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Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship - Physics Forum

Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship - Physics Forum. Discuss and ask physics questions, kinematics and other physics problems.

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Old 11-16-2003, 01:25 AM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

Let me conclude my Qi and Etheric inquiries with Dr. Tiller
observation (shared below) that magnetism is related in some way
to the etheric body & Qi. It would take many decades or centuries
to understand the connection. Dr. Tiller is the U.S. top
scientist working on it. If he, a scientist studying it
for years, can't nail it, What would you expect us public
to understand it. So I'll forget about Qi for awhile as
it may be 22nd century physics. The following came from
Dr. Tiller's "Science and Human Transformation" available at
[Only registered users see links. ] which I just recieved yesterday and saw
the magnetism-etheric reference. The book has incredible
data inside and many experimental results, and at the back
is written, "For the first time in Western history, A
scientific model of the unseen". All those interested
in the physics of qi, his book may be the only one you'll
need as it's the only book that studies the etheric body in
a scientific fashion. If his theories are wrong and he can't
figure it out. Then let's just wait for another century for
the physics of qi to be understood by our next generations
(and the resultant health revolution that may be bestowed
by it).

(for sci.physics.relativity folks, this would be
the last seemingly off topic post so have patience
I shared about Qi here because I assume Qi is a
relativistic phenomenon that interacts faster than
the speed of light and relevant to relativistic model)

Quoting Dr. Tiller in "Science and Human Transformation"
concerning the possible connections between the etheric and
magnetism: (If you have comments positive or negative, pls.
kindly share it. Thanks.)

"Magnetism As A Factor In The Subtle Energy Arena:

Since the substance of the etheric domain is thought to be composed of
magnetic particles (see Chapter 2), we should look at some of the
seemingly strange magnetic effects found by various investigators
before writing down our concluding equation of this chapter.

In terms of a historical perspective, it is probably important to
begin considering magnetic energies as distinct from electric
energies. For this, we need to recall the days of Faraday and von
Reichenback; i.e., around the 1840's- 1850's. Faraday was one of the
central scientific figures of his day who experimentally categorized
various magnetic and electric reactions and interactions so as to
place them on a very firm and objective foundation. Human intervention
or influence on the family of electromagnetic interactions
elucidated by Faraday was seemingly insignificant. At the same time,
the famous chemist and inventor of Creosote, Baron von Reichenback,
was also looking at magnetic phenomena but he was using sensitive
human subjects (clairvoyants, etc.) and sensitive circumstances to
reveal and elucidate a class of phenomena that he thought was part of
electromagnetism(28). His subjects observed a blue flame-like glow
from the north pole of a magnet and a red flame-like glow from the
south pole. These " flames" displayed no tendency to unite, they could
be diverted by blowing on them or by placing a solid object in their
path and no beat could be detected from them. This magnetic light
could be focussed by a glass lens and it could expose silver iodide
photographic plates. He also found that a magnet would attract the
arms and hands of some subjects.

These observations by Baron von Reichenback were very different from
those made by Faraday and a great professional conflict developed
between the two men until Faraday emerged the victor. Thus, the subtle
magnetic interaction aspect tended to get pushed aside and excluded
from the foundations of modern day electromagnetism which began with
Maxwell's invention of his famous equations in the late 1800's. 1
suspect that it is time to take another serious look at Baron von
Reichenback's work(28).

In terms of the psychic phenomena area of activity, professional
psychics have talked repeatedly about magnetism for the last 200 years
as a major source governing and determining this class of phenomena.
They did not refer to electricity as such a source. However, based
upon known magnetic effects, it was not possible for scientists to
discover an explanation for such statements. Experimentally, on the
other hand, it was observed that, if you placed a psychic subject in a
Faraday cage, they work even bette r whereas, if you place them in a
magnetically shielded room, they often lose their psychic abilities.
Thus, there does appear to be some differentiation appearing in this
area between the influence of electric and magnetic forces on human

If one looks at careful work in the dowsing area(29), one finds that
dowsers are incredibly sensitive to electromagnetic energies,
particularly to magnetic fields and at levels - one trillionth of the
earth's magnetic field strength ( -0.5 Gauss). Amazingly small
perturbations in the local magnetic field appear to trigger signals in
the dowser's adrenal glands. From polarized electromagnetic wave
studies with dowsers, they have been shown to be especially sensitive
to the magnetic wave component of the EM w ave especially when the
magnetic component is horizontally polarized(29).

