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Interpol "configured to reject your mail" re Paul Gieschen (Heropoules/Vensel)

Interpol "configured to reject your mail" re Paul Gieschen (Heropoules/Vensel) - Microbiology Forum

Interpol "configured to reject your mail" re Paul Gieschen (Heropoules/Vensel) - Discuss Microbiology Science and Protocols here. Post questions on the study of viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria here. Microbiology Forum.

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Old 02-07-2006, 09:42 PM
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Default Interpol "configured to reject your mail" re Paul Gieschen (Heropoules/Vensel)

A former roommate, Diane Marie Seaberg* (formerly Diane Shellman),
University of Miami Law student, admitted to me that she worked/works
for the government and was equipped with a spray to put a sleeping
person in a deep sleep for hypnosis/programming/torture. Torture would
mostly be electric shock.

If you live in an apartment please consider that your managers may work
for the government. My parents did. Please see:

"Nob Hill Apartments/covert military intelligence" (miami.general)
[Only registered users see links. ]

Please use caution around Prof. Irwin Stotzky. He was Diane's
"handler." She was a target and a perpetrator. I was one of her
targets as was a law student named Naphtali** (early 80's): red-haired
Orthodox Jew. She was also a target of Naphtali's who used our
roommate Linda in a romantic relationship in order to have access to
Diane at night. He was trying to get information on Prof. Stotzky.

If you know students in the dorms (or concerned parents) please let
them know that no one is immune. The government mind controls
elementary students and college students. A dorm roommate may not be
safe. If a resident would wear earplugs they would be less vulnerable
to sleep hypnosis (might awaken if it was attempted -- the earplugs
would need to be removed.) Don't trust floor monitors. An
over-the-door alarm (hangs over knob and goes off if entry is
attempted) would help. Extra locks too.

A student might be vulnerable to University personnel if they are part
of a Psychology 101 class and have to participate in experiments. (It
was a requirement when I was a Psych 101/102 student.) I may have
signed some sort of waiver which left me open. (The Supreme Court
protects the identities of Universities involved in MK_Ultra and the
Pentagon is very "loose" about what is considered legal.)


*"Preventive Law For Schools And Colleges: A Practical Guide for
Administrators, Risk Managers, and Legal Counsel" by Michael Prairie,
Timothy Garfield, Diane Seaberg
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Diane Seaberg, current Board secretary for NCHS" (North County Health
[Only registered users see links. ]

Diane Seaberg, JD, Secretary
[Only registered users see links. ]

[Only registered users see links. ]

"The author wishes to thank his California Western
colleagues...Attorney Diane Seaberg for service beyond the call of duty
as editor and cheerleader."

KPBS NPR, "A Broadcast Service of SDSU" (San Diego State University)
[Only registered users see links. ]

Silver Level $1,000 - $2,499
Diane Seaberg & Glenn Smith

Canyon Quilters 2000 Quilt Challenge
[Only registered users see links. ]
Diane Seaberg:

Diane Marie Seaberg, Esq.
Class of 1984
[Only registered users see links. ]

Diane is Tom's partner. Tom Gardiner (see below) ordered the
publication of "High Times." "phoenix" answers to him. ("phoenix" is
an ugly curly-haired red-headed Jew [one of the Editors, I think, at
"High Times."***]) Tom ran the Hatonn psyop too (The Phoenix Journals.)
He ran Nelson Brickham (CIA officer), the man responsible for the
creation of the Phoenix Program. Phoenix is the model for the US
homeland security apparatus.

Brian Dennehy thinks I'm a bad person because I lived a good life.

He says his people are "E.T. 101" (Zhoev Jho)

He's most proud of his creation of Carla Ross-Robertson.

Diana Napolis thinks because everyone I knew is satanic they should be
able to make up anything about my life that they want.

She says she would inspire you much more than I would. (She is a
creation of Agent Robertson's.)

"I couldn't get that fat guy to **** me." -- Diana Napolis, meaning
Paul Gieschen

"If you thought he'd ****ed Emily he wouldn't have been following his
own advice." -- Naphtali, meaning Paul as Jesus

Diane Seaberg was Bonnie's coach for the most prolonged spiritual rape.
Please see:

"Mystical Journey"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Do you think your public wants the real Holy Spirit?" -- Agent

"Now if you'd say you created this:

"Satanism, ritual abuse, cannibalism -- in the news"
[Only registered users see links. ]

patterned after Diana's

"Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive"
[Only registered users see links. ]

that'd be something." -- Agent Robertson

"Diana's is better than yours and you think that's your best

"I challenged God and gave him a run for his money."

Susan Sarandon says people don't see the self-evidence of not mind
controlling children.

"What makes you good enough to write about this?" -- Diane Seaberg

"The real Divine Feminine doesn't get to be, not while we're on the
earth." -- Nicole Kidman

"Oh, he (Paul Gieschen) doesn't get to be either, except to **** him in
front of you."

"We did those TV shows for our people. It was too much to give to
you." -- Elizabeth Montgomery

"We wouldn't have given you a bite of food if we thought you were going
to survive." -- Harry

Dean Martin says, "Bonnie was pretty -- our Holy Spirit."

I'm supposed to give them a nod for good fakes.

"And why is it necessary to have fakes in the first place?" -- Sherry

Sherry put a stake in my heart when our heart song (me and God's) was
its most beautiful.

"We are important! We're satanists." -- Lalonnie (Waldenbooks)

"The little Holy Spirit was supposed to come here and get ****tarded.
That's all." -- Elizabeth Montgomery

"All this private shit about Mark. It really belongs to the
government." -- Agent Robertson

"If your husband hadn't betrayed you, you wouldn't be in this
situation." -- Elizabeth Montgomery

"You make my dick hard." -- Casper

"If I were you, I'd kill myself." -- McKibbage

"If you can't get a classy lawyer to help you, who are you going to

"God has abandoned you." -- Agent Robertson

"You think that dumb shit out there is going to understand any of

"You should kill yourself, you're so disgraced." -- Dean Martin

Ray Penland was in love with me.

"We all were in your other life when you were pretty." -- Casper

"When the people around you protected you." -- the former father

"You have to torch the gross one before you can get this other shit to
work." -- Sly Stallone

"Don't you think that porn whore shit would like knowing the Holy
Spirit of God (the doe) was raped and tortured too?" -- Agent Robertson

"The only person you know is Paul Gieschen. Who are you going to get
to believe you are anything other than what we say you are?" -- Ellen
Gail Fine

"Paul was lucky to be around me." -- Sherry

"We're proud to be a part of this." -- Phil Donohue, Catholic, Jesuit

"Paul is a gross pig. I didn't want him as my Jesus."

