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The UFO Energy Field

The UFO Energy Field - Physics Forum

The UFO Energy Field - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 10-04-2004, 04:37 AM
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Default The UFO Energy Field

A Scientific Explanation Of The UFO Mystery
Starting with the facts about UFOs as they are observed, there are good
scientific reasons to believe that the energy field associated with UFOs is
psychotronic energy. (Refer to the book entitled, "Psychic Discoveries
Behind the Iron Curtain" by Ostrander and Schroeder.) This energy is also
called Chi by the Chinese and Bioplasmic Energy by the Russians. It is the
Link between the non-physical mind and the physical body. This energy form
can account for all of the effects that UFOs have been observed to produce.
(Refer to the book, "Strange Effects From UFOs published by Donald Keyhoe
and NICAP.)

Background Information And Theory
Kirlian Photography did show that when an organism is placed in an
alternating electric field, a glowing energy field of changing colors can be
seen around it. This energy field around a human body is called an Aura. The
Aura has been observed to behave as if there is some unknown force holding
it together. (The Aura itself behaves like an organism.) It is this unknown
force holding it together that is psychotronic energy. The Aura has been
observed to change with changes in thoughts and feelings. This indicates
that this unknown force holding it together is a mental energy; it exists in
a mental dimension. Researchers who have studied psychotronic energy believe
that it is capable of mixing with and producing all other energy forms. This
can explain how a nonphysical mind can generate physical energy fields to
control a physical body. It can also account for the electric and magnetic
fields produced by UFOs and also their glow.

A man from Czechloslavakia named Dr. Robert Pavlita has developed several
devices that charge-up on psychotronic energy and use it to do specific
tasks. These devices are called psychotronic generators. (For further
information on psychotronic generators, read, "Psychic Discoveries Behind
the Iron Curtain"). It is my opinion that a UFO spacecraft is a resonance
chamber that is filled with some type of psychotronic generators.

A UFO that is filled with psychotronic generators charges-up on the Aura
energy of the occupants by resonance. It becomes filled and surrounded by
psychotronic energy and it starts to move into another dimension, (mental
dimension). It starts to glow like an Aura. Because it is partly or totally
in another dimension, the laws of physics no longer apply. Gravity loses its
hold and the UFO starts to float. Being either partly or totally in another
dimension, the UFO has very little inertial mass or no inertial mass and it
can accelerate very rapidly with no G-forces. It can probably move many
times faster than the speed of light. Light speed is a limitation only in
the physical dimension. (Note: Aura energy has been observed to be a
vibratory energy making resonance possible.) [Referring to the Barny and
Betty Hill abduction case: The alien told Betty that they had trading routes
between stars that were about 37 light years apart; they probably move much
faster than light speed to make this trading profitable.]

Remote viewing experiments conducted by the U. S. Army have shown that men
can be trained to see in their minds places and objects that are far away
with a good degree of accuracy. Experiments such as these show that the
mental dimension extends throughout space, it is not just in your mind. Just
as your physical eyes look into the physical dimension, your mind looks into
the mental dimension. When the psychotronic energy in an area increases,
everything in that area starts to move into a mental dimension. The Auras of
the UFO occupants are intensified by being in the UFO, and they also move
into a mental dimension. Because they are partly or totally in another
dimension, they can pass through solid walls to abduct people from their
beds at night. When a UFO puts out a beam of light into the rooms of
abductees, everything in that beam has moved either partly or totally into a
mental dimension where physical laws no longer apply and the abductees are
floated out through the wall or ceiling and into a UFO.


A UFO appeared in a field as if out of thin air near an air base in England
and some UFOs have been seen to fade away; this is evidence that UFOs use
another dimension. UFOs have flown faster than the speed of sound in the air
with no sonic booms and have flown near planes very fast with no turbulence;
this also is evidence that UFOs use another dimension - they were enough in
another dimension that they made no air turbulence. They also are sometimes
enough in another dimension that they are not picked-up on radar. Being
mostly in another dimension also explains why they sometimes look like they
are only lights in the sky and not solid objects. I saw on TV a report by a
former member of the US Air Force that was in World War Two. He said that
he witnessed spherical shaped UFOs, that were called foo fighters at that
time, chasing US planes on their bombing missions over Germany. They
appeared to be under intelligent control. During one of these incidents,
the UFO was shot at with a .50 calibre machine gun, and the bullets passed
right through it without damaging the UFO. The UFO was enough in another
dimension that solid objects like bullets could pass right through it,
without damaging it. The UFO was also enough in the physical dimension that
it reflected or produced visible light that could be seen. This UFO
incident is also evidence that UFOs are using another dimension.