From experiments on the enzyme Tripsin in water(30), one notes that
the enzymatic activity is enhanced in strong D.C. magnetic fields and
also by the action of a healer's hands. The healer effect is
equivalent to that of a 20,000 Gauss magnet (see Fig. 1.18). Other
experiments with water(31) revealed that magnet-treated water and
healer-treated water exhibit a reduced surface tension by about 20%
(see Fig. 1. 19) and a reduced hydrogen bonding. Using infrared
spectroscopy, the amplitude of the primary stre tch mode of the H20
molecule is observed to be reduced at 3.2 microns and a new mode
begins to appear at about 2.8 microns (see Fig. 1.20). The presence of
this 2.8 micron mode has been utilized to test the efficacy of
therapeutic touch healers(32).

If we look at the physical substance making up our bodies, we note
that it is not magnetic (at least in the usual sense of a magnetic
material). We may contain a very small amount of magnetotaxic
substances in our bodies but this would give rise to a trivial net
magnetic property. Likewise, the magnetic fields generated in the body
by the circulating charge in the body's fluid circuits is also trivial
compared to the magnetic field strengths needed to produce the above-
mentioned water effects. And yet we found magnetic-type phenomena
occuring around some of us generated by what appear to be, at least at
the physical level, essentially non-magnetic beings.

To strenghten the point further, if one takes a DC magnet (~50-100
Gauss) and places it close to an acupuncture point on the hand or arm,
local analgesia will be produced. Likewise, if one lays a subject with
a kidney problem flat on a table and face up and then addresses the
alarm point of the kidney meridian with a DC magnet, one leg on the
subject will elongate relative to the other. Thus, we see that a
magnetic effect can be transferred to the physiological response
level. Table 1.7 illustrates an expan ded range of biological
responses ascribed to magnetic field therapy.

It is well known that the organic molecule Myosin is essential in
muscle contraction. Myosin light chain phosphorylation is involved in
the expression of ATPase activity which accompanies muscle
contraction. It has also been shown that in-vitro cell-free Myosin
phosphorylation exhibits a roughly linear increase in gamma P uptake
by Myosin light chains with static magnetic field strength increase.
Experiments with Qigong practitioners have shown that they can
consistently reduce the phosphorylation due to tr eatment at a 2-5
foot distance from the samples. Placing the samples in an Amunel
magnetic shielding box produced a significant reduction in the
subjects' Qi effect in most cases -- to the border of insignificance.
Thus, the Qigong practitioners appear to be projecting a type of
magnetic energy but with inverse characteristics to a regular magnetic

As a final philosophical comment to this magnetism topic, let us
recall that nature generally displays properties of symmetry. We have
positive and negative electricity springing from electric monopoles
(electric charge) and one would expect magnetism to spring primarily
from the presence of magnetic monopoles but, although science has
looked long and hard, no satisfactory evidence has been found to
reveal its existence. The magnetism we presently understand is
generated solely by the motion of electric cha rges. This is somewhat
surprising because the presence of magnetic charges and currents along
with electric charges and currents in Maxwell's equations produces a
beautiful symmetry that one would expect nature to like. Very
recently, Barrett(34) seems to have cleared up the dilemma by pointing
out that the Maxwell equation gauge symmetry is of the U(I) form when
only electric charge and electric currents are present but is of the
more complex S11(2) form when magnetic charges and currents are also
present. U(1) fields are known to have fewer local degrees of freedom
than SU(2) fields, and SU(2) fields can be transformed into U(I)
fields by a process known as symmetry breaking.