"We thought we had him. We thought we torched him." -- Donna

"Satanism was going to be ended anyway. We might as well have some fun
while it's happening." -- Lisa Nicholson

"He's just proving he'll get down in the shit with the people who don't
count." -- Ellen Gail Fine

"Do you think maybe we got some real infants on this one -- throughout
history?" -- Richard Hanning, Jr.

"You are the other one (the second journey) whether we allow you to
feel like it or not." -- Tom

"Ellen doesn't want you to feel like you're both being persecuted. She
doesn't want you bonded." -- Tom

"Diane's playing with their precious Jesus stuff." -- Diane

Bill from SZF doesn't want me to have a cigarette.

His wife ****ed her kid before she killed him.

"Will you not smoke in honor of my kid?" -- Bill from SZF

He's glad I wasn't with Paul the night of the Charter Christmas party
or we wouldn't have been allowed in.

"You don't tell the truth in this world and get away with it." -- Bill

Me and God trumpeted my research and writings in the summer and fall of
2004. I have been punished ever since.

Donna was one of the ones who tortured me to powder.

"God put you in my care. I tortured you." -- Donna

Bonnie is important. She gets her own red blob in space.

Bonnie recreated a time when she worked at Cordis and kissed Joann, who
had betrayed her, on the cheek at lunch in a parody of the Last Supper.

"I KNOW I've tortured Native Peoples in the underground." -- Tammy
Whicher, assistant to the Publisher of the Fond du Lac Reporter

Bonnie is God's assistant, spreading light and kindness wherever she

Bonnie wishes she were me and that she had done my research. She'd
heard about me and knew about me and the only way she could be me was
by being satanic and attacking me.

Ellen placed the ugly girl that smelled like shit you didn't want to
date at Fox Jewelers.

Richard took the original notes from my phone call with Malcolm Kahn
(University of Miami Counseling Center.) "She probably didn't even
write that. It was probably given to her." -- Ellen, referring to

"Letter to Dale Griffis, written May 15, 2001"
[Only registered users see links. ]

Ray Scherr worked with Ellen to destroy people.

Ray Penland was a big catch. Ray's wife was a target.

"I'm trying to get God away from Laura. This time there are no rules."
-- Ellen

Richard was ****ing Karen Kromer when she was past her prime in beauty
(dried out, anorexic.) Artie'd cracked her with an Aussie. They were
together when he worked for Bob Wahl in Dunmore, PA (Adelphia Cable was
their cover.)

Tom Brokaw says he's a being like Frank Rich/Brian Dennehy.

"Too bad Richard can't stand up for you." -- Tom Brokaw

"Won't!" -- Richard

"You been shit-kicked your whole life." -- Karen Kromer

Shirley MacLaine says she knows Coretta Scott KIng.

"Richard, did I meet Bob Wahl?" -- Karen

"He cares about you but not other people, is that it?" -- Shirley

TOP EXECUTIVE: Bob Wahl, regional senior VP; b. 1941; BS, business
administration, John Carroll University, 1963; immediate past position:
VP, Great Lakes Region, Adelphia; voice: 978-686-1080; fax:
978-686-3580; e-mail: [Only registered users see links. ]
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Richard ****ed your cousin and you didn't even get your son." -- Agent

Richard had an attachment put on my son's head which made him
spiritually ill.

Carla is a tall, graceful, accomplished woman and it's been a lot for
her to spend so much of her professionally valuable time on me.

"Karen was prettier than you." -- Richard

"I wish I'd never gotten dick." -- Mary

[Only registered users see links. ]

I was in Da Nang67 Phu Bia68 Aco.Just heard about this site a few
week`s ago I seen some old friend`s name`s Gary Williams-Bob
Wahl-Lloyd"Barney"Raeg-Bob King-Reinaman-Snitchler.I just wanted to say
Hi to some old friends
Bill Dube <[Only registered users see links. ].>
Brockton, Ma USA - Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 00:58:06 (GMT)

Email:BOBW793 @AOL.COM
Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 at 19:16:53

"That's a big big one." -- John Landsberg (John and Donna lived in
Manfield, Ohio for many years. Bob Wahl was from Mansfield.)

Nam drugs...snore.

McKibbage holds me responsible for the Little People beings he sold to

Drugs, infants, genetically engineered cetacean matter, me, God...I
wonder what else is sacred these people might torture. Maybe there are
other beings on other worlds more sensitive, more sacred.

They would use adrenalin to keep the infants alive for prolonged
torture but their vocal chords would give out. It was a less
satisfying experience than it could have been.

"He used to mock you after he'd **** you." -- Karen, meaning her lover,

"He'd rape and torture that boy then come over and **** me."

Ellen says it spares me a little that so many hated and betrayed my boy
as well.

"We're not all the criminals there ever were." -- Karen

"You died when you learned you hadn't protected that boy." -- Richard

Artie says, "she didn't die, she's just not going to give you that

"God didn't love your boy." -- Agent Robertson

Karen says Richard should start over and just **** and torture local
schoolchildren and live with her, not Ellen.

Dora's son John Kromer was a dumb ****ing hick like Herky.

Mary Ann Kromer died of Gulf War Illness. Artie and Dora are proud
that Bush & Baker III's Texas companies sold biological weapons to

Susan Sarandon says I ate Sister Jude Marie's cunt. (St. Raphael's,
1st grade.)

"That gross shit that was tortured in Viet Nam -- those are my girls."
-- Tom

Dino ordered Naphtali to destroy Linda Sachs.

Carla has ordered the F.B.I. to destroy all niggers.

"Mediocre shit sneaks up on quality people. They see value in us and
we destroy them with the proximity they have allowed us." Naphtali and
Janet Greenbaum

"For no reason." -- Dino

"That's why it's indiscernable."

"Jesus discerned it but that was in the book of John." -- Mary

Dino and John are important. John was the disciple Jesus loved and
Dino ripped Carla's veil.

"He's just a regular man with money -- he's not a god." -- Bill's wife

"I don't want you to know the truth about Cambodia." -- Casper
(Nicholas A.)

Donna wants me to know she liked Carla better than me.

"The Dino/Diana Napolis thing is our last chance." -- Agent Robertson

Experiments. It's about experiments. (re Cambodia)

"We were going to trap survivors with the Dino/Diana Napolis hero ass
****." -- Barbara Bush

Diana is a major bitch cunt.

"If you can just stay alive long enough to let the truth out." --
Patrick Stewart

"God ass ****ed me." -- Agent Robertson

"Your little idea about a person having to pay for every word they've
said that misleads someone has no meaning." -- Wendy Holman (Jackson
Memorial Hospital)

I'd said that if your violence doesn't work you need to be persuasive.