Some UFOs have a colored energy field below them when they hover. A UFO
filmed over Mexico had what looked like an energy field behind it as it
moved. A UFO seen in New York had lights circling it as it hovered and when
all of the lights went to one end of it, the UFO moved rapidly in the other
direction. This leads me to believe that if a UFO concentrates its energy
field on one side, this will make it move in the direction of the opposite
side. Some UFOs glow and some do not. Psychotronic energy glows after it is
sufficiently intense enough to do so, and not all the time.

Certain people claim to have metals from crashed UFOs. In Russia the UFO
metal had a mesh of fine gold wires surrounded by quartz insulator. UFO
metal that was supposed to come from Roswell was mostly magnesium and layers
of bismuth and zinc. A former US Army sargeant, Frank Kaufmann, said that he
was at the Roswell crash site. He said the Roswell UFO had octagon shaped
quartz cells that were glass-like on the bottom of it. Experiments can be
done with psychotronic generators made of substances like this to see if it
will increase the energetic effects. Psychotronic generators surrounded by a
saucer shape that is made of metal containing a mesh of gold wires
surrounded by quartz insulator, might be what is needed to make a resonance
chamber to intensify and concentrate psychotronic energy till it is
sufficiently intense for the whole device to begin moving into another
dimension and take on the characteristics of a UFO. (The piezoelectric
effect of the quartz might be important.)

The lights that appeared in Phoenix were analyzed by a Mr. Dilletoso of
Village Labs by his computer equipment. He compared them to known lights and
could not find any explanation for them. This same type of computer analysis
could be done for the light that is emmitted by the human Aura to see if it
compares to the Phoenix lights. Since the human Aura needs alternating
electric fields to make it visible, the effects of these fields could be
compensated for on the computer equipment to make a good analysis.

Many of the aliens that have been observed have large black eyes. The
animals on earth that have large black eyes see in the dark; they have large
black pupils. I suspect that the eyes of aliens are mostly large black
pupils and they see in the dark. Since most of outer space is dark, this
would help with space travel. The eyes of aliens might also see infrared.

Some female abductees claim that they were impregnated with half human half
alien babies and the fetuses were removed from them. They also claim that
they saw half human half alien children. If humans and aliens can interbreed
like this, they must be very genetically similar. Why is this? I speculate
that if humans would travel in space for many generations, inactive genes
would be activated and humans would become more alien like in their physical
appearance. Something like this happens when crickets and fish live in caves
that are dark. They become a subspecies that are white with no eyes.

I suspect that the shapes of UFOs have significance. It seems to me that the
UFOs that have a flattened shape like the saucer and triangular shapes are
useful for flying in the atmospheres of planets because most of the motion
would be horizontal over the planetís surface. In outerspace a spherical
shape might be more usefull for easy motion in any direction. The round
saucer shape would allow very rapid changes in horizontal direction while
flying in a planetís atmosphere. Since UFOs have very low inertial mass
while partly in another dimension, changes in the wind could blow them
around; this could explain some of the erratic motion of saucers while
hovering. The large cigar shaped craft have been observed to carry smaller

I am inclined to believe that UFO aliens are the angels of God. Flying
objects in the Bible that are associated with angels, strongly resemble
UFOs. If UFO aliens are angels, then the Bible shows you what their motives
are. I suspect that the aliens are using their energy fields to maintain
climate control and the proper living conditions to support life on Earth.
If they were to stop doing this, the weather conditions on Earth would
become chaotic and life on Earth would die. Angels act as Godís hands to do
His will. The human race has been inbreeding with itself, and I suspect that
these half human half alien children that UFO abductees report seeing might
be needed to strengthen the gene pool to make the human race stronger. If
UFO aliens are the angels of God, then the second coming of Jesus Christ
will probably be a UFO invasion, since the Bible says He is coming back with
angels. They will abduct sinners and throw them in hell and abduct saints
and put them in heaven.

Contact the late Robert Pavlitaís daughter Jana and the people with her and
ask them to build you a UFO. Find out all you can about the psychotronic
generators and try to build one yourself.

