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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Natures mechanism

Natures mechanism - Physics Forum

Natures mechanism - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 04-13-2004, 10:32 PM
Donald G. Shead
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Default Natures mechanism

The ultimate mechanism of the universe is really quite simple: Like
the Greeks said: Matter is constantly aggregating and disaggregating.

In its finest most disaggregated form matter consists of what we call
electromagnetic radiation, and is capable of penetrating the densest
material; to great depths:

Essentially it consists of ultimately small bits of substance, flying
and spinning in all directions. Upon the rarity of striking one
another they deflect, and slow each other's previous motions, and
being too small to be elastic, start accumulating.

Regions develop which are more densely populated by them, thereby
increasing the likelihood of their interfering with the motion of
others; to increasingly promote even greater density of that region.

As individual regions of increasing density build up, they form the
nuclei of spinning vortexes, which act as sinks to block, capture,
absorb and further concentrate and densify when any stray bit of
substance passes too close: Like Earth and its atmosphere are
constantly capturing dust particles and meteorites.

Even the moon would coalesce with Earth if it got captured in its
atmosphere; as would both Earth and the moon coalesce with the sun, if
they got close enough to it.
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Old 04-13-2004, 10:41 PM
Steve Ralph
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Default Natures mechanism

"Donald G. Shead" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:48402bae.0404131432.144a869a@posting.google.c om...

So write a simple equation to describe the universe and
everything in it.



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Old 04-13-2004, 10:57 PM
Uncle Al
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Default Natures mechanism

"Donald G. Shead" wrote:

Dumb Donny shitHead randomly pontificates about the meaning of the
universe. Hey Dumb Donny shitHead, gien your "model" calculate and
state the natural abundances of the first three elements - H, He, and
Li - and the H/D ratio of the universe at large.

Compare with measured values, dumb Donny shitHed.

Uncle Al
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Old 04-14-2004, 01:51 AM
V ertner Vergon
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Default Natures mechanism

[Only registered users see links. ] (Donald G. Shead) wrote in message news:<48402bae.0404131432.144a869a@posting.google. com>...

I think you will find a summary ofTHE answers here:
The more detailed answer is available upon request.


"When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in
you know something about it." Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)

Does it make sense that the entire universe is composed of only *one*
type of particle? And that the particle, in a fractal manner, is the
building block of a complex system?

Consider the following closely.

Assume a basic subparticle particle ( as we know them).
This basic subparticle, let's call it Q, has 6 characteristics.
(1) It is spherical.

(2) it is composed of a material "substance" that
is extremely tenuous or rare (in the sense of high altitude
this substance has mass.

(3) It is perfectly elastic, meaning it has no internal friction.

(4) It continually expands and contracts at c velocity

(5) It has spin and angular momentum.

(6) Up to a certain concentration it has co-spatial capabilities.

These Q can be assembled like an Erector Set to form
a model of the universe as we see it on an observable scale.

Because of their tenuousness, they can be co-spatial -- up to a point
where the density becomes too great and then they exhibit the well
known principle that two bodies cannot occupy the same space
at the same time.

In the co-spatial mode -- and if traveling in tandem they are EM
If in a concentric mode, they form particles (electrons, protons).
In this mode the Q are dispersed evenly, each expanding and
contracting in its turn. Each cycle of this pulsation registers as
an element of frequency. Thus a particle of n frequency will be
composed of n Q.

Calculations show that such particles, so composed, will exhibit
a fall off of density as the 4th power of the distance from the
Thus -- the same as we regard astro bodies -- the particle will react
as though all the mass were at the center. Therefore the observation
has been that the particles are mass points.

The same is true for charge. Electrostatic charge is the manifestation
of the pulsation (expansion/contraction) and thus manifests outward
from the center.

Magnetism is the manifestation of the spin -- which is orthogonal
to the polar vector of electric charge.

Electromagnetic radiation is the manifestation of Q traveling in a
manner in which the elctric moment and the magnetic moment are

With this theory, I was able to advance an equation for the strong
that fits exactly the best experimental quantification of the
variation in
attractive force -- including the point of repelling.

I was also able to show *why* the charge on the electron and proton
are equal (though opposite) despite a huge disparity in mass.

The theory also includes a cause and effect (mechanical) explanation
for gravity that dispels the *illusion* of action at a distance.
It also demonstrates the how and why of gravitational force.
Below is a repeat of a post I placed on another thread that
more appropriately belongs here.
Electrons, positrons and photons are all composed of the same sub
These particles are extremely tenuous and have the ability to be
co-spatial -- up to a point where they are too dense and then they

As EM radiation they travel in tandem and because of their elastic
are subject to the laws of superposition. Thus they form gaussian
waves known as photons.

Crash a photon of sufficient Q particles (a high energy photon) into a
backstop (atomic nucleus) and the tandem mode collapses into a

The concentric mode takes the form of an electron and a positron

The resultant matter of the collission has a spin and counter spin in
equal quantities.
That's why an electron and a positron are the products in pair
Because of this equality of opposite spins EM radiation is charge
This individual sub-particle has a mass of 7.372038 x 10-48 gr.
Take the frequency (each oscillation being one particle) of the
and multiply it by that figure -- and you get the mass of the

Take the frequency of a photon, multiply it by that figure -- you get
mass of the photon. Then multiply that result by c -- and you get the
momentum of the photon, which is equal to (h nu/c). And of course,
if you multiply it by c^2 you get the energy of the photon -- equal to

Next, take the frequency of a proton, go through the same procedure
you get the mass of the proton.

So we see that for the photon, electron or proton -- we have the
of E = mc^2. Or, put another way, for all three particles h nu = E =

All of the above demonstrates that matter is not made of photons --

The energy of expansion and contraction of the quantum is
6.62566 x 10-27erg. This divided by its mass is c^2. Again, E = mc^2.

This basic energy unit times the frequency number of a
particle = E = mc^2 (the frequency being the number of quanta in a
particle -- or photon)
Incidentally, the antineutrino is a loosely associated group of quanta
that is outside the parity of charge. Because they are loosely
they do not manifest charge even though they are all of negative spin.
Since there is no positive spin in the group they cannot form photons.
We may think of them as having the same configuration as pellets
from a shotgun.

In the near future I shall post my whole theory (developed over 20
years ago)
on a website for those to read on a take it or leave it basis.
It's named "The Quantum as a Physical Entity".

V. Vergon
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Old 04-14-2004, 03:15 AM
Donald G. Shead
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Default Natures mechanism

Uncle Al <[Only registered users see links. ].net> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ].net>...

Your guess wouldn't be any better than mine, and who cares about that
anyway Uncle Dukapuka.
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