"I have a hard dick but I wouldn't use it on you." -- Mr. Cambodia

Bonnie is chief cunt on the gook front. (Wife of John [Apostle.])

Carla says she had Julie tortured and killed.

Carla just wants to be me because God loves me passionately. I am the
Passion of Christ.

Cindy Crawford is the Beloved of Richard Gere.

Casper says they are the God and Mother God of the mind controlled
Vietnamese population.

Steven Spielberg says he does virtual reality (helmets, cinema) for the

Bush and Baker III sent Agent Robertson behind the others' backs to
torture the mind controlled in Viet Nam viciously, ending them. The
agenda was to end all, not control them. "An argument could be made for
control but not this."

Agent Robertson was pleased for the opportunity.

Aquino, Diana's boyfriend, was part of it.

"Your God is not very powerful." -- Agent Robertson

"If I give up my soul to love the gooks you're just going to have to
deal with it." -- Tom

Nisha Chandra and Pluto Woman say it was all about keeping me from

They have many not-lovely-woman tricks.

God would not help Mary when she was a child and suffering.

"God told me you had to earn your way OUT OF THE HELL I CREATED FOR
YOU." -- Mary

"I have contempt for you." -- Diana Napolis

I went through most of the weird shit she wrote about: non-lethal
weapons, Plieadean spider-weapons, etc.

"The Greatest Generation" taught Tom Brokaw that gooks were inferior to
him, White Boy, American.

Lalonnie's ugly but Tom sticks his dick in her mouth.

"We had the means to deliver the Dino/Diana Napolis military
operation." -- Sly Stallone

Dino had warned me, "he who controls communications..."

I admonished him, "don't forget to look up."

Donna Landsberg and Ellen worked together to injure the life of the
woman who lived in the D Building (Waterside) 1985.

Carla was too fat so they didn't consult her.

Donna works with Cindy Crawford.

"We had you surrounded on Linden St. Military." -- Richard

"I'm well known around town." -- the sunglass lady

McKibbage, the "sunglass lady," Casper, John, Bonnie, Tony, the "Dakota
Railroad" guy, the Aussie red-head who was doing a skanky lesbian op
(electronic) at Sav-a-Lot, Mel Gibson.

The "sunglass lady" believed she was trusted by the real angels in

Carla advised God to put my subconscious into the "sunglass lady."

Carla is the flag.

Carla and Mary made fun of my brother Mark -- his death would never
matter to anyone.

They say (Karen Kromer says) they know who is MPD and enter a person's
body to enact what is necessary - when a certain decision needs to be

Richard is in love with Karen Kromer. They were bonded on a UFO. She
entered Karen (HR, Mediacom) and he bonded with Karen. Richard and
Karen Kromer are in love with each other in real life (he and Chuck
White are fighting over her.)

"You just don't want to believe satanism is just about you." -- Donna

She's upset that I called the Avon Lake Police (Lt. Fishburne) and
reported that Mark was murdered. (440-933-4567)

Karen says she's important in Tibetan politics. (Nazi Vril.)

"Nope. Not Mark." -- Bill Hicks. Steve Vensel called Lt. Fishburne
and told him something or other.

Bill Hicks is affiliated with Joe Roberts who is affiliated with Irwin

Michael gave people like Bill Hicks bodies and they live in other
worlds. I guess they communicate through connected satellites.

Harry would put a spike through my left hand.

"You can imagine if God weren't operating in different dimensions we
would have destroyed him by now." -- Ellen Gail Fine

If you would ever like to meet God please keep an eye on these people
-- see if you can keep them from doing harm.

George Herbert Walker Bush set Bill Hicks up in his career, believe it
or not. Bush was the object of a lot of his routines.

"We know what cool God stuff is." -- Barbara Bush

"It's about destroying you and deceiving others." -- Ellen

Steve Vensel says he destroyed Fishburne. He thinks he has the power
to do that. (They are afraid of the authorities.)

"It's about making you look like a fool on the internet." -- Aquino

"I get you little meek people -- the ones who are reluctant to trust
anyone." -- Geri Barber-Cudo (therapist, connected to Richard Webster
and Chevy Chase, MD. Richard told me his father started C.G. Sloan &
Co. with a former Secretary of the Navy. I checked a list of former
Secretaries of the Navy and didn't find a name that rang a bell.)

After death, Michael or acquaintances would take a person to another
world, very much like "Defending Your Life." People use infant torture
for "light" and "energy" to get life memories from the person's mind.
The significant moments of a person's life are gone over (machines
transfer retrieved memories and covert them for viewing.) People are
prosecuted (much like this rape shit I've been through) and sent one
place or another.

The inner worlds are hideous. Life energy is drawn from people --
people used as batteries.

Ascended Masters are genetically engineered.

Meryl Streep says she has her own "Minority Report" pincushions.

"It's not that I didn't respect God it's just that there was no way he
could get through this trap-****." -- Meryl Streep

"You're just too anonymous and insignificant to be the Pistis Sophia."

I solved Kennedy. Please see:

"Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. -- resemblance to man in photo with Specter"
[Only registered users see links. ]

Now if anyone in government will do anything about it.

(It's not as if soul choices were made and those who would play with
the "Pistis Sophia" are automatically excluded, and coincidentally,
those who commit crimes against the weak and defenseless.) The new
heaven and new earth will be without them.

"Those who would do harm if given a chance." -- Meryl Streep

"If you submit a manuscript and it's a good one you will probably be
moved and used as a 'Minority Report' pincushion." -- someone. I
believe Richard queried me at night using drugs.

Meryl Streep is more important than me because she's friends with Diane
Seaberg. Diane became obsessed with my life and took it and gave it to
her friends.

"If God loved you he wouldn't have allowed Diane to take your life." --
Meryl Streep

"Oh, you think you're going to get out of this? Mark?"

The movie set assassination scenarios (with Charles Harrelson and
presumably another or others) were done with 'Hall of Presidents'
Kennedy figures -- with blood spatter, reaction effects.

Please see "I was a shooter, so were the French"
cia-drugs message 33113 (Yahoo Groups, text below)

"If Karen tortures infants to be a light being in Tibet it's all
relative." -- Ellen

"You are not allowed to remember your experiences with Paul as if they
were you." -- Karen

"Children are dirty." -- Dora Madden

"There are no such thing as survivors of ritual abuse and mind
control." -- Agent Robertson

"Are you surprised that I can say 'children are dirty' as if I had a
psycholigical problem in relation to children when I don't?" -- Dora

"We know what we use them for and it's not a psychological problem,
it's a social problem." -- Margaret Engler

"You're not God's lovers-twin you're just the Holy Spirit of God." --
Agent Robertson

"You are offensive to a Nazi." -- Dora Madden

"That's a little overstated." -- Ellen, who is an Arab trying to
protect Tibet

Ellen has a Ph.D. from Yale so her disdain sticks.

