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alltion 08-01-2008 07:29 AM

we offer one-stop-purchasing for microscopes
China Microscopes manufacturer and supplier_Alltion Microscope Co., Ltd

Alltion microscope always has the latest and most models for you to choose.

Alltion Microscope Co., Ltd. is a specialized and diversified exporter of most China's optical instruments. Biological microscopes, Stereo microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Industrial microscope, Surgery Operating Microscope, Dental and ENT Operating Microscopes, Ophthalmic Operating Microscopes and Colposcopes, including their accessories, optical lenses and components, you can find most China's sources of optical instruments in this web site.

We produce high quality optical components and microscopes with CE certificate, and A combination of ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and rigorous quality control checks on each microscope, ensures that Alltion's microscopes are of consistent quality.

Innovation is a hallmark of microscopes including professional inspections, the unique, universal microscope camera adapter system, We aim to introduce some new microscope configurations each year and our large range of industrial inspection microscopes bear witness to this innovation.
Similarly, continuous research and direct contact with clients greatly facilitates product innovation.

Reasonable Pricing
plenty of orders ensures that we can go into mass production, as a result, we are able to maintain a highly competitive pricing strategy without compromising on product quality.

Good customer service
Good customer service is hard to define, but we all know it when we receive it.
Our customer service is underpinned by a deep knowledge of microscopes that enables us to answer and satisfy even the most sophisticated of our cliets.

There is also a dedicated spirit of customer service that pervades the company. This spirit is evident in our remarkable team of employees who operate in a highly technical and modern environment, It is a spirit that is witnessed, on a daily basis, by our thousands of satisfied customers.

If you could not find what you wanted, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or fax so that we could make a special offer for you because we always have some special models which are not shown on our web site.

jackquality 12-04-2009 08:44 AM

Re: we offer one-stop-purchasing for microscopes

I found that a member asked same question in this forum 4 month ago.

Pls use search box to find this questions.


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