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Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory? - Physics Forum

Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory? - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-21-2003, 10:07 PM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

Now that I have mentioned Mark Mccutcheon's The
Final Theory: Rethinking the Scientific Legacy. See

[Only registered users see links. ]

[Only registered users see links. ]
(the first chapter of the book... read it... it's fun)

Let me give brief description of what the new theory is all about.

The universe is infinite right? So it doesn't matter how big an object
is because since the universe is infinite, it can be any size and you
don't have frame or reference.

Imagine hyperspace is inside particles (see the post "Hyperspace
Inside each Particle? where I got the idea from him) affecting the
nucleus as a whole and this space outside we know are just creation of
the hyperspace inside particles and nucleus and hyperspace in the
universe infinity. So space is just relative and not primary
and the space inside atom is not what we understood it. Since
hyperspace is the core of reality and space just the side effect. Then
the atoms hyperspace particles are expanding. And it's pushing out
space (maybe the hyperspace inside particles is being attracted to
the hyperspace at the universe infinity? This is just my guess as I
haven't understood the principle so well. For those who read it and
have other thoughts. Pls share it).

Anyway. What the book basically says is that entire planet earth is
expanding as well as the rest of matter in the universe.
Since human is smaller and the earth bigger. The earth expands
faster compared to humans. So what we feel as gravity is
not us being attracted to the ground. But simply the ground
reaching up to us. So it's all about expansions. When we jump from
airplane. It's not we who falls to the ground. But the earth reaching
up to us and we are feeling the falling because the earth atmosphere
is hitting our body. Also the protons don't fly apart in the nucleus
because the particles are expanding too so it's maintening the core
and the space in the nucleus is not linear or something like that.
He is basically saying that gravitation, strong force are not needed,
even the others. When I first read the book. I have to laught out
loud. But the book length of more than 400 pages explain every
scenerio from orbits to electromagnetic field. All your thoughts of
the contradiction and possible conflict of other scientific principles
is addressed in the book. For those who have read it. Let's find
any major flaw that can debunk everything. The following are the
comments of people in sci.physics who have read it. But unfortunately,
the discussions die down because they don't want to start debating
as it's gonna be very long as it involves the entire principles of
physics. Let note we can learn so much if we can debunk it.
The following are the comments of 3 people in sci.physics who read it.

1st person comments:

"I purchased and read The Final Theory a couple of months ago hoping
for a good challenge in finding the flaws of another theory and
finding the discrepancies that will prove it false and contradicting.
Instead, i found myself using an entirely different standard with
which to view the universe. Obvious but overlooked or ignored flaws in
today's Standard Theory are exposed and corrected. Fundamental
mysteries such as magnetism, electricity, and gravity are explained
and their causes made known. The theory p resented by the author is a
solid and extremely thought-provoking concept. There is nothing overly
complex. Everything is simple and makes perfect sense. This book is
well worth getting just for the way it will make you review all the
laws and theories we've grown up with and accepted, some for
centuries. Either you will find the Standard Theory reinforced as it
defends the laws at its core, or you will find a new way to view the
everyday fundamentals of the univers e. Either way its worth the

2nd person comments:

"I have read the book. This not a book of fiction or crazy ideas. It
presents a theory that very well possibly could one day shatter
standard theory currently in use. It solves mysteries of outer space
and even a few mysteries with Pioneer spacecraft. It utterly brings
down Grand Unified Theoritical work of last several decades. I first
bought the book to read out of curiousity. However after reading it
and thinking over it and testing a few ideas I have been unable to
find any flaw with it. Sciences curren t description of the 4 forces
(gravity, electro-magnetism, Weak Nuclear Force, Strong Nuclear Force)
have been flawed for years. Final Theory shows how much these forces
are not understood by science today. Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Super
String, GUTS, Big Bang, Antimatter, and more are exposed as the flawed
theories they have always been. The very nature of matter and atoms
have been overlooked for the last century, but this book shows why
this has happened. Implicati ons of this new theory are huge. Finally,
it brings new questions about origins of matter and energy in all of
the universe. This book is a must read for anyone who claims to love
science and seeks answers for physical laws function as they do."

3rd person comments:

" For everyone that always ask what "The Theory of Everything" should
be make an effort to get your hands on a book by Mark McCutcheon, The
final Theory. It is a masterful paradigm shift that deserves a closer
look. If you are man or woman enough to admit that there are serious
flaws in the existing Standard Model and all its subset of models from
General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics, then you will do everything
you can to get your hands on The Final Theory, your life will never be
the same again. No dou bt, there will be many questions that will
arise from his book but his proposed model goes a long way further in
explaining everyday existence than all the other models put together.
The model presented is logical and simple, just the way it should be
without elaborate and fancy postulates, mathematical models and
abstract thinking that cannot even be comprehended by the Einsteins'
and Hawkings' of this world. It may not be the final theory of
everything, but it presents a quantum lea p (of several magnitude s)
in thinking that is bound to change the physical representation of our
Universe forever. The question is, are you prepared to be left behind
or are you prepared to let go of your paradigms and be at the
forefront of the new science."
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Old 11-21-2003, 10:43 PM
Uncle Al
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

cinquirer wrote:

McCutcheon failed freshman physics and has been bitter ever since.
Not more educated, either. If empirical observation says you are an
ass, you are an empirical ass.


Hey stooopid - leptons are point particles.

Uncle Al
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(Do something naughty to physics)
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Old 11-22-2003, 03:34 AM
John Sefton
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

Uncle Al wrote:

So's your brain, at least from
far enough away that we can't smell you.

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Old 11-22-2003, 03:35 AM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

Uncle Al <[Only registered users see links. ].net> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ].net>...

I'd be very glad if he is wrong. He doesn't believe in the Aether
and Qi. His model is incomplete as it doesn't explain the other
riches of reality. The complete theory would may need some of his
theories such as our space size being not relative to anything sorta
like Einstein concept of special relativity where frame of reference
is important in measurement and where speed of light is the limit.
Why is speed of light the limit and why does measurement changes
when frame of reference is altered. Could Superspace or Hyperspace
conspire to limit the speed of light to the speed of light. But
then some people (EL?) believes Einstein stuff may hoax although
I'd be glad if it is real, at least we can produce theories around
Einstein that would explain Qi (such as Tiller).

Try to sleep now. Old one with brain as fix as a machintosh, are you
an android?

But not quarks. This is the cornerstone of Superstring Theory.

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Old 11-22-2003, 04:13 AM
Joe Fischer
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

On 21 Nov 2003 14:07:23 -0800, [Only registered users see links. ] (cinquirer) wrote:

Does the author give any credit or references to others
who have proposed this?

Are you sure that is what the book says?

Surely to be worth publishing, the book has to say more than

The Divergent Matter model has been discussed here and
in other newsgroups and on other networks for at least 15 years,
and has been in print in copyrighted publications in 1964 and

Also, I seem to remember another book with something
like Dreams of a Final Theory in the title.

JoKE Fischer

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Old 11-22-2003, 04:55 AM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

Before I read Mark Mccutcheon's The Final Theory. I read Brian
Greene's The Elegant Universe. So I was exposed to the idea that the
space in the very small can have more than 3 dimensions, or the
Calabi-Yau space. What strange space/time laws rule in such small
space? Since external space (the world as we know) is defined by atoms
(whose quark constitutions may be constructed by strings with higher
dimensions that may cause chances in local space continuum in the
nucleus vicinity). Then our space outside of atom may not have the
same space as inside. Mccutcheon didn't use the above analogy nor
mention anything about Superstrings. But use other principles where
he attempts to explain why atoms expand and how it gives rise to
our gravity as the larger size of the earth reach us. I was
contemplating what strange space/time laws may rule inside and
especially considering that particles may be vortexes in hyperspace
or even black holes or sorta(?). Anyway, the following reference to
it by Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe may give a good perspective.

[Only registered users see links. ]

"The Physical Implications of Extra Dimensions

Years of research, dating back to Kaluza's original paper, have shown
that even though any extra dimensions that physicists propose must be
smaller than we or our equipment can directly 'I see" (since we
haven't seen them), they do have important indirect effects on the
physics that we observe. In string theory, this connection between the
microscopic properties of space and the physics we observe is
particularly transparent.

To understand this, you need to recall that masses and charges of
particles in string theory are determined by the possible resonant
vibrational string patterns. Picture a tiny string as it moves and
oscillates, and you will realize that the resonant patterns are
influenced by its spatial surroundings. Think, for example, of ocean
waves. Out in the grand expanse of the Open, ocean, isolated wave
patterns are relatively free to form and travel this way or that. This
is much like the vibrational patterns of a string as it moves thru
large, extended spatial dimensions. As in Chapter 6, such a string
is equally free to oscillate in any of the extended directions at any
moment. But if an ocean wave passes through a more cramped spatial
environment, the detailed form of its wave motion will surely be
affected by, for example, the depth of the water, the placement and
shape of the rocks encountered, the canals through which the water is
channeled, and so on. Or, think of an organ pipe or a French horn. The
sounds that each of these instruments can produce are a direct
consequence of the resonant patterns of vibrating air streams in their
interior; these are determined by the precise size and shape of the
spatial surroundings within the instrument through which the air
streams are channeled. Curled-up spatial dimensions have a similar
impact on the possible vibrational patterns of a string. Since tiny
strings vibrate through all of the spatial dimensions, the precise way
in which the extra dimensions are twist ed up a nd curled back on each
other strongly influences and tightly constrains the possible resonant
vibrational patterns. These patterns, largely determined by the
extradimensional geometry, constitute the array of possible particle
properties observed in the familiar extended dimensions. This means
that extradimensional geometry determines fundamental Physical
attributes like particle masses and charges that we observe in the
usual three large space dimensions of c ommon experience.

This is such a deep and important point that we say it once again,
with feeling. According to string theory, the universe is made up of
tiny strings whose resonant patterns of vibration are the microscopic
origin of particle masses and force charges. String theory also
requires extra space dimensions that must be curled up to a very small
size to be consistent with our never having seen them. But a tiny
string can probe a tiny space. As a string moves about, oscillating as
it travels, the geometrical form o f the extra dimensions plays a
critical role in determining resonant patterns of vibration. Because
the patterns of string vibrations appear to us as the masses and
charges of the elementary particles, we conclude that these
fundamental properties of the universe are determined, in large
measure, by the geometrical size and shape of the extra dimensions.
That's one of the most far-reaching insights of string theory.

Since the extra dimensions so profoundly influence basic physical
properties of the universe, we should now seek-with unbridled vigor -
an understanding of what these curled-up dimensions look like.

Rich <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ]>...
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Old 11-22-2003, 06:36 AM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

[Only registered users see links. ] (cinquirer) wrote in message news:<69cb3a95.0311211407.19128438@posting.google. com>...

Many theories suggest that the universe is not infinite, but ok,
suppose it is. Then, yes, you don't have a frame of reference WRT to
the universe as a whole from inside the universe itself, but you can
have a frame of reference between any number of arbitrarty points
within the universe.

Define hyperspace please.

I have no clue what you are trying to say here. The "space" inside
atoms creates the space outside?

How do we know hyperspace is the core of reality? Why would it be?

Why? Are hyperspace particles quarks?

This fails completely. The sun is bigger than the Earth. By the same
logic, the sun is expanding faster than the Earth, and thus the Earth
is being pulled into the sun. Therefore, if this is true, we should
see the sun approaching us at a rate relative to the expansion of the
sun. In other words, relative to the Earth, the sun should be getting
bigger; which it isn't.

Also, the force of gravity is not constant, it changes with distance.
Thus if a sky diver is falling from say, 20000 ft above the surface,
he might experience an acceleration of 8.7 m/s^2 (this is a guess, not
going to bother to do the full calculation), but as he approaches the
surface, his acceleration will increase. By your theory, this would
imply that the rate of expansion of the Earth changes relative to the
position of the person, which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.

The above should start as a suitable beginning. If the theory intends
to replace standard model, it must be consistent with the data. That's
aside from other things dealt with in various other posts (the whole
work fiasco, for instance)


Their comments aren't relavent to the discussion. Also, I note that
you didn't post the two or three other reviews (which are at
amazon.com by the way) which scathed the book for being a logical
disaster with no physical sense.

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Old 11-22-2003, 06:48 AM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

[Only registered users see links. ] (cinquirer) wrote in message news:<69cb3a95.0311211407.19128438@posting.google. com>...

If that were true, the Earth would overtake the Moon pretty fast, and
then the Sun the Earth!

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Old 11-22-2003, 07:04 AM
The Babynous Cult
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?


it wasn't so very long ago that 'the smart guys' thought
that ATOMS were point particles...

Now though... SOME of the 'smart' guys think that
_particles_ are the wrong way of thinking about 'stuff'...???


\ ( '_' ) /

.---. .-. .---..-..-..-..-..---..-..-. .--.
| | < / \ | | < > / | .` || O || '' |( -<
`---'`--^--'`---' `-' `-'`-'`---'`----'`---)


The Babynous Cult
A SemiHedonistic Cult for The Whole Family!

We Offer A Low, Low, Low Priced New World Order That'll
Be More Fun
Than The Bilderbergs Lame Version

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Old 11-22-2003, 08:32 AM
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Default Atomic Expansion Theory & Gravitation: The Final Theory?

[Only registered users see links. ] (cinquirer) wrote in message news:<69cb3a95.0311211935.3f955d4f@posting.google. com>...

Really! The bastard, how did he dare and not believe in Aether and Qi.


It's a mystery, don't you think so?

Yes, yes ... you are a genius ... it must be a conspiracy. <harharhar>

Yes, this EL (some people) does freakingly believe in some of
Einstein's stuff if not almost all of "his" non-plagiarised work.
Unfortunately, some morons did him a very bad favour and screwed his

Your hoax may never be real.

Join Hammond, he is an expert in plagiarizing Einstein who was a great
plagiarizer of great plagiarizers.
What a ****ing world!

How about the dishes in your sink?
They could never tell you that they are point particles, right?
I could point you to some ads of Hyper-dishwashers.
At least they could demonstrate hyperspace inside the dishwasher for
you before you buy and if you were not satisfied with the chakras of
the dishwasher don't buy it.

You should really, really reconsider swapping hyper-spice for
hyper-space, British cockneys would not even know the difference.

This is very deadly serious because I am sure that garlic and
hot-pepper do activate the chakras.

Think about it.

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