"I wrote John Macks 'Abduction.'" -- Pluto Woman

"Nobody protects you, you bitch!" -- McKibbage who is agitated about
Tibet and the Arab thing

"We were really going for souls." -- Dora Madden

McKibbbage placed the Courthouse Lady.

"She didn't stand a chance if she hadn't been protected by God." --

"I'd rather she not have been protected by God." -- Ellen

"This is the Holy Spirit paradigm regardless of how unimportant you
are." -- Richard

"It's very specific: you and Paul." -- Lisa Nicholson

Bill's (SZF) sister doesn't hold it against me that Richard was a mind
controller of children. She doesn't blame me for Richard taking
$100,000 from Joe Decort (Americable) so he could be Charter's
exclusive contractor for the Fond du Lac region.

These people evolved from monkeys and they are convict lines. They
need to feel important at least once in their eternities.

Henry Kissinger says he is immune from the crimes he committed in

"You can't prove these marriages were government shit." -- someone

Carla is upset God loves only me.

"We assert our rights over God's children."

They are humiliated. They thought they had destroyed God. They were
betrayed by Michael.

This is the biggest thing that's ever happened to them.

Katie Couric says it's my fault she was targeted by Tom Werner and

NORAD's satellites "are a little more advanced than you think." -- Tom

Tom is the All Seeing Eye.

Carla says Paul lives in Germany.

Steven Segal says he's handsome.

"It was the security guard." -- Steven Segal, referring to who killed
Robert Kennedy

"You should sell that airport mesh thing." -- Agent Robertson, meaning

"sensation of walking through mesh or screening"

[Only registered users see links. ]

Agent Robertson wanted Katie Couric fat and dressing poorly.

Dino and Tom take orders on who to attack because Agent Robertson is
jealous of everyone and they hate women.

"It obscures the All Seeing Eye." -- Tom

"If only we had more time and better resources we could mind control in
so many different ways." -- Katie Couric

"We all knew about the Holy Spirt, we all laughed -- even Jay."

When the Nazis made a decision (reached an agreement) to mind control
society the reward from their masters was technology.

They disdain me because I've never had money so they attack and spend
all their money doing it.

They want to end me because they think I own the planet and they want
to keep their wealth.

"The truth is nothing more important has ever happened on planet earth.
That's why we're interested." -- Agent Robertson

"You just don't want to accept that the Justice Department's satanism
(and satanism) is all about you."

Rich men are supposed to **** pretty women.

"We lost more of our innocence than that." -- Bill (SZF)

"I really am an important person at the Justice Department." -- Agent

I'm under arrest because she used clones of me abusing clones of my son
to show to the police.

"Would you acknowledge that we torture children?" -- Agent Robertson

"When is what we've done going to be exposed?" -- Dr. Myron Weisfeldt

"I'm happy that I was so powerful and you didn't even know it and it
was all about you." -- Lisa Nicholson

"Do you think baby killing is objectionable to most people?" -- Barbara

"We couldn't do worse if we had more resources." -- Agent Robertson

Please see:

"Mossad and the United States secret government"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"I assure you I am still mind controlling children on Mercury." --

The old cunt Barbara Bush said she funded Carla from "the coffers of
United States citizens." -- Barbara Bush (S&L, CIA drugs, etc.)

"We've long since gotten rid of guys like Mike Horner. We're very
efficient at getting rid of the good guys."

"She's above classified." -- Barbara Bush, referring to Carla

"That's what you get when you have the White House and the secret
government runs the country." -- head of the NSA

"Oh Paul I want my anger and my apathy," Barbara mocked.

"We had trained psychics for this very purpose."

Some people are upset that I'm looking up the homogenization of milk.
Homogenization was brought to the world, apparently, to cause heart
attacks in people at a young age. The process was patented in 1899.
Something happened in the late 1800's (1890's.) The agenda has been to
sicken and kill us.

"God is destroying death. But I ain't going out without a fight." --

Tom says he controls the United States.

"We ain't giving up the earth." -- homogenized milk guy

"They don't got no power." -- Tom

Donna and others were offensive at work so Paul wouldn't be able to get
his numbers. They wanted him to lose his job.

"Do you think Paul knew they were on my dick?" -- Tom, meaning Donna
and Sandy

"People didn't know people were capable of this level of sadism." --
Michael, referring to:

"Mystical Journey"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"You didn't write it as sadistic as it was."

Detective Sergeant Vince Molnar of the Avon Lake Police Department
called today (4:30P.M.) asking for more information about the family
and Mark. He seemed very concerned that my siblings and I had been
exposed to satanic ritual abuse and enthusiastic about pursuing the
leads about Mark. The case should be solved very soon.

Israel and the Mossad are very interested in the matter of Mark's
death. So was M.D. Anderson. (Please see: "Mark's Death"
[Only registered users see links. ])

"Our self-esteems don't suffer from having harmed so many." -- Arthur

"You are ugly to God."

"All the high tech we could find -- from 'Minority Report' candidates
-- anywhere we could find it." -- Richard, Jr.

Pluto Woman's having a cunt.

Artie likes ass-****ing the best. He's the catcher.

Lisa says her friends in the 10 to the 28th solar systems are not

Michael Douglas knows Scott Yeager.

Karen Kromer. 5'7", thin, short curly hair, blue eyes, squared, even
white teeth. Approx. 50 years old. Married to an Aussie until 1985
(lived in the bush.) Married to someone important in either the
Buddhist or Hindu faith. Lives in the U.S. east. Gifted pianist

"You'd think people from other worlds wouldn't **** around with the
Pistis Sophia. You were wrong." -- Mary Landsberg

"You are in very grave danger until we're done."

Artie raped Bay Village children for many years (he's a satanist.)
Dora implanted tracking devices in their teeth.

He set up the situation where Jackie Kruger would molest me and Anne.
When we told our parents they contacted Fr. Zwillig who got Jackie
removed from the Seminary. This was done so that if Anne or I
remembered the ritual abuse it would blamed on Jackie and the

"The only power I know about is satanic power." -- Bonnie, Apostle
John's wife

The only thing I want to do is **** Paul.

The shit that Bonnie ordered to hand over babies to the United States
for torture to hurt me and God is still in power. They've learned that
people don't object to infant torture.

"We are from other worlds and we do have ships." -- Brian Dennehy

Carla says she's Brooke Adams and they're Pod People.