For further information about psychotronic energy and psychotronic
generators, read the books, ďPsychic Discoveries Behind the Iron CurtainĒ,
by Ostrander and Schroeder ([Only registered users see links. ]) and ďFuture
Science: Life energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena, by John
White and Stanley Krippner, (Doubleday /Anchor).
Contact these web sites: [Only registered users see links. ]
[Only registered users see links. ]
[Only registered users see links. ] (Lycos) Australian lateral thinking
The Pavlita Foundation, Roth Associates, 83-15 Lefferts Blvd., Suite 5f, Kew
Gardens N. Y. 11415 (718) 847-7532

My name is Arnold Carbajal. I live in New Orleans, La . USA (504) 891-1721.
This is my theory on UFO propulsion.
More Information leading to my theory:
I will give you one more piece of evidence. There is a famous UFO
case from the 1960s, I read about it in an old Look magazine
special on flying saucers. A Texas police officer, had an injured
hand. When his patrol car got near a UFO, he felt heat in his
injured hand. His hand healed very rapidly after that. The UFO
had a purple light on one end and a blue light on the other.
Researchers using Kirlian Photography have filmed the energy
fields around the hands of people who practice psychic healing;
[Only registered users see links. ]
when they concentrate on healing, the Aura energy in their hands
focuses into a bright beam (This has been filmed. ) They concluded
that the Aura energy is transfered from the healer to the patient;
the patient feels heat and is healed rapidly. I read in a
paperback about the paranormal that the colors of the human Aura
that are associated with psychic healing are purple and blue; the
same colors of the UFO that healed the Texas patrolman's hand.
This really tends to indicate that UFOs are using an Aura type
energy field or psychotronic energy.

UFOs have caused interference in electrical equipment. Scientists have noted
that the Aura energy of some people will cause interference in sensitve
electronic equipment when they get near it. UFOs have caused electrostatic
effects; one of the psychotronic generators causes strong electrostatic type
effects. UFOs have caused physical objects such as automobiles to be moved
and they have caused compass needles to move or spin. Researchers placed
sensitive equipment near psychics as they were trying to move objects by the
power of their minds (psychokinesis). The equipment detected changing and
pulsating electric and magnetic fields generated by the Aura energy of the
psychics when they moved objects using their minds; they could cause compass
needles also to move. At UFO landing sites the grass and the soil have been
found to be dehydrated. A form of psychotronic energy (called cosmic energy)
is generated by the shape of a pyramid that is oriented with its sides
facing North and South; when meat is placed 1/3 the way up from the base in
the center of the pyramid, it becomes rapidly dehydrated. Some UFO landing
sites developed a ring of mushrooms growing there as if some nutrient was
added to the soil to cause this extra growth. One of the psychotronic
generators causes plants to grow faster and the healing Aura energy from
psychic healers also causes plants to grow faster. UFOs have been seen with
energy fields of different colors around them; the human Aura is also an
energy field of different colors that can be seen by some psychics all the
time and it is made visible to others when the body is placed in alternating
electric fields. Some UFOs have energy fields that can't be seen. Aura
energy also cannot be seen at times.
All of these effects of psychotronic energy and UFOs can be read about in
the books, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain and Strange Effects
from UFOs. The energy fields of some UFOs have caused people to get sick and
have health problems. Some types of Aura energy will also cause sickness and
death; one of the psychotronic generators kills flies. Some UFO landing
sites have been scorched with heat. Some psychics that practice psychic
healing can use their Aura energy to generate enough heat to raise blisters
on other people's skin.
Scientists have shielded against and allowed for all of the known
energy forms and determined that a new way that one system may act on
another has now been found. This really is a newly (rediscovered)
energy form. It has an inverse law of diminishing with distance unlike
all the other energies that have an inverse squared law. Comparing the
effects that this energy is observed to produce with the effects that
UFOs are said to cause you can see that the effects compare quite well.
I believe UFOs are using this energy form to propel themselves.
Research has shown that forms of this energy can cause sickness and
death while other forms of it have a healing nature. If you are going
to surround an aircraft and its occupants with a strong energy field it
has to be an energy that will not harm the occupants. That is one of
the main reasons why I considered the type of this energy that is used
to be the same that normally surrounds the occupants, which is their own
Aura vibrations. Although it must be intensified to produce the
interdimensional effect. Resonance is probably how you would intensify
their own Aura vibrations; some other devices might be used to assist
this resonance to help add more energy to it; psychotronic generators
hold the charge of it after it is intensified.
There are ancient sanskrit texts of a civilization that lived about
15,000 years ago near Pakistan that was supposed to have UFO like
aircraft and waged war with them; these texts are supposed to be
factual. Scientists have discovered remains of cities in the region
where rocks and clay pots were melted together with a heat as intense as
a thermonuclear blast; it tends to verify these stories. You can read
about this at
[Only registered users see links. ]
In one of these texts it said that the mode of propulsion of the
aircraft was, "the raising of the personal vibrations until gravity had
been overcome". This is another way of saying that their Aura energy
vibrations were intensified by resonance. (This mode of propulsion was for
the vimana aircraft that were said to have been able to fly in outerspace
and were not made by humans; there were other types of ancient aircraft that
were supposed to have only flown in the air and they had a different type of
propulsion.) There are stone buildings from
ancient times made of stones weighing more than an army tank or
locomotive; 200 ton stones in Egypt, 150 ton stones in South America that
were quarried 200 miles away and a 400 ton stone gate. These stones were
quarried, transported and set
in the buildings so well that it could not be done today with our
technology. This is solid evidence that such advanced civilizations did
exist at one time on the earth but they vanished for some reason. A
Russian astrophysicist named Nicolai Kozyrev has proven experimentally
that this energy form affects inertial type gyroscopic forces, and
gravity is an inertial force. Reference: Psychic Discoveries Behind
the Iron Curtain.

