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Physics Forum Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation

Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation - Physics Forum

Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 03-07-2004, 08:51 AM
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Default Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation

Possibility of getting electrical energy from the rotation of the Earth
through its own magnetic field.

The homopolar generator has a conducting disc rotating along with an axially
mounted cylinder magnet; the disc is cemented near the pole of the magnet.
Rotating through the magnetic field, a potential difference is between the
center of the disc and its rim. Brushes pick up voltage here.
The Earth is doing essentially the same thing; it rotates through its own
magnetic field.
The Earth’s oceans near the poles are conductors, moving through the Earth's
magnetic field, containing positive and
negative salt water ions. There should be a separation of charge in the
ocean, near the poles. There could be a potential difference between the
ocean water near the poles and any grounded wire on land at the same
lattitude. Cables could be used connecting these two places and you could
get a constant supply of direct current, provided by the Earth’s rotation
through its own magnetic field. The ions in the sea water near the end of
the cable should be constantly replenished providing a constant voltage.
Near the poles, the magnetic field should be stronger as it is with a
magnet. Also, the cable near the poles would be cold, causing the electrical
resistance in the cable to decrease. [Because the cable is parallel to the
lattitude, there should be no back emf to cancel out the effect.] Near the
poles the field lines are coming up out of the Earth.
[Emf is generated perpendicular to the motion through the field and
perpendicular to the field lines. The separation of charge moves in this

In this case it would not be a closed circuit. It would be like picking up
volage from the different terminals of a battery.
Just like the charge is separated in the rotating disk at the pole of the
magnet, the salt water aound the polar region, rotating through polar field
lines (going upward) would cause a separation in positive and negative ions
of sodium and chlorine; the separation would be close to the ice cap and the
other charge pushed away from it southward.
This should cause an electrical potential difference in these two regions of
Running a cable from the seawater near the pole, to a ground wire on land at
the same lattitude, should produce electrical current, if the potential in
that water and the potential in the ground wire is different enough.
Emf is produced perpendicular to the field lines and the motion through the
field. The only emf produced in a cable, by it moving through the field,
that is running parallel to lattitude would be from one side of the cable to
So, there should be no back current to interfere with the current between
the sea water and the ground line.
The electrical potential in the sea water would continually be re supplied
by more ions as the sea water rotated through the magnetic field of the
Magnetic field is probably stronger near the poles and the cold temperature
would reduce resistence in the cable.
I think it should be investigated to see if there is a potential difference
between sea water near the north pole and a ground wire on land at the same
What I described to you is picking up voltage between two points, like it is
with a car battery. This is not a coil, like you have in an induction
That is why I am using the homo-polar generator as the model, to try to get
electricity from the motion of the Earth through its own magnetic field.
See telluric currents.
There are natural earth currents called telluric currents, and these might
also be caused by the Earth rotating through its own field. - this is also
another line of investigation, to find a source of electricity from the
Earth's rotation.

Any direct current obtained from the Earth's rotation could be used to turn
a direct current motor attached to an alternating current generator, to
produce AC current. The AC can be fed into a city's power lines.

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Old 03-07-2004, 03:14 PM
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Default Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation

"stone2" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ]...


The magnetic field rotates *with* the earth. Generation of electricity
requires *relative* motion of the conductor and the magnetic field.

Next question please.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

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Old 03-07-2004, 03:43 PM
Russ Lyttle
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Default Electrical Power From Earth's Rotation

tadchem wrote:

We've been through this same post two or three times before. Comments are a
waste of bandwidth.
Russ Lyttle

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