Wendy had Mickey's wife diagnosed with cancer so she could have Mickey.
She got the advice from Tom during a satanic ritual.

She recovered from an abortion in my apartment. I wonder if she asked
for the fetus so she could munch on it in my bed, just to be satanic.

Oh, pot breaks programming. That's why it's illegal.

"We don't try to end Daniel Hopsicker." -- Lisa Nicholson

(She says she's trying to date him.)

"You have to take a beating when you do something important." -- Pluto

"At least Diana (Napolis) made the papers." -- somebody

I am told nothing true makes it into print. "Barry & the Boys" might
be an exception. It's a paradigm-buster.

Kris Millegan (Trine Day) published it. He plays good cop/bad cop --
he probably has to have some good to counterbalance the bad.

Tom stole my copy.

"If we weren't Nazis we would welcome God and the Holy Spirit." --
Agent Robertson

"I'm trying to end Love."

Sherry's happy Michael doesn't own the Celtics. She wants me to be
happy with Paul and with the symbols I have grown to love.

Sherry's here to pound my love for Paul out of me insisting he doesn't
love me.

She says she speaks for him because she knew him for fifteen years. He
thought she was an old sow crying to him about her dying Mommy. He
knew she'd end him if she had the chance.

They think they have power over God. They're just lonely old ladies.

They bagged & tagged all the shit he didn't want using infants of each
other. It's an efficient way of getting rid of old hags -- women who
couldn't get laid.

"We pound on the weak one." -- Sherry

I had been tortured since childhood and was tortured again after
leaving Waldenbooks, after leaving Sherry's choice for me, Richard.

She was assigned to this task by Borders Group.

(I ****ed a guy named Jim Borders a couple of times.)

Sherry had to hire a man to come to the store and invite her out to
dinner so she could boast to me about it.

Everyone knows I am the only woman any man ever loved. They have to
work overtime to pretend this isn't so.

"I knew Margaret McIntyre." -- Sherry

They have to conspire to keep me away from my people.

"We were surrounding him, treating him like shit. That's why you
ascended him. You saw him for what he was." -- Sherry

If you have quality you are surrounded by satanists.

Old snoop hags don't appreciate a **** you attitude.

They're on the alert for people who fall in love. It's the Lesbian

Lesbians and fags are so busy surrounding people who fall in love they
don't even have time to suck twat or take it up the ass.

Sherry knew Paul was married to an ugly woman. She didn't want him to
be loved by a beautiful woman like me.

"I didn't see Paul's beauty. We surrounded him because he had
qualities -- we have a checklist of qualities." -- Sherry

For Michael to have a following he had to experiment with monkeys.

His monkeys (those who worship buildings) believe they are man: the
product of evolution.

"We cashed in our eternal monkey souls." -- Sherry

Michael messed with perfectly good monkeys.

If he'd left them alone Borders Group wouldn't have employees.

Michael is threatened by black people. They probably weren't part of
his monkey experiments (probably didn't 'evolve' from monekys.)

Michael criticizes me for not being qualified to write about this as if
I weren't an ancient being.

Earth was Michael's experiment to end God and the Holy Spirit. He had
Jesus assassinated. He trapped Apostle Paul and many others in an
etheric attachment. He tried to end me with satanic ritual abuse and
mind control (surgery, mesh, torture.)

Dominion was his but Jesus mastered him. Overcame him and warned me.

"Don't you think that sounds a little religiously hokey?" -- Michael

Carla knows it's the truth because she was alive during WWII torturing
people in concentration camps.

She can't end my love for Paul.

"He loves you more, you know." -- Carla

Yes I know.

"Can't piss you off for him having gotten you into this situation." --

They're just an audience to a great love and friendship. They are
accustomed to having power through torture and programming.

"Did I make you feel guilty for responding to the love of a married
man?" -- Old Hag Sherry

I would never be ashamed to love.

"He worshipped you."

He probably still does.

"I, monkey brain, didn't give him enough credit for intelligence." --

Monkey brains don't think evolved Light Beings have intelligence.

Michael engineered them with the ability to project a contrived

God appreciates people who have their own lives and interests.

God's friends are interested in getting rid of all traces of Michael's
monkey shit.

"Don't boast. You almost didn't make it." -- Courthouse Lady

I was tortured more than any human being alive.

"You have to earn your freedom." -- Sherry

Sherry thinks I'm too excellent to be out among people.

They have a monkey's acute awareness of other people's 'standing' in
the hierarchy (rank.)

Michael was able to pretend to some that he was of a high rank.

"Who'd have thought a dumb ****ing kid could be so smart?" -- Sherry,
meaning Paul, who was about 25 when he sought her out to work at
Waldenbooks, Forest Mall

"If they can survive the experience they won't have nothing to do with
you 'cause they never wanted anything to do with you, personally,
anyway." -- Sherry, meaning Paul

"We just didn't think they could survive the experience." -- Donna
(Waldenbooks), meaning me and Paul

She was beating me astrally to be angry with him, to insult him. When
I would he would hear it and, they hoped, take it personally.

"That you two ever interacted is the paradigm that isn't going to be
dropped." -- Ellen

Bonnie humiliated herself in front of me by believing she had found
Paul in every dimension and tortured, programmed and ended him. She
gloated and celebrated. She never touched him.

"God doesn't like satanists?' -- Ellen

They tried to make him believe I believed he was a fag.

"He was the most masculine, gentle man you ever met." -- Ellen

"This was the Big One."

They have been playing with love for a long time. (Unsuccessfully, in
my opinion.)

She thinks Paul is God and I am a magical Holy Spirit -- that we are
not people.

"As long as he is keeping you low I can beat on you." -- Ellen

She is almost more desperate than Carla.

They are desperate that I not love Paul.

I worship him.

Donna Landsberg says, "it's religion." It's being innocent of all
crimes and being protected. I've been slandered and set up wherever
I've gone. God is ending that.

Being free to torture and be open about is better for Carla than being
tied up under the house.

They believe you can get close to people who are reticent by forcing
yourselves on them.

Satanism: a big ****ing humiliating joke on people who try to be scary.

Once you get over the sickness of awakening to the fact that they exist
you see what they are: desperate, needy people who need attention.

"We didn't do this as a test. We did it to end you." -- Margaret
Engler, Fostoria Nazi

"I ruined your relationship with Dan." -- Ellen

They were unable to ruin any relationships that were meant to be.

They used a practiced indifference. I didn't know they were such
slobbery sycophants. Sycophant: "a self-seeking, servile flatterer;
fawning parasite."

