconditional love caused a 21% inhibition of growth and
dematerialization caused a 27% inhibition. These results suggest
that the efficacy of different focuses of consciousness depends
on the target being healed. The data also suggest that water may
be a more universal target. It is possible that pure water is
more capable of picking up certain types of energy and
information than cells. It other situations, with different
environmental energy infl uences present, wat er may not store
or release information. The practical application of this
observation is that healers can give their clients water or
drink which had been previously charged with their healing
energy. This may also be the basis for blessing food and wine.

In conclusion, the summary of the biological experiments
presented in this article indicate that 1) non-Hertzian fields
can in fact have marked effects directly on biological systems,
independent of the belief system of the individual, 2) water is
a key mediator in this response and 3) the nature of this
interaction is quantitatively and qualitatively different from
that occuring with conventional EM fields. If EM fields are just
derivates of non-Hertzian fields and the latter can interact
with matter at th e nuclear level (rather than the electron
shell), non-Hertzian fields have the potential to effect
biological systems at a very profound level indeed and should
constitute a key role in energy medicine of the future.

F). Magnetic Field Emission from Laskow's Hands

The previous results indicate that quantum information which is
associated with specific intentions and images can manifest in
our 4-D reality as patterns. In these studies, the patterns
manifested as different brain wave spectra during the healing
state (Cade, 1979; Tart, 1969) and spectrographic changes in
water (Schwartz, 1991) which had been charged
psychoenergetically. To further study the correlation between
these energetic patterns and the different states and contents
of consciousness associated wit h holoenergetic healing,
temporal patterns of the magnetic fields emitted from Laskows
hands during holoenergetic healing were measured.

The magnetic fields were measured using a flux-gate magnetometer
sensitive from D.C. to 500 Hz. Laskow cuped his hand over the
probe but did not touch it. The chart recordings begin on the
right and end on the left side of the tracing. Non-healers were
unable to influence magnetometer readings. Touching or moving
the probe gave characteristic, sharp patterns which were readily
distinguishable from energetic patterns.

An initial and critical part of the holoenergetic healing
process is opening the crown chakra. The magnetic field pattern
generated when Laskow opened his crown chakra was recorded. It
appeared distinctly different from other patterns obtained in
that it had a very sharp onset, an equally sharp dissipation and
only lasted eight seconds. This result implies that the event
was short-lived and caused a shift in the magnetic field pattern
only during its duration. The return to normal baseline was
characteristi c of patterns produced by other states of
consciousness when Laskow consciously chose to shift into
another state or end the particular experiment.

It is interesting to note that in some tracings the energetic
pattern shifts down, implying a decrease in the magnetic field
strength in the environment around Laskow's hands. This unusual
response could be due to the generation of a non-Hertzian field
from Laskows hands which cancels a part the background magnetic
field causing its diminution.

Since we had observed that only certain contents of
consciousness resulted in magnetic field patterns which were
different from an ordinary state of mind, it was of interest to
compare the patterns from two states which gave different
biological responses measured as an inhibition of tumor cell
growth. We therefore compared the magnetic pattern obtained when
Laskow was in an unconditional loving state and in the return to
natural order state. The results indicates that indeed these
magnetic patterns were di fferent from each other. Compared to
the robust effect with the natural order state, the
unconditional loving state produced a weak, non-specific
pattern. The important point however is that there is a
correlation between the magnetic patterns and the biological
effects produced by these states of consciousness, since the
unconditional love state did produce a biological response. This
may be due to the lack of a specific image or intention
(critical contents of consciousness demon strated above)
associated with the unconditional love state which could be
thought of as a universal carrier of subtle energetic
information. The carrier by itself, without modulation, does not
appear to influence the tumor cells, almost as if they were in
unconditional acceptance of the situation.

in general these patterns were obtained most consistently when
Laskow was allowed to generate the different states and contents
of consciousness spontaneosly, rather than being told a given
sequence. One of the most interesting spontaneous magnetic field
patterns was obtained when Laskow inwardly asked that Spirit
flow through him. He asked Spirit to demonstrate its presence to
science with a characteristic signature pattern. The tracing
obtained gave a uniquely different pattern from the other
patterns ob tained and was characterized by sharp, frequent
peaks in the negative direction.

G). Modulating Laskow's Magnetic Field with non-Hertzian Energy

Since it is not possible at this point to measure the subtle
energy emited from the body during psychoenergetic healing, it
is difficult to test the hypothesis that this energy is
non-Hertzian in nature. Since the magnetic field emission
pattern seems to be a measurable manifestation of
psychoenergetic healing, we postulated that non-Hertzian fields
might modulate the magnetic patterns. This is a novel
experimental approach which has not been previously tested. We
used the scalar shielding device (discussed above) to test our
hypothesis. The shielding device was placed in Laskow's energy
field during one experimental session. The tracing obtained
indicates that prior to addition of the device, the magnetic
pattern was repetitive containing numerous sharp, small positive
peaks. Upon addition of the shielding device, the magnetic field
pattern was substantially altered. The new pattern was
qualitatively similar in shape but gradually increased in
overall magnitude. Th ese results suggest that non-Hertzian
quantu m fields enhanced the magnetic field emitted from
Laskow's hands during holoenergetic healing.


Back to James

I wonder if qi is non-Herztian quantum fields or related to
scalar. And what is the hidden relationship between magnetic
field and scalar field (if this exists). I can know after
getting a mobius coil and doing experiments with qi healers (or
wave function manipulators). Others can of course do this too.

James T. Lee
Wave Function Theraphy Institute
Manila, Philippines

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