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Microbiology Forum Discuss Microbiology Science and Protocols here. Post questions on the study of viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria here. Microbiology Forum.

Medical Experts Unable to Identify SARS in Iraq

Medical Experts Unable to Identify SARS in Iraq - Microbiology Forum

Medical Experts Unable to Identify SARS in Iraq - Discuss Microbiology Science and Protocols here. Post questions on the study of viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria here. Microbiology Forum.

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Old 08-09-2003, 05:10 PM
Thomas Keske
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Default Medical Experts Unable to Identify SARS in Iraq


It would make a good headline for the "Onion" parody magazine,
wouldn't it?

When we prepared to attack Iraq, the nation was bracing for
possible retaliation in the form of biological warfare.
Almost on cue, comes a strange new disease.
What is the knee-jerk verdict of the experts, with hardly
any real investigation at all? Total coincidence, not related
to the war, not related to terror.

Now, we hear that U.S. soldiers are suffering from a strange,
deadly, pneumonia-like disease, that sounds suspiciously
reminiscent of SARS, yet the experts have the gall to claim
that they can find "no common agent" causing it. Presumably,
that means that it is definitely *not* SARS, which should have been
one of the first things that they checked.

So, that is the war-time story that we are told. There are
soldiers that have something very SARS-like, but it is not
SARS. Whatever it is, they cannot identify it.

A cynic might ask, "Do you mean that you cannot identify it
for medical reasons, or do you mean that you cannot identify
it, for political reasons?"

However, to a *real* cynic (read: "wise to the ways of government
propaganda"), this would be a purely rhetorical question.

It sounds a lot like the way, for many years, the government
said that it could not identify any agent causing Gulf War
Syndrome, and was pretending that since they could not
"identify" anything, it must not exist.

If we applied the same standard to the search for weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq, the "verdict" would have come in
a long time ago- no evidence of them, so we can stop bothering
to look any further.

Funny, how people tend to look with more thoroughness and determination,
when they are looking for something that they want to find, as opposed
to something that they do not want to find.

Downplay the evidence, deny the evidence- this translates into "no
Then we conclude, because there is "no evidence", that there is no reason