The woman who took my money at MacDonald's on Military looked and
sounded like Tina, a Jehovah's Witness I knew in Staunton, VA.

I would put this in "Mark of the Beast -- more iii"

[Only registered users see links. ]

but I am unable to edit my web pages at this time.

Tina's son was in speech therapy at Bessie Weller the same time my son,
Richard III, was. We became friends. I confided to her that I was a
survivor of satanic ritual abuse and she set up a meeting in her home
between me and an Elder from her Church. He told me I was too healthy
to be a survivor of satanic ritual abuse.

Tina stole from me.

"We told heads of state that you were medically neglectful of your
son." -- Agent Robertson, agitated that I have written about my son's
speech therapy

Tom thinks atheists respect earth science. Earth science is voodoo.
Please see:

"My Findings on Laetrile, Part One"

[Only registered users see links. ]

Tom used me as a "Minority Report" pincushion by giving Bonnie the
opportunity to copy me.

Ugly women are dangerous. Don't ever trust them.

"The Above Classified have gone over every moment of your life to prove
to others you are not a worhty Goddess for them." -- Agent Robertson
and Pluto Woman

I've gone against every manipulative cunt in the Universe. They go
these men.

I'm the best **** any man ever had. Then they fall in love with me and
plot against me.

It's about passionate love. They think it has to do with sex.

"Passionate love which has to do with caring about children, of
course," Pluto Woman twanged.

"You can't convince women who don't care aout children that you're
worthy of being Chief Woman." -- Agent Robertson

"If we found a good way to set him up he'd probably move to a different
dimension." -- Donna, meaning setting Paul up on the job

"We'll try to set you God people up until we end."

"You still have your income. It's not a fair fight." -- Pluto Woman

I know God is the primary target.

"No, the love is the primary target." -- Pluto Woman

Ellen says they had more than the Qumran texts and access to the
basement of the Vatican.

**Naphtali Hertz Wacks, Esq.
Class of 1984
[Only registered users see links. ]

Naphtali Hertz Wacks, Special Assistant Public Defender
Miami-Dade County
[Only registered users see links. ]

Naphtali works with Ellen Gail Fine and the Dade County/City of Miami
Fire Departments on the mind control of children.

***Connected to Naphtali.

I met Ellen when she lived at Nob Hill. Diane and I shared an
apartment there (D-102.)

Naphtali means hind/deer. It's another keyword. Please see:

"To My Friend -- more iii"
[Only registered users see links. ]


"To My Friend -- more iv"
[Only registered users see links. ]

for more on keywords

"When you win something you've got to take punishment." -- Irwin
Stotzky (Naphtali Rishe [FIU] just came in my mouth)

"God didn't forgive us for the first shit we did."

Prof. Stotzky thinks he's a reptile (they do things that enhance the
reptilian part of the brain -- rape and torture infants.)

"You're not supposed to blow the covers of people who are shoving
themselves up your ass." -- Robert Dino Rulli, Ph.D.

Dino Rulli, Ph.D.
Croatian World Network
[Only registered users see links. ]

"It's about hurting Laura." -- Emily Crego

"She's not a young person -- a nice piece of ass." -- Dino

"It's a military operation to hurt your feelings as was the first one."

Please see "The Love Game"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"I was behind setting her up with him so they knew it was him a long
time ago."

"She didn't -- she couldn't." (Seduce him, he means.)

"I picked Emily because we were going to try to sell to you that he'd
known Bonnie from his youth (from his home world.)"

"We KNEW we had him."

"Casper liked ****ing her."

Casper's gross.

(Nicholas A. Casper, attorney for Richard, Jr. in the divorce, working
with my attorney, William McKibbage.)

Emily "mostly likes to torture niggers."

"Well we knew you were alone and kept low. We were keeping you low!"
-- Casper


Borders Union Forum "Waldenbooks"
[Only registered users see links. ]

Post "Interpol 'configured to reject your mail' re Paul Gieschen"
[Only registered users see links. ]

username: LauraMMaryLandsberg


The Borders Union Forum no longer recognizes username LauraLandsberg or
username LauraMLandsberg. Posts associated with those names were

Please see:

"Paul Gieschen's (District Manager, Milwaukee, WI) Life in Danger"
[Only registered users see links. ]


"Borders Group Mind Control" (Michigan Politics)
[Only registered users see links. ]

The Justice Department's Agent Robertson (Carla Ross-Robertson) said
she ordered Interpol to reject my mail because I was contacting

This is the first time I've contacted Interpol:

Return-Path: <>
Received: from pop-borzoi.atl.sa.earthlink.net ([])
by mx-dipper.atl.sa.earthlink.net (EarthLink SMTP Server) with ESMTP
id 1f42tf22O3Nl36u0
for <[Only registered users see links. ]>; Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:51:25 -0500 (EST)
Received: from exim by pop-borzoi.atl.sa.earthlink.net with local (Exim
3.36 #10)
id 1F42TF-0000uk-00
for [Only registered users see links. ]; Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:51:25 -0500
X-Failed-Recipients: [Only registered users see links. ]
From: Mail Delivery System
<[Only registered users see links. ].sa.earthlink.net>
To: [Only registered users see links. ]
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
Message-Id: <[Only registered users see links. ].sa.earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:51:25 -0500
X-ELNK-Info: spv=0;
X-ELNK-Info: sbv=0; sbrc=.0; sbf=0b; sbw=011;

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)

[Only registered users see links. ]
SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL
FROM:<[Only registered users see links. ]> SIZE=5846:
host mail.interpol.int []: 550 5.7.1 This system has been
configured to reject your mail

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------

Return-path: <[Only registered users see links. ]>
Received: from elwamui-milano.atl.sa.earthlink.net ([])
by pop-borzoi.atl.sa.earthlink.net with esmtp (Exim 3.36 #10)
id 1F42TD-0000uG-00; Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:51:23 -0500
<[Only registered users see links. ].sa.earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:51:23 -0600 (GMT-06:00)
From: Laura Landsberg <[Only registered users see links. ]>
Reply-To: Laura Landsberg <[Only registered users see links. ]>
To: [Only registered users see links. ]
Subject: Richard Hanning, Sr, hidden Illuminati, Swiss control of world
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Mailer: EarthLink Zoo Mail 1.0

Dear Interpol,

These are family members and/or acquaintances -- the hidden Illuminati
in Meyer Lansky/tuna fish sandwich

lives. They interact with each other in hidden underground
complexes/cities: access from their homes, under

golf courses, under schools. Government meth labs are run under golf

The federal government implements mind control programs in the public
schools. Parents with

military/intelligence connections are complicit (and paid) to allow the
torture and

programming of their children. Uninformed parents are victims of the
federal government --

mind control done to their first graders.

