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New Nitro Reduction & Saturation of double bond CATalyst

New Nitro Reduction & Saturation of double bond CATalyst - Organic Chemistry Forum

New Nitro Reduction & Saturation of double bond CATalyst - Organic Chemistry Forum

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Old 09-19-2004, 02:28 PM
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Default New Nitro Reduction & Saturation of double bond CATalyst

I was looking for a (new ?) way to the reduction of 2-nitropropenes
type compounds. Because the reduction with LAH or NaBH4 & Pd-C or even
electrolytic reduction is a bit of pain in your ass if you have to
reduce large amounts. How does the Industrial Chemical Manufactor
handels reduction of Nitro to Amine and saturation of the double-bond
? I, thought that large reductions are best reduced with a IV Catalyst
and a acid, like 5% Pd-C in Acetic Acid, But expensive. When searching
in my chamical warehouse I found something that grabs my attention. As
discribed it's reduction of nitro 2 amine and saturation of double
bonds, the Nickel on Silica catalyst seems to be very intresting to do
some experimenting with. I think this catalyst works almost yust the
same as Pd-C or Pt-C by doing the reduction of the XXX-2-Nitropropene
in Acetic Acid. My periodic table tells me alot of secrets you now ?
Anyway's I needed to know how much less reduction does that NiSi have
compared with Pd-C ? I dont know for sure this method as accurate but
the Molucar weight of Pd+C minus the MW of Ni+Si was about 31% less
reducing power but also less development of heat in new applications
using this very cheap compound compaird with LAH or using a Pd-C as
catalyst. Any ways, I gonna buy that stuff, it's cheap, and I see

Well , I am alot more happey if I cann talk about this, but I never
did''nt any chemistry school lessons, in fact Your cann learn alot
from internet, very cool


And let me put up to you this way.... cause ....
Paul J. Franklin(moderator - sci.chem.organic.synthesis)
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Georgia State University <[Only registered users see links. ].edu>
Atlanta, GA
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