Some UFO abductees have described their abduction experience as happening in
a state that is real but it seemed to be somewhere between physical reality
and dreams. However they knew it was not a dream after they awoke and found
physical evidence that it really happened. [ Evidence like leaves being in
the bed, waking up with someone else's night clothes on, hair that was cut,
pin holes in the skin where they "dreamed" an alien had punctured them,
etc. ] This is also evidence that UFOs can use another dimension. Because of
the "dream-like" quality of the experience, it is evidence that the other
dimension is a mental dimension; it is also a real dimension. It really
happened, but not in the physical world or only partly in the physical
Some alien abductees have had physical objects implanted into their bodies
which were removed by doctors in hospitals. There was no scarring to show
how the implant was placed into the personís body. I believe that this may
be evidence that the person and the implant were put partly or totally into
another dimension where the implant could be placed inside of the personís
body by simply passing it into the body without the need for any cutting on
the flesh. Because it happened partly or totally in another dimension, the
implant could just pass into the body freely, and be placed there. This
would leave no scars.
UFOs cannot defy the laws of physics and maneuver the way they are reported
to do while totally in the physical world. So they turn on their
psychotronic energy field and move partly into another dimension and then
they can maneuver to defy the laws of physics. They land, and turn off this
energy field, and they are totally in the physical world.
Some UFOs seem to use a physical rocket type propulsion when in the physical
world totally.

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Default The UFO Energy Field

Arnold wrote:

Gosh, how hollywoodsian...

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Default The UFO Energy Field

"Arnold" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ]...

It never ceases to amaze me that, in spite of the scientific method having
been around since the time of Galileo (at least!), there are still
'educated' people (people who are able to read and write and have had the
'benefit' of formal training by other literati) who haven't got a clue what
'physics' means.

Any explanation of 'the UFO mystery' would be incomplete without a thorough
discussion of the psychological aspects of the problem, including (but not
limited to) the fallibility of sensory data, the hard-wired human compulsion
to identify patterns in information, the need (driven by our gross
insecurities) to recognize *something* (ET, God, etc.) that knows more than
we do about the universe and is actually in control of things, the drive of
the creative imagination to push at the boundaries of conventional ideas,
and the gregarious tribal nature of humans to congregate with others of a
like mind even if the shared mindset is NOT 'mainstream.'

'The UFO Mystery' is *not* about powerful and knowledgeable aliens, but
about helplessness and ignorance in humans.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

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Default The UFO Energy Field

tadchem wrote in message ...

Your post has nothing to do with the science of physics, which is the study
of matter and energy and matter in motion. Your post also has nothing to do
with the scientific method.
I started my scientific treatise on UFOs with the effects of UFOs as they
are observed and compared these effects with the effects of a newly
discovered energy form. The effects of the UFOs being provided by credible
cases and the new energy form being investigated by real scientists using
real instrumentation.
You, seem to have already made up your mind that UFOs can't be real, so this
causes you to deny the observed facts about them. Your approach to the
problem is very biased and unscientific.

Still a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.
a line from the song, The Boxer, by Simon and Garfunkel.