Children are taken to a room and gassed (sodium amytal or something
similar.) They are then

taken below ground (access under the school) or transported for
programming and torture.

They are returned to the classroom with no recollection of what has
happened. (They won't

remember the gassing room because amytal takes away the memory up to a
few hours before the


Rape, sodomy and satanic rituals are used to traumatize the children.

School district students are probably mind controlled from the local
Air Force Base/military

base (escorted by district personnel/parents who are knowing [paid.])

School employees and parents should have a right to examine school
grounds for access to

underground facilities.

It is probably technically legal for the children of parents who are
paid (the parents sign over

their rights as their guardians.) It is not legal for the children of
uninformed parents. You can

remove your child from school or demand access to school grounds.

I assume local police and prosecutors are complicit.

For example, the tunnels the McMartin pre-school children described
were found.

Please see "Tom Gardiner -- COINTELPRO"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Tom Gardiner -- COINTELPRO -- more"
[Only registered users see links. ]

Tom is approximately 5'10", medium build, thinning gray hair, large
nose. Age 50-55. He was

a student at Marian College and worked as a janitor.

Adele Gardiner phone: (414) 964-4148 cell: (414) 559-5056

Tom, NORAD, a Jew, was in charge of making movies ("Deer Hunter," for
example.) It is his job to

keep the planet hopeless.

I am the doe from "The Song of Songs" in the Bible.

They go after children because they are sacred to God.

Richard Hanning, Sr. (Navy, friend to Queen Elizabeth)
Torrington, WY 82240-0000
(307) 534-4638

Starven Artists
Planet Perk
Denver, Colorado
(303) 733-6613
(303) 282-5363
#8 West Ellsworth Avenue

"You wouldn't say that if you knew the tragedy we created." -- Richard
Hanning, Sr.


[Only registered users see links. ]

He says he works with the Swiss to control the world's money.

Lisa Nicholson (Marion Elizabeth Nicholson) is/was involved in BCCI.

Lisa Nicholson
5013 Paprika Lane
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
home: (561) 775-7852'
cell: (561) 307-2963
work: (561) 820-4299
D.O.B. 3/5/59

She works with Vanessa Redgrave.

My father was the CIA's Maltese Falcon. Please see:

"Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. -- resemblance to man in photo with Specter"
[Only registered users see links. ]

Also, please see:

"The CIA Act of 1949"
[Only registered users see links. ]

[Only registered users see links. ]

"McMartin preschool site report info"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Air Force"
[Only registered users see links. ]

"Twin Soul Love"
[Only registered users see links. ]


"Spiritual Death -- the Unrequited Love Op"
[Only registered users see links. ]


Laura Landsberg
305 Linden St., Apt. B
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 922-2599

end quoting


Donna (Waldenbooks) ran Bonnie Wenzlaff. Please see:

"Borders Group Mind Control (Wenzlaff -- covert military)" (sci.energy)
[Only registered users see links. ]

"You only wish you could get near this kind of importance." -- Donna

"I mean that you bitch cunt."

"Donna thought she had Paul's trust, that's why she's Chief on this."
-- Bonnie Wenzlaff

Nancy Webb Bass is the biggest monster.

"It's not that we all know each other," Donna. Donna is connected to
Donald Trump.

"He didn't break planes to read my mind." -- Donna, meaning Paul

"I knew him as a PERSON."

Donna was stupid at work. It's hard to imagine she'd be very good at
being evil.

She is acquainted with Jimmy Carter.

end quoting post "Interpol 'configured to reject your mail' re Paul


"That passionate love you shared -- that's what we don't want." --

"We want you to go back to Richard, Jr. That's the frame of mind we
want you in." -- Tom

They want nothing for themselves. They just want that Paul Gieschen
and I not live together as man and wife.

"When you see the word 'member' you will think of Paul Gieschen's dick
and hear NO!" -- Tom

"Paul told you it was okay to get a divorce. I take it away."

"I represent the United States Government and the State of Israel and I
tell you you are not to associate yourself with Paul Gieschen." --
Ellen Gail Fine

"That's what we want -- to damage your cunt." -- Cindy Crawford and
Richard Gere

"It's very important to us that you not **** Paul." -- Mary Landsberg,
mind controller for MacDill Air Force Base

"He gave us the impression we could effect this." -- Cindy Crawford

"You didn't have the potential to be THAT pretty." -- Dino (Robert Dino
Rulli, Ph.D.)

"It's the whole Nazi goal." -- Margaret Engler, "staff assistant" for
the Red Cross during WWII

"You belong with Richard!" -- Mary Landsberg (Richard Hanning, Jr., son
of Leita Faye Barron Hanning Engels and Richard Hanning, Sr., grandson
of Edith Barron and William Pink Barron of Georgia)

"My whole life has been about preventing this love." -- Ellen Gail Fine

"You ugly cunt." -- Harry E. Landsberg, Jr., idiot, baby-raper for the
United States Government

Donna (Waldenbooks) has affirmed that she does use the
Waldenbooks/Borders Group customer database to select people for
torture. She uses her real estate agent/apartment manager contacts to
get access to their homes.

"It's been the ONI's entire goal to prevent this relationship." -- Tom

Willie (Barron) Heropoules and George Heropoules (Greek.) George was
in the coffee business using coffee to transport drugs, trained dogs
would not pick up the scent.

Heropoules, Willie and George
12130 S.W. 96 St.
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 274-4815

Eric, Willie's son, Firefighter (City of Miami) also runs drugs. He
owns a charter fishing boat. He works with Ray Penland at the Fire
Department. Ray is owned and operated by Ellen Gail Fine.

These people get advanced medical care from underground satanic

Tammy, Willie's daughter, a lesbian, works for the Broward County
Police Department.

"We had it in the bag. We owned the whole ****ing planet because
Richard was married to you." -- Willie Heropoules

"You don't want to separate a satanist from his money!" Willie
Heropoules threatened

She used to commit fraud against every insurance company she worked

The Heropoules' know the Robin Whites from the Orange Bowl.

Willie ****ed clones of Paul.

"She wanted that dick! I got it!" -- Willie Heropoules

Clones were provided by the United States Navy.

"You forgot it was a rape sex ****ing op!" -- Willie Heropoules

"I'm sorry, we killed so many helpless people it isn't funny." -- Steve
Vensel, speaking for friends and relatives

Vensels in Florida:

Vensel, C & F
Oviedo, FL 32765-7185
(407) 359-2374

Vensel, Cynthia S
Palmetto, FL 34221-4923
(941) 723-7803

Vensel, Donald
6626 Beach Dr
Panama City Beach, FL 32408-6018
(850) 233-2713

Vensel, F A
5301 N Mendenhall Dr
Tampa, FL 33603-1514
(813) 876-6005

Vensel, Frances
6133 Thorman Rd
Port Charlotte, FL 33981-5528
(941) 697-7201

Vensel, George
7427 13th Ave NW
Bradenton, FL 34209-1101
(941) 795-8212

Vensel, Howard
407 Harmony Ln
Frostproof, FL 33843-5013
(863) 635-1362

Vensel, Jim
609 Whitfield Ave
Sarasota, FL 34243-1302
(941) 358-6861

Vensel, Kathleen
Sarasota, FL 34232-4031
(941) 378-1929

Vensel, Ken & Jana
1792 Hawkcrest Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32259-2972
(904) 287-0109

Vensel, M W
4358 Timuquana Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32210-8561
(904) 387-1675

Vensel, Ruth
4549 Barclay Ln
Tallahassee, FL 32309-2549
(850) 894-0821

Vensel, S
168 Iron Gate Cir
Port Orange, FL 32129-4118
(386) 756-6897

Vensel, Steven R
8447 NW 51st Pl
Coral Springs, FL 33067-1974
(954) 344-3639

Vensel, Tracey A & Greg
4901 W Breeze Cir
Palm Harbor, FL 34683-1126
(727) 937-3062

Vensel, Wayne
8605 SW 147th Ter
Village Of Palmetto Bay, FL 33158-1971
(305) 253-3727

"I made Martha Stewart." -- Tom

"People are supposed to feel inadequate in the face of their multiple
accomplishments. Each has a staff and the staff get their ideas from
their 'Minority Report' pincushions under universities."

"We do Democrat and Republican so people will go back and forth between
the two. They're not supposed to get out of that."

"I was a child even a Spiritual Mother (You) couldn't love and I wanted
you to know what it felt like."

Harry could be better than God if he could destroy me because God loves
me more than anyone.

"It was about creating the illusion that you were just a person. You
really do have amazing gifts." -- Mary Landsberg

"There's nothing satanists haven't been able to accomplish before." --

"If you can crack a love like this, you can do anything." -- Carla

The Knights of Malta are the military arm of the Catholic Church. I
was given to Harry, the CIA's Maltese Falcon.

It was an acquisition of property going against an infant girl -- tough

They meant to use me to end God. If that failed they meant to end God
by what he would be forced to do to heal me and to make love to me.

"The populations of the earth were programmed to never accept the Holy
Spirit." -- Harry

"Compulsory education was invented to program children."

"We know what the Holy Spirit is: she is a beautiful, gifted, loving
woman, able to help and to heal. We called up every demon in every
dimension we could find to populate the earth to prevent God from
finding his Holy Spirit, or healing her. God and his Holy Spirit are
never to be lovers."

"It's not an understatement. You are a unique human being. If God can
get you out of this he is more of a God than I thought."

Steve says his last name "Vensel" is "deprogramming people on Santa
Claus shit."

"You're dirty for writing the things we say. Paul would be ashamed of
you." -- Mary

Move toward someone you love automatically and watch the world around
you change. Then you'll understand what I am going through.


text of "I was a shooter; so were the French:"

"I was a shooter; so were the French." -- Tom Gardiner (Mossad,

George H.W. Bush in Dealey Plaza, Nov. 22, 1963 (photo)
[Only registered users see links. ]

(My father's brother Paul worked for NASA.)

"I was a shooter; so were the French." -- Tom Gardiner (Mossad,

Tom Gardiner (Mossad, COINTELPRO, ONI) has been torturing me in the
astral plane since I left my husband, a Marine assigned to me. Tom is
a government psychic warrior as in David Morehouse's book "Psychic
Warrior." When operatives torture infants in satanic rituals it gives
them energy in the astral plane.

I was a target from birth, identified as a spiritual person, and
because I was raised by a family involved in the Kennedy assassination.

I am a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and mind control.

When I moved into this apartment house in September 2003 Tom lived
upstairs. (Richard Hanning, Jr., the government-assigned husband, had
moved to Kentucky to take a job.) I had seen this apartment house on
the internet a year or two earlier and taken an interest in it. It was
one of two I assume the government purchased in the event I moved to
purchase them.

Tom says he would have been a neighbor in the other one if I had moved
into the other one.

Please see:

[Only registered users see links. ] search on: "Gardiner, Thomas"


[Only registered users see links. ]


[Only registered users see links. ]


I met a nice man and decided to leave my husband. I have been openly
targeted since then, and have learned that the primary purpose of
government is to control romantic relationships/marriages.

My siblings and I were targets because of the covert activities of our

"She's the only one who's telling the truth about the Kennedy
assassination?" asked Tom.

Please see:

"Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. -- resemblance to man in photo with Specer
[sic, Specter]"
[Only registered users see links. ]


"Study of Evil -- a World Reappraised"
[Only registered users see links. ]


Dialogue in the astral plane:

Charles Harrelson says he may not have been a shooter. He was there,
a tramp, possibly programmed to believe he'd fired a shot or shots.

"Forty years is a lot of time and a lot of money to spend covering up
this one truth." Phil McGraw, civilian/military/highest level

Programming has got to be against the law. It's a violation of your
personal space.

"It was supposed to be hidden, permanently," said Michael.

"It's possible people were programmed to believe they were shooters
during the re-enactment (1964.)" -- Harry

Movie sets. It was done on movie sets.

"It's meant to be real so if you're drugged or under duress you will
remember it." -- Harry

"The Presidency is really nothing." (Of any country, he means.)

"Kennedy had the audacity to believe he was actually running the
country." -- Phil McGraw

"They would only give the Holy Spirit of God to the highest secret
operative in existence." -- Harry

Which means the Illuminati planned this since their beginning,
presumably sometime after the death of Christ.

I'm gonna have to pay Richard back for room and board. (Richard
Hanning, Jr., Nazi Vril)

"I would torture you 'til there's nothing left of you." -- Tom,

"We're not ****ing around." -- Michael and Tom (Michael, former

"I think we've proven it." -- McKibbage (contact of Ike's -- Dwight D.
Eisenhower, my attorney for the divorce who took my money and then
severed the relationship)

Please see:

"Harry E. Landsberg, Jr., CIA Maltese Falcon: Kennedy assassination,
IRAN/CONTRA" (alt.politics.org.cia)

[Only registered users see links. ]
14e83b202f5cbc75/a9308b8a3c157a0e?lnk=st&q=%22harry+e.+landsberg%22 &rnum=6&*hl=en#a9308b8a3c157a0e


Laura Landsberg

end quoting

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