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It's looking bad for Bush & good for Kerry & the world!

It's looking bad for Bush & good for Kerry & the world! - Physics Forum

It's looking bad for Bush & good for Kerry & the world! - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 10-28-2004, 03:32 AM
know buddee
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Default It's looking bad for Bush & good for Kerry & the world!

It's looking bad for Bush & good for Kerry & the world! (See the
excerpted poll findings below) Many more Americans than those who
voted for Al Gore, are and will vote for Kerry. It's looking good -
but everyone needs to vote, just to be sure!

Gallup's Racially Biased Polls
By Ruy Teixeira, The Center for American Progress and The Century
Foundation. Posted October 27, 2004.
Public Opinion Watch: Gallup's methods don't weight race very well;
tracking polls aren't worth tracking; Kerry has huge leads among new
and young voters.

the whole article is here:
[Only registered users see links. ]

The following is an excerpt:

Bush's Barriers to Re-election

Two recent polls underscore just how high the barriers to Bush's
reelection could be. The first is the latest CBS News/New York Times
poll. Here are some of the key findings from that poll:

1. Kerry leads by seven points among independents.

2. Bush's approval rating is only 44 percent among RVs, but a truly
abysmal 34 percent approval/50 percent disapproval among independents.

3. Democrats are up by six points in the generic house content (ten
points among independents).

4. Right direction/wrong track is 39 percent/57 percent, and a
stunning 34 percent/61 percent among independents.

5. Bush's approval ratings on Iraq, the economy and foreign policy
are, respectively, 42 percent, 42 percent, and 41 percent (35 percent,
34 percent, and 33 percent among independents).

6. More voters think the economy is getting worse (34 percent) than
think it is getting better (24 percent).

7. Among independents, the Democrats' favorable/unfavorable rating is
54 percent/35 percent, while Republicans' rating is 42 percent/49

8. More than four times as many voters believe Bush administration
policies have increased the cost of prescription drugs (47 percent)
than believe their policies have decreased the cost (11 percent).

9. By 60 percent to 8 percent, voters believe Bush administration
policies have mostly benefitted the rich, rather than the middle

10. An amazing 81 percent of independents believe that Bush
administration policies have either decreased the number of jobs in
the country (55 percent) or had no effect (26 percent).

11. Perhaps even more amazing, 72 percent of independents believe that
Bush administration policies have either increased their taxes (27
percent) or had no effect (55 percent).

12. About three-quarters of independents (74 percent) believe the Bush
administration did a poor job of thinking through what would happen as
a result of the Iraq war.

13. Independent voters are evenly split, 46 percent to 46 percent on
whether Kerry has the same priorities for the country as they do, but,
by 60 percent to 24 percent, they believe that Bush does not have the
same priorities.

14. Independent voters believe, by eight points (50 percent to 42
percent) that Kerry understands the needs and problems of people like
themselves but, by 59 percent to 37 percent, they believe Bush does
not understand these needs and problems.

15. Independents believe, by 65 percent to 21 percent, that Kerry is
more interested in protecting the interests of ordinary Americans than
in protecting the interests of large corporations; by 69 percent to 22
percent, they believe Bush sides with large corporations rather than
ordinary Americans.

16. Among independents, just 30 percent believe that Bush will make
sure Social Security benefits are there for them, but 58 percent
believe Kerry will make sure those benefits are there.

17. Also among independents: 65 percent believe that the Iraq war is
only a minor part (12 percent) or not a part at all (53 percent) of
the war on terrorism; 63 percent believe efforts to bring stability
and order to Iraq are going badly; and 70 percent believe that Iraq
was a threat that could have been contained without immediate military
action or was not a threat at all.

18. Finally, 67 percent of voters believe that their family is not
better off today than four years ago and 75 percent believe the number
of jobs in their community has not increased in the last four years.

The approval ratings for Bush cited above are bad. But his approval
ratings in the new Pew Research Center poll are so bad as to make
those CBS/New York Times ratings look robust by comparison.

Bush's overall approval rating in the Pew poll is 44 percent, just one
point above the worst ever recorded for Bush in this poll, and very
inauspicious for an incumbent seeking reelection, of course.

But it is his ratings in specific areas such as the economy, Iraq, and
foreign policy that are truly remarkable. They are all under 40
percent (!) and the worst ever recorded for Bush in this poll: 38
percent on the economy, 37 percent on Iraq, and 37 percent on foreign

And let's not forget handling "terrorist threats," his best and
perhaps only area of strength. He receives his worst rating ever in
this area as well: 49 percent, putting him below the 50 percent level
even in his strongest area.

If CBS and Pew are accurately capturing voters' assessment of the job
Bush has been doing, it's going to be quite difficult for him to
convince these same voters to stay the course and keep him in office.

above information is from:
[Only registered users see links. ]



If Bush stays in power - things will get much darker and uglier than
ever before. Many more women and children will be left laying in
ditches with their guts hanging out - all over the world - if Bush
stays in the white house. A vote for Bush (or Nader) is a vote for a
much uglier and more violent world.

Please help get his dumb ass out of the White house!


Progressive news and views for those who believe that democracy can
work: [Only registered users see links. ]
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