Present some scientific evidence disputing the scientists described in the
book, Psychic Discoveries Behing the Iron Curtain or dispute scientifically
the many credible UFO accounts in the book, Strange Effects from UFOs, and
then talk to me about the scientific method. Nothing in your post is

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Default The UFO Energy Field

Morituri-Max wrote in message ...

Nothing hollywood about it. Proper scientific method is: Start with the
observed facts. Make comparisons with other phenomena to explain the
observed facts. Using your theoretical explanation, predict other facts that
should also be true. Do an experiment to test for these other facts, to
prove the theory to be either true or false.
I proposed building a ufo type system, using the ideas in my theory to
either prove it or disprove it.

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Jeremy Watts
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Default The UFO Energy Field

"tadchem" <tadchemNOSPAM@comcast.net> wrote in message

ha ha well written i'd love to believe in aliens myself (having seen
a ufo once), but i do believe that vast number of sightings can be
conventionally explained. but then again what about the remaining 1%....?
<twilight zone>

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Jeremy Watts
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Default The UFO Energy Field

"stone" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ]...

science though tends to accept what can be proven repeatedly and the
tangible. until the day that aliens land on earth, or you can show someone
a captured UFO, then you're unlikely to be talking scientifically.

anecdotal accounts of various scientists having worked on secret projects or
whatever, doesnt mean much. most people will say anything if theres money
in it.

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Default The UFO Energy Field

"stone" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ]>...

<snip reposts>

My post was a pointed response to Arnold's post. I was pointing out
to him that his topic had nothing to do with physics, and by
implication it was OT in this NG. I was not trying to educate him
about the scientific method.

Can you *define* this energy form in a manner that would allow others
to reproduce it or measure its presence and effects in a manner
consistent with (and therefore capable of validating) your own

Since you have brought up the scientific method in regard to UFO
investigations, how do you demonstrate repeatibility of your
laboratory measurements of UFOs?

Define "real" in this context, please. I do not deny that there are
phenomena to be seen in the air that the observers are unable to
identify. That does not necessarily imply that there are not
observers who *could* have identified them had they witnessed them,
nor does it necessarily imply that the phenomena are unknown to or
unknowable by physical science, nor does it imply that the phenomena
are due to actions taken by an alien intelligence.

I could regale you at length with anecdotes about ordinary (but
unusual) phenomena that had been taken to be UFOs, but that would be

My point is that, with phenomena that do not immediately fit into the
category of "stuff we know", one cannot discount the importance of
(and problems introduced by) the observer.

"Set expectation" is the phrase used in modern psychology to describe
the filtering of new experience by presets - expectations of what
could occur. People in pre-industrial societies would have seen
demons or witches at play. It is, after all, what they had been
conditioned to expect.

The burden of proof does not lie with the person who has nothing to
prove. Now, if I had said that I had been meditating in my cave by the
light of a tallow candle and the Lord God had revealed to me the truth
of the Universe and guided my hand as I wrote it all down on golden
tablets, you would be within your rights to demand that I at least try
to provide some tangible support for my assertion - one that is in
your eyes absurd.

The UFO "true believers" seem to have assumed that their
interpretation of these phenomena is correct, and that those who doubt
these phenomena that are not accounted for within the body of
scientific knowledge must accept their conclusions or prove that these
things are NOT real.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

I am not making the claim, so I have nothing to prove. If you are
making the claim, then YOU have something to prove.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA
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Default The UFO Energy Field

tadchem wrote in message
<[Only registered users see links. ]>. ..
news:<[Only registered users see links. ]>...

The book featured at this website has research on this energy form done with
scientific instrumentation.
[Only registered users see links. ]
This book goes from real science done by physicists with real
instrumentation, all the way to what ammounts to heresay from the past.
It is the real science in there that interests me. The defining of the
energy in the manner that would allow others to reproduce it can be found in
the book. The researchers shielded against and allowed for all other known
energy forms, and they still got a reaction. It also diminishes with
distance according to an inverse law 1/r. All of the other known energies
diminish with distance according to an inverse square law, 1/r2.
Strange devices that collect and use this energy were invented, psychotronic
generators. These were said to be at the frontier of science and men had
trouble explaining how they work. They exibited such strange effects as a
magnetic type attraction (which proved to be neither magnetic or
electrostatic, they killed flies, they moved rotating objects, they made
plants grow faster, etc. - UFO witnesses have reported these same type of
strange effects associated with UFOs.
I don't have a copy of that book with me now. If I did I would quote you
something from it.

