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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

Biophysics & Schumann Resonance - Physics Forum

Biophysics & Schumann Resonance - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 12-26-2004, 04:56 AM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

Consc wrote:

Ok. Seriously now. You're a waste of the space your post took up on any server

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Old 12-26-2004, 05:40 AM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

Happy Dog wrote:

distinguish Qi

Where's the challenge. To be sensitive to qi, you have to
sensitize your hands. In esoteric terms we are
sensitizing our hands "chakras". Uncle Al may comment
"chakras" is like china plates he used What really is
a chakra. I think in our evolution, our body has
constructed mechanism to absorb Aethers from the
surrounding in terms of the round thing called "chakras"
that suck in Aethers. In the following site is
description of the Chakra:

[Only registered users see links. ]

We qi healers manipulate chakras in extreme detail. Now
what is its physiological correlates. Damasio "Somatic
Marker Hypothesis" may be connected. See:

[Only registered users see links. ]

In Damasio theory. He stated if our brains are put in a
jar with life support. Not only won't we feel emotions
but we won't have any feelings. Because feelings are
mapping of bodies signals.

Now what has the above got to do with "chakras". You
see, these Aether suckers in our body may be connected
to our physiology. So what happens in sensing qi is
these aether suckers (sensors) being attached to our
nervous system feeds signals to our brain. This is how we
can sense if your body is functioning well by monitoring
your Aethers around your body. Our Country Department
of Health people learn this skill too. Yes, We can
objectively sense these Aethers. And will accept any
challenge. Note in other healing schools. They don't
focus on developing skills to sense Aether. That's why
when you test them, they came out empty handed. I
mentioned this not advertising the Pranic Healing
Institue but just saying there is a difference so if you
are James Randi, look for those qi healers affiliated
with Pranic Healing and you will meet your match. You can
visit any pranic (qi) healing branch located in all
countries some with multiple branches with address in:

[Only registered users see links. ]

You can meet clusters of people with the ability to
sense Aethers.

About Damasio "Somatic Marker Hypothesis" and the
Aether Sensors (or suckers) in our body. This is
the mechanism why when you feel bad, the Aether suckers
near the stomach is congested. What we do is remove the
bad Aether there, flick them to salt and replace with
good Aether. And so many doctors and psychologist have
learned and used this skills too.



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Old 12-26-2004, 11:16 AM
Happy Dog
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

"Consc" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message

Whatever. Start here:

[Only registered users see links. ]

Bullshit. You can't even detect qi (TM)


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Old 12-26-2004, 12:27 PM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

Happy Dog wrote:

No U.S. Visa. It's so difficult to go to US from Asia.

Yes. We can. I'll prove it to you slowly. I'm
categorical about it from massive experiences.
BTW... Pranic healing is shown to have effect
on cells in experiments. See:

[Only registered users see links. ]

[Only registered users see links. ]

Here's a site of listings of international MDs or
doctors doing qi healing.

[Only registered users see links. ]

[Only registered users see links. ]

Come on. They are not delusional. It works and I can
prove it (in time). I'm zeroing in on the mechanisms
of interactions and the physics involved...

Here a doctor herself got cured from pranic healing.

[Only registered users see links. ]

or go to [Only registered users see links. ] type "pranic healing" and hundreds
of links and testimonials from all over the world will
come up. You will notice most of them are not your plan
crackpots or crank.

There is something to it. I'd be the first one to
debunk it if it's hoax or delusions. But it's not.

Note in qi healing. We never touch the patients, not
even once. We simply treat their Aethers in their
body. I'm using the word Aether as temporary word
for sake of illustration. If David Thomson didn't
survive scrutiny of the penetrating scientists. I have
to go back to my theory of conscious wave function
mechanisms which can explain everything. But I'll
first discard it in favor of David Thomson Aether
Physics model. Look. I'm not out of my mind. Qi
healing is new physics and the mechanisms of
interactions so illusive... but it will arrive in
time... we are dealing with some sort of conscious
energy that will someday become part of physics when
the Theory of Everything finally arrives. I'm
categorical about it.

Oh, to return of how to sense qi... see this web
site for simple experiments you can try at home:

[Only registered users see links. ]

You may feel the tingling sensation is just normal
skin response. But it's one input of the palm
chakra (or mini Aether suckers) to your palm nerves
to your brain. After weeks of practice, you'd be
so sensitive that increase density of Aethers can
result in increased tingling feelings in the palm.
Soon you can measure the diametre of the Aether
suckers in peoples bodies. When you meet patients.
You can obviously sense Aether congestions in one
of the Aether suckers and other scanners can feel
the same. There is consistency. After years and
many objective tests. You will know it for a fact.
This is what happened to thousands of qi healers
including doctors worldwide.

In the West, you guys keep debating about Einstein
when we are already applying Aether principles or
programmable wave functions principles or whatever
future physics will call it.

I will challenge anyone.



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Old 12-27-2004, 04:09 AM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

"In 1992, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) created the Office of
Alternative Medicine. The experts in this office found that Therapeutic
Touch has one of the strongest research bases of any of the
alternative/complementary modalities. There are over two dozen doctoral
dissertations, dozens of master's theses, and many post-doctoral studies,
several of which have been funded by NIH. Research continues at a rigorous
pace in institutions of higher learning throughout the country. TT is
accepted in a growing number of hospitals and universities throughout the
US, Canada and around the world." - Nurse Healers Professional Associates

Recommended Reading:

The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or to Heal By Dolores
Psychic Healers by David St. Claire
Born To Heal by Ruth Montgomery

Here is a method of laying-on-of-hands spiritual healing:

The person receiving healing should sit in a chair.

The healer stands behind the chair and places his hands on the shoulders of
the sitter.

The intention to heal is all that is necessary for healing to begin.
However the healer may visualize healing light coming down from God onto him
and then through his hands to the sitter. Alternatively, the healer can
mentally repeat a prayer asking for healing to occur.

It is not necessary to touch the sitter. If receiver is bedridden the healer
and receiver may hold hands or the healer may just sit or stand near the

This can continue for any amount of time, 5 to 20 minutes would be typical.
Repeat as often as desired, daily among family members or weekly from a
dedicated healer is typical. Do not expect miraculous results. Healing is
not synonymous with curing. Do not promise results. Do not make medical
diagnoses unless you have a license to do so. Results may come in unexpected
ways and times. Healing may manifest in acceptance of the condition or other
alternative experiences.

Many different types of healing methods exist and the method that has proven
most effective for a given condition should be preferred. Therefore
spiritual healing is not a substitute for mainstream medicine, but it can be
used in conjunction with mainstream medical treatments. Spiritual healing
may be be tried to help alleviate the side effects of drug or chemical
therapies, for recovery from surgery, for conditions where there is no
mainstream treatment, or mainstream treatment has proven ineffective. Always
advise your sitters to see a doctor if they have a serious condition.

Anyone can do this. Psychic ability is not required or even an indicator of
healing ability. The sitter does not need faith, it can be used on animals
and infants who do not understand anything about it. However if the sitter
wishes to remain ill, healing will not occur.

Family members of the chronically ill can do this for their loved ones.

Spiritual healing is completely natural to human beings. Every parent who
has held a sick child and wished for its recovery has performed this type of

The more you practice healing the more effective you will become. The best
healers will have a sincere desire to help others with no thought of reward
or recognition.

You can give healing to those not present simply by sitting quietly,
entering a meditative state of mind, and praying for healing to be given to
those you name. You may also visualize them in vigorous good health. The
length of time for healing would be the same as for laying on
of hands. It is typical to do this daily. You can heal more than one person
during a session by naming each person individually.

Just remember: The correct application of the healing force is in the spirit
of love.

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Old 12-27-2004, 05:07 AM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

Come on. Why give a complicated explanations when a
simple one will suffice. Therapeutic Touch (I have her
books) too is simply transfering the excess Aethers
from one part of the body to another where there is
an Aether depletion. You don't have to summon
Jesus or heaven (or hell) knows what.

In Pranic Healing. We don't transfer energy from
one part of the body to another. But flick the
negatives ones to the salt water and project clean
Aethers to the patients.

Note both Therapeutic Touch and Pranic Healing
don't involve touching any part of the patients

I'd really love to get them debunked. But it's not
easy because there is really an unknown energy
involved that is difficult to identify. I'm just using
the Aether concept for sake of illustration. Maybe
that energy particles have negative time, negative
mass and travel faster than light producing these
"conscious energy". We don't know. 22nd century
physics can answer it. I really wished it's all a
delusion but it is not. To believe it is delusion I
have to deceive myself it is delusions.


skeptic-skeptic wrote:
shoulders of
onto him
Healing is
or other
can be
indicator of
type of
given to

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Old 12-27-2004, 10:45 AM
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Default Biophysics & Schumann Resonance

I am reminded of two people on the Titanic fighting for the deck chair with
the best view of the sinking.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

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biophysics , resonance , schumann

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