However, after symmetry breaking only some topological charges are
conserved; electric charge is conserved but magnetic charge is not. We
can conclude from this that, when one wishes to consider phenomena
wherein magnetic charge is important, one must focus on a higher level
of reality (SU(2)) than that of the purely physical reality (U(I)).

[Only registered users see links. ]

Including both the direct space/inverse space concept and the magnetic
charge/electric charge concept, Equation 1.4 should be expanded to the
form given in Equation 1.5. The upper path in Equation 1.5 is the path
of allopathic medicine while the lower path is proposed as the path of
homeopathic medicine. Both of these paths function in our bodies and
in the fields of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. The inverse
space-time domain becomes a frequency domain and magnetic vector
potential is presumed to occupy the key position on the bridge between
the subtle and the physical.

A Working Hypothesis

It is important to understand that the fragmentary data described in
this chapter do not constitute satisfactory proof of the philosophical
perspectives expressed by the various equations. Any individual piece
of data is contestable for a variety of scientific reasons; however,
taken as a whole, it is compelling circumstantial evidence that nature
does, indeed, function largely as indicated by these equations. One or
more centuries of study, both experimental and theoretical, will
probably be needed to refine the concepts. In the meantime, Equation
1.5 seems to be a good working hypothesis via which humanity may move
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Old 11-16-2003, 07:12 AM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

cinquirer, newsgroup spammer:

Could you shorten that to a line or less that contains whatever
might be worthwhile?

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Old 11-16-2003, 10:46 PM
Uncle Al
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

cinquirer wrote:

One doubts you know when to shut up, even after drowning in a
proffered sea of empirical counterdemonstration.

Physical reality is not about whining to your mommy. Physical reality
is your daddy coming after you with a strap. The singular problem
with you drooling idiots is that you are all bastards.

Uncle Al
[Only registered users see links. ]
[Only registered users see links. ]
(Do something naughty to physics)
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Old 11-17-2003, 01:53 AM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

Uncle Al <[Only registered users see links. ].net> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ].net>...

drowning...? drooling idiots....?

Hmm... just about to cease posting about them and it was supposed to
be the last thread... but after seeing Al's barbaric statements.
I decided to stay and tell more stuff that justifies why it is
simply not electromagnetic but more involved and wanna challenge

Thanks to Al for giving me more reasons to say.

See the thread, "Shapes & Etheric Matter" in response to this.

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Old 11-17-2003, 04:27 AM
Jim Roberts
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

"Uncle Al" <[Only registered users see links. ].net> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ].net...

If your going to be an idiot, a drooling type is the only way to go.

Great website Uncle Al.


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Old 11-17-2003, 05:48 AM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

Uncle Al <[Only registered users see links. ].net> wrote in message news:<[Only registered users see links. ].net>...

Occasionally I find myself forced to agree with you Al.

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Old 11-17-2003, 10:33 AM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

[Only registered users see links. ] (cinquirer) wrote in message news:<69cb3a95.0311161753.37aabed7@posting.google. com>...
In fact Mr. cinquirer, I find that post of Uncle Al your best hope for
proving Lucidity and clairvoyance to exist.
The man described you with crystal clear words as if you were standing
right in front of him.
I think that Uncle Al's Qi has improved thanks to you.

You stimulated his Qi to the extent of making him select exquisite
expressions to express your state perfectly.
Your insensitivity implies that you are dead yet have the power to
communicate "relentlessly" with the living.
I think we should all believe you that you are only Qi without a body
that can feel and sense.
I admit that you have demonstrated a powerful proof of your point.

Ok, so we have now an empirical proof that Qi exists in an unknown
form that calls itself cinquirer.
What next?
I mean what the **** can we do for you?