The book Strange effects from UFOs, and other UFO books, tell of similar
effects from UFOs being reported by different witnesses spanning decades,
and in different countries. The witnesses tell of similar effects
repeatedly, even though they have not had any contact with each other and
don't know each other's stories. This tends to show it is real observations
they were talking about.


Best photographs of a ufo of an undisputable nature was taken by a group of
scientists on a Brazillian navy ship 1958. Multiple witnesses, which were
scientists. It showed a definite physical craft of some type, (it looked
like Saturn) no wings, no noise, it flew around the island and then headed
out to sea. The president of Brazil made the pictures public to the world
press. This particular ufo is undisputably real. You could find a website
with a picture of it on a search engine. I found a website:
[Only registered users see links. ]
That sort of undisputable report is what I consider real.

I could tell you of the air force project blue book which tried their best
to debunk ufos with any scientific explanation they could think up, and
still there was about 700 sightings of really unidentified flying objects
they could not explain at all.

My point is, if you have a decidedly real phenomenon, try to explain it with
anything that fits the evidence, to try to advance science. Don't let it
just sit there and disregard it.
[Note: The really great scientific achievements that made big changes were
laughed at when first introduced.] So, what.


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Default The UFO Energy Field

"Arnold" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ]...

<snip reposts>


Does the book contain an answer to my question: Can you *define* this
"newly discovered" energy form in a manner that would allow others to
reproduce it or measure its presence and effects in a manner consistent with
(and therefore capable of validating) your own measurements?

All I am asking for is an *operational* definition - one I can take to the
benchtop and test, ultimately proving to myself that UFOs are real and that
you are right.

That does not establish their 'work' as real science. 'Real scientists'
with 'real instrumentation' at Stanford Research Institute once established
that Uri Geller could really bend spoons and keys. It took a real creative
intellect (James Randi) who tried to dupilicate Gellers work to establish
that the 'real scientists' made real errors of inference and allowed
themselves to be really hoodwinked.

Like the original Doubting Thomas, I want to see for myself.



Wrong answer. Argument disqualified. Energy is conserved. It is *fields*
of force that obey 1/r^2 laws - gravitational force F(g) = -G*M1*M2/r^2,
electrostatic force F(e) = -q1*q2/r^2. If you don't even know the
difference between energy and force, you need to go back to play in the
pre-schoolers sandbox.

I wonder now just what those fools thought they were measuring that has a
1/r attenuation law - that kind of field would require an infinite amount of
energy to establish, no matter how weak it is. There just isn't that much
energy around to work with - in *any* form.


Define 'psychtronic' - same requirements. Your definition should tell me
enough that I could go to my bench and build a gadget to display and measure
'psychotronic energy' without your help, and get the same quantitative
measurements (that were presumably used to establish the 1/r dependence you
mentioned above) that anyone else could get.

Presumably they *could* tell us whether there were one or two kinds of poles
(gravity is a monopolar field, electrostatics is a free dipolar field) or
whether the poles were required as pairs (magnetism is a bound dipolar
field). Perhaps they discovered this new force has *three* poles (like

My kitchen window kills flies. Tell me *HOW* it kills flies.

I set a top to rotating and put it on the floor, and suddenly it starts
moving across the floor sideways even as it still spins. I need more

I have seen reports that Chopin's music can do the same thing, as can
talking to plants. I *know* that I can fertilize my houseplants with my
morning breath. Greenhouse gases are good for plants. Seriously, if they
can demonstrate that plants grow faster, they must be able to establish and
maintain this 'newly discovered energy form' long enough to quantify plant
growth - a matter of several days if one wants to eliminate interference
from diurnal variations.

So the UFO witness have measured 1/r fields repeatibly at their UFO

So where are the 'psychotronic motors' to go with the 'psychotronic

<Oops, I just stepped in a puddle of my own sarcasm.>

All of this is sheer anecdotal crap. I want to see experimental write-ups,
just like a standard student's physics lab report. Tell me what equipment
was used, how it was configured, what the experimenters did, and what their
instruments recorded. Let me persuade myself.


*My* point is that, if you have a decidedly real phenomenon, you should be
able to describe it in a way that would allow a careful investigator to
duplicate your work. You have to first *PROVE* that it is real. Otherwise
you are just working for SRI.


The really great scientific *blunders* were also laughed at by some when
first introduced: caloric, orgone, phlogiston, the planet Vulcan, the Hollow
Earth, Velikovski, cold fusion, and more. We still laugh - but we also have
learned from our blunders: "Trust, but verify."

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

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