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Magnetosynthesis - Discuss Microbiology Science and Protocols here. Post questions on the study of viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria here. Microbiology Forum.

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Old 01-19-2006, 12:32 AM
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Default Magnetosynthesis

Evidence indicates, that through an educational process, a prescribed
change in our lifestyle, osteoporosis can be eliminated as a plague
afflicting mankind. Please take the time necessary to become familiar
with the following information. My analysis indicates that your
health, and that of others around you, stands to be beneficially
affected through your understanding of the newly acquired concepts
known as Magnetrition and Magnetosynthesis. These factors have always
played a role, yet gone unnoticed until now. Your help in bringing
this matter to everyone's attention should be greatly appreciated by

When you were younger, did you move around more during a nights sleep?
Did you move more in the earth's magnetic field?
I have been working on a idea for some 12 or more years now, and back
in Dec 97 I built a device that should have the power to make people
live a lot longer, healthier. The device, I call it "THE SHIFTER",
causes a person to be moving in a magnetic field, (like the earth's),
like kids do, or better.
The device moves a magnetic field around me while I sleep. It is just a
high-tech rocking chair or cradle. Facts have lead me to the
understanding that we use the earth's magnetic field. And that people
who do not move enough in a magnetic field like the earth's are unable
to maintain good health.

Introducing "MAGNETRITION"; a term describing the process by which
magnetism is utilized
biologically. Awaiting mankind's acceptance, the study of magnetrition
offers man a healthier
and longer life.
This new knowledge concerning mans' magnetritional needs, when
utilized, will represent
a maturization milestone in the history of mankind.

The assessment of research presents these facts;

l. Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order
to form a chain of magnetite
within its' body, from the iron it absorbs.

2. Magnetic bacteria use the properties of a magnetic field in order to
migrate magneticly.

3. Magnetic bacteria live and die within the cells of our body.

4. Magnetic bacteria not having its' needs met, as it attempts its'
functions within our cells, leads to the deterioration of body tissues.

5. Astronauts are now recognized as suffering from magnetic deficiency
syndrome, brought about by the needs of magnetic bacteria, (within
their cells), not being met while outside the earth's magnetic field.

6. A prolonged state of inactivity of magnetic bacteria within cells,
such as when a bird's egg is not turned, or an infant is not carried,
leads to energy levels too low to maintain life.

7. Periodic exposure to the magnetic field produced by A/C voltage
causes poorly formed nuclear envelopes, within cells.

8. Through the proper use of magnetic fields, man may now achieve a
higher degree of wellbeing, and travel farther through both time and

The following article is from;
THE NEWS-TIMES, Morehead City-beaufort, N.C. Monday, Nov. 11, 1985.

ALAN JACKSON, Morehead City, fancies himself as a backyard philosopher.
He spends a lot of hours reading books, magazines and research papers
trying to understand just why certain things are the way they are.

Mr. Jackson's most recent research has yielded an astounding theory;
that movement is as important as nourishment to human beings. He came
to that conclusion based on the behavior of magnetic bacteria.

He also believes these bacteria may be responsible for cell division.
"I think movement through the earth's magnetic field is as important as

MR. JACKSON, 32, left high school at the age of 17 to join the Marine
Corp. He spent four years at Cherry Point, during which time he earned
general education development (G.E.D.) degree and took college
preparatory courses in various fields.

Since leaving Cherry Point, he has held jobs with Hatsel Electric Co.,
with Conner Homes as an electrician, with Carteret Court Apartments, a
maintenance supervisor; and at Sea Coast Refrigeration. He has also
taken several college courses at Carteret Technical College.

MR. JACKSON believes the earth's magnetic field is generated by molten
lava rotating in the earth's core. The lava moves in the opposite
direction of the earth itself, thus creating such a field. "If we go to
other planets, and no molten lava is flowing under the surface to
create a magnetic field, the chances of finding life as we know it is
Without flux lines, the magnetic bacteria would have no guide to food.
"We can't live without flux lines," he said.
Based on his unguessable research, Mr. Jackson theorizes that magnetic
bacteria in cells follow flux lines within the geomagnetic field to get
iron, which is there source of nourishment.

DR. RICHARD P. BLAKEMORE, a scientist at the University of New
Hampshire, has said that amorphous cells (cells without form)
accumulate a great deal of iron from outside cell walls to produce
magnetic particles.
Mr. Jackson believes it is more then a coincidence that humans need
iron supplement to exist.