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Old 11-17-2003, 01:23 PM
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

So the priesthood of physics have shown themselves.

Anyway. I wonder if photon is to physical as qi is to conjugate

As in:

Photon = Physical
Qi = Conjugate Physical

Anyway, I read the following that alleged to describe the physics
of Qi. It may be made up or based on some small evidences which
he used to build up or formulate the theory:

"Qi = geometrized energy-patterns coded into and in-forming the
etheric-physical field, the astral-etheric field, the astral and
mental fields etc. "Qi" is the generic Chinese term, used here in
preference of others owing to its familiarity even in the West
corresponding roughly to what has otherwise been known as vril,
orgone, wakkan, od or odic force, ch'i, prana, azoth, subtle energy
and magnetic fluid; depending on the given plane, state or density in
which the qi occurs, it may take on various forms and serve differing
functions according to ideotypal, psychic, psycho-emotional or vital
requirements. It is not the same as the ether but encodes
infrastructure patterns of ether, which, according to
"angle-of-propagation" and overall waveform of the latter tend to
align, organize and preferentially orient the geometric sub-components
of enfolded qi-states (thus exfolding them with reference to the
guiding ideotype of the cognitive grid network imparting etheric
"angle" in the first place). Through the resultant guideline of
perspectival coordinates they "migrate" to strategic ontological
"positions" undergirding stress-tensor states of subatomic field
patterns and magnetogravitic, phase-space topologies. Such qi
influstructures are themselves without "size" or "physical' position
(i.e. with respect to atomic coordinates to the limits of
indeterminacy) though their ontological "angles" and "edges" orient
relative size and respective position of point-fields by gauge
adjustments according to compensatory symme tries required of the -
given - perspective. The Qi Patterns themselves are reiterative and
holonomic. Therefore while they may "appear" to reside strictly
"within" the coordinative limits of the overall field geometry (as
with E8 x E8 gauge group) either when evidentially reconstituted or
occultly "perceived", they are arbitrarily "expansive" to an
indeterminate degree and range beyond those apparent


All I know is that Qi has the following properties:

1. Qi is interactive with geometrical form (for example, Triangular
shape can focus it, especially when a group of it are combined such as
in a pyramid structure. Remember some decades back when pyramid
cardboard box are reported to sharpen razor (maybe something to do
with crystalline structure reorganization although I haven't tried any
razor testing so can't vouch for the validity of this). But if you put
your hand inside a cardboard pyramid. You can feel qi focusing densely
on your hand or seers can see the increased energy field inside of
it). Note that in order to affect crystalline structure, I think
you don't just put it inside the pyramid. You have to will it just
like what the Qi emitter in the china experiment do.

2. Qi is not just a property of physical matter but also function in
the extended subatomic hyperfunctions called astral, mental and causal
field (as esoterically defined by many traditional schools and
directly perceived by practitioners). For example. The spleen chakra
planetary qi, but other chakras absorb more of astral qi than

3. Personal Qi is non-local such as when affecting other conjugate
physical (etheric) body at a distance (used in distance healing, etc.)

Now the physics of qi. It may take more than Relativity and Quantum
Mechanics. I wonder if the Superstrings Theory is sufficient or other
model is needed. It's formulation someday can shatter the pristhood
of physics and give humanity a chance to live on with harmony.


[Only registered users see links. ] (EL) wrote in message news:<7563cb80.0311162148.55bc322f@posting.google. com>...
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Old 11-17-2003, 01:40 PM
Steve Ralph
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

Oh no, not *another* one

news:<7563cb80.0311162148.55bc322f@posting.google. com>...
news:<[Only registered users see links. ].net>...

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Old 11-17-2003, 11:47 PM
Jim Roberts
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Default Magnetism & Etheric hidden relationship

"Bilge" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
news:[Only registered users see links. ]...

Between cinquirer and [Only registered users see links. ], all the bandwidth is going to be
taken up. At least bob's are short most of the time.


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