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EXPLAINING TIME DILATION - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-16-2004, 08:01 AM
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"TomGee" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:cc2dde17.0411141224.5600bb96@posting.google.c om...

Yes, I was being sincere... so thanks in kind.

No... it is not carefree at all... it's just that I drew my eyes to focus
upon that black cloud moving on the horizon and realised it is a crow! I
let out a short expletive dropped everything and did a runner. Forgeting
about physics was easy.

Well.... do you realise you have a soul to think about?

hehaha... great attitude!

Don't! Burn them and move on.

These guys are not playing.

I disagree. A punch in the face is not exactly better than nothing.

Not so once again. There have been moments in this group of amazing
dynamics. Things were happening but that has all been killed out. Anyone of
any forth worth has left after being pinned down and excremated upon.

The other thing is, total war is afoot and economic collapse is imminent.
Have you been following the Debt, the Deficit or seen what's been happening
to social security, manufacturing or retirement funds in the US? Heard what
people around the world have been saying? Like in Germany say in... 1939?

Seen how Falluja has been of late? That archaeological city of a thousand
mosques. A living 'walk in' museum. It has been pacified now, all that needs
doing now is to Democrat them and stand to the national anthem.

have a look at this...

[Only registered users see links. ]

Can tell by the look in that little girl's eye. She was an imminent threat
to the very stability of Western Civilization and her mother looked like she
was tenuously poised to bring down the entire global economy. Thanks to our
fearless leaders this has all been averted. That was too close for comfort.
We were lucky then...

Maybe next time.



Hey... who dragged that piece of crap in behind the gates? What is it
supposed to be anyway? A work of art.... a sculpture... a horse maybe?

Personally I think it is a crock of shit and should be wheeled back out side
the gate and fire set to it.

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Old 11-16-2004, 04:23 PM
Mike Helland
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[Only registered users see links. ] (TomGee) wrote in message news:<cc2dde17.0411062138.6c90c854@posting.google. com>...

This seems to be your main premise, which is in agreement with the
general view Julian Barbour, Peter Lynds, and myself have been
advocating. That said, we all disagree on the specifics, and I'm sure
you're no different.

Here's my view if you'd like to compare it to yours:

[Only registered users see links. ]
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Old 11-16-2004, 10:07 PM
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"em" <nootlanoo@dodiggerda> wrote in message news:<4199b3d0$0$25116$[Only registered users see links. ]. au>...

That may or may not be so, it is more likely more bs from others who
conspire to push their agendas.

I appreciate your suggetion, but at this time I don't see your reason
for it.

Hobba is not playing? Sure he is. He's a numbskull playing the role
of numbskull in these ngs. Read his rants and see that I have him

Well, I have to agree, but nasty words in these ngs are not physical

Yes, that is so. There are slim pickings left here unsoiled.


But war is always afoot. The religious right claims that the devil
roams the world stirring up wickedness, the atheists swear to prevent
another Dark Age led by the religious. It behooves us all to
understand that if we do not defend ourselves others will oppress us.
Wasn't it the Meccanees who left it up to their God to save them and
he did not? Wasn't that what caused others to say, hey, forget about
turning the other cheek! If we don't fight back, we won't be alive to
fight back! I don't support Bush's preemptive strike against Iraq,
and we will have to pay the price for that (although it is safe to say
the Bush's won't), but the age of terrorism is upon us and we must do
all we can to survive it!

I could not bring myself to look at it, as it is a microcosm of the
whole picture. War is hell, even for the final victors. Falluja is
just one small area of a world enmeshed in violence. The Gods of War
are loosed at the drop of a sneer; the human race is not evolved yet
to the point where we can live in peace. There is no Utopia as yet.
It is a race to see whether the human race will survive its mad drive
to destroy the planet. I hope it does, at least for the time my
children are alive. After that, I won't care less if anyone blows up
the planet with everyone on it.
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Old 11-17-2004, 03:57 AM
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[Only registered users see links. ] (Mike Helland) wrote in message news:<11990c07.0411160823.384a4a81@posting.google. com>...

Yes, that is my main premise as regards time, but my complete model
follows from my basic ideas about time in ways that I could not

I scanned over it and will print it so that I can take my time in
reading it. I agree offhand that the moving together of the hands
does constitute two different scenes of time, and my observation of
that is there are three scenes of time involved, the two with motion
and the one without motion as we set the hands apart before moving
them together. Yours is the first post that shows reasonable thought
and objectivity on this subject, so I am interested in reading your
website and your thoughts on this subject.

I will respond to the various parts of it in what will be my opinions,
and perhaps we can work out our differences entirely, but if not, at
the least, we should all benefit from our discussion.
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Old 11-18-2004, 01:52 AM
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"TomGee" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:cc2dde17.0411161407.22b0af6d@posting.google.c om...

You could be right. A soul is nothing important anyway. Sort of silly in a
way to think otherwise.

Yes, it was a bit presumptious of me to make such a brash remark. I have no
idea what they contain of what ideas you have developed.

Metaphorically speaking.


Funny you should say that. Looks like that is an option.

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dilation , explaining , time

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