SCIENTISTS know that bacteria collect and store iron, but they have yet
to discover how. Mr. Jackson thinks magnetic bacteria swim inside
individual cells within the body to get iron, possibly from the
exterior walls of the cell nucleus or from the outer walls of the cell
itself. He contends the bacteria move within the cell according to the
body's orientation to magnetic flux lines. It has been shown that
magnetic bacteria in the northern hemisphere migrate along flex lines
in a northerly fashion, while magnetic bacteria in the southern
hemisphere move south.

THE NUMBERS of north-seeking and south-seeking magnetic bacteria at the
equator have been proven equal, indicating the effect of flux lines on
bacteria. Dr. Blakemore and Dr. Richard B. Frankel of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology wrote that "magnetotactic bacteria are
bottom-dwelling organisms that are either anaerobic (capable of living
only in the absence of oxygen) or microaerophilic (surviving best in
environments with little oxygen)." Therefore, they theorize, these
bacteria would have a tendency to migrate downward, depending on their
location, because "it would help them to avoid toxic effects of the
greater concentration of oxygen in surface water."

Mr. Jackson believes all people are essentially addicted to movement.
An April 1979 article in Omni magazine cited the deterioration of
astronauts' bones after periods of inactivity or weightlessness. THIS
DETERIORATION of bones, called osteoporosis, is thought by most to be
associated with lack of gravitational forces in space. Mr. Jackson
thinks it is caused by the body having almost no orientation to the
earth's magnetic field (or to north and south poles).
Wiring within the spaceship may create some magnetism, but no definite
poles, from which bacteria can orient themselves.

WITHOUT bodily movement, magnetic bacteria cannot move in the cell
along magnetic flux lines. Mr. Jackson said that was the reason chicken
eggs, if not moved after being laid, would deteriorate. Without
movement, the bacteria cannot constantly reorient themselves and move,
and are left in a mass on one side of the cell.
It is the movement of those bacteria that is important to cellular
growth. He said cells were important to both tissues and bone growth in
the body, thus accounting for the deterioration of bones found in
astronauts. HE THINKS further experiments might show that astronauts
have some deterioration of all tissues.

Mr. Jackson said all people, young and old, are indirectly affected by
magnetic bacteria. He thinks Indians used to carry their papooses
(babies), on their backs to keep them moving and thus indirectly
helping the body grow.
HE ALSO believes crib death of babies is caused from lack of movement.
He said babies do not have the muscle coordination necessary to move
themselves when first born. If they are not moved, the magnetic
bacteria will be essentially immobile and not be able to set many body
functions in motion.

MR. JACKSON also believes lack of movement may be the reason bones and
other tissues begin to fade as people get older and inactive. The less
movement, the less the body will grow. He added that one experiment
exemplified how magnetic bacteria could be degaussed (or rendered
neutral in magnetism) through the application of heat. He has seized on
this to theorize the reason for the basis of cellular life.

MR. JACKSON believes that as human cells age , magnetic bacteria and
other bacteria crowd the cells, creating excess friction or heat
(thermal energy), which effectively demagnetizes magnetic bacteria for
a moment, causing half the bacteria to lose their orientation to flux
lines and head in the opposite direction. This intense action may cause
cells to split.

He believes that scientists may have overlooked the fact that magnetic
bacteria heading in opposite directions may cause DNA (dioxyribo
nucleic acid) molecules in the cell nucleus to split. DNA is associated
with the transmission of genes in all living things. THE END.

Plants need photosynthesis.
Do warm-blooded animals need "Magnetosynthesis"?
Then you must move in the earth's magnetic field, like a 5 year old, to
have the best health.

Honesty should be able to recognize vice even when it dresses in
brocade. The example of people in high places is so persuasive that it
makes others imitate even their ugliness. - Baltasar Gracian, The Art
of Worldly Wisdom.

Say you were a farmer, and you are growing things, and you planted two
separate fields of corn. In one field you till the soil, plant the
corn, and then water it. In the other field, you till the soil, plant
the corn, add fertilizer, and then water it. Which field would produce
more weeds?

The theory of Magnetrition explains how the nuclear envelope within the
cell deteriorates along with the bones as osteoporosis sets in, and
that being the main cause of cancer. Statistics have shown there to be
a higher rate of cancer found in smokers. Is this because, when a
cancer cell arises, due to the nuclear envelope no longer protecting
the DNA sufficiently, it finds a healthier environment (added niacin)
in the smoker? Is the act of smoking, like a farmer putting fertilizer
on his field? Do you get niacin (also called Nicotinic Acid, or
Vitamin B3, it is prepared commercially from ?-picoline or from
quinoline, which are both obtainable from coal tar) through the
oxidation of nicotine?

Just keep in mind always that you cannot assimilate inorganic minerals.
You can only assimilate organic minerals which come from that which is
living or has lived. -- Page 34, The Shocking Truth about Water, by
Paul C. Bragg.

understanding as to why warm-blooded animals facilitate movement in
their young until they themselves can provide for the magnetically
migrating organal within their cells. A required, high degree of
stirring/circulation is maintained in cells by the bird turning it's
egg, and the possum, kangaroo, monkey carrying their young, or they
die, like astronauts outside a magnetic field. Animals instinctively,
without consciously recognizing they're doing it, provide this
essential turning in the Earth's magnetic field for their young. I'm
proposing, that we recognize this requirement, as an inalienable right,
and work toward insuring that all members of our society are not found
lacking in their Magnetritional needs. Animals do not. I'm
proposing, or recognizing that humans would, once it's pointed out to

If you were to research information concerning the pineal gland, you
would find it described mainly as a gland of unknown function. The
information would tell you that it is what is left over from a third
eyeball, in humans. And that some lizards can be found with this eye
still protruding from the top of their head. They have 3 eyes.
Investigations tell us that the pineal gland is liquid inside, up to
about age 7 to 10, and after that age found to be filled with a
granular type substance, in humans. The theory of Magnetrition
utilizes this information, and attempts to bring one to the conclusion,
that the pineal gland contains magnetic bacteria within this liquid,
that these bacteria are swimming/seeking north and south, (as they do
in oceans and ponds, and our cells), stimulating sensors within this
gland which brings about a high degree of movement in the Earth's
magnetic field by animals while they are young and the gland is still
liquid. The living and dying of these bacteria in the confines of the
pineal gland leads to the buildup of magnetite particles, which impedes
its functioning after a certain length of time. The various animal
species find it to be advantageous that their individuals only live
short life spans, as they struggle to adapt to this changing
environment provided by earth. The theory of Magnetrition implies that
human individuals, once aware of these facts, can avoid what appears to
be a form of planned obsolescence.

Now that I have learned that magnetic bacteria are one of many
important organelles functioning within our cells. And now that anyone
can study the facts, (that I have found in the library, collected, and
share on my web site), and also come to the conclusion, (through an
educational process), that close proximity to the magnetic conditions
produced by AC voltage impedes the proper function of these bacteria
within our cells, resulting in a weakening of a persons health. Should
I try to force/con people into using DC voltage rather than AC voltage,
(as Thomas Edison suggested)? Or should I allow that which is
educational/God to point out their error, to them? Realizing, that the
many people that are suffering health problems from the use of AC
voltage, are doing so because they chose to follow others without
really studying the facts themselves. I don't think I would really be
helping my neighbor, other than by way of the father, the word. So I
leave it up to God, to convince you of the truth. You can know that
Satan is behind you, only through studying the word. You can be of
help to others, only through learning and sharing the truth.

After a study of "The Theory of Magnetrition", one becomes aware of the
reasoning indicating that the cells of all warm-blooded animals are
like a bird's egg, and must be reoriented periodically in a magnetic
field like the Earth's. It becomes understood, that the function and
structure of cells deteriorate due to the lack of sufficient turning in
the Earth's magnetic field, in warm-blooded animals, after a certain
age. One realizes, that cancer occurs mainly in older people because
their nuclear envelopes deteriorate, along with their bones and other
tissues, resulting in insufficient protection of the DNA while
replicating. Yet it has been recorded that most people are willing to
jump on bandwagons which blame things other than the true culprit,
which is them not facilitating the required reorienting of their cells
in a magnetic field, as they did when they were younger.

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Default Re: Magnetosynthesis

Thus far, I've seen a lot of evidence of this theory. Having been athletic most of my life I didn't think it would do much harm to sit at my PC for extended periods of time. Well, sadly after two years of physical inactivity I noticed a visible reduction in my muscles and my bones began to ache constantly. I also suffered from cellular dehydration which I've now corrected by drinking more water to which I add drops of Crystal Energy. Now that I'm in motion once again, my aches and pain are rapidly diminishing and I'm feeling better from head to toe. I will definately be sharing this valuable information with as many people as I can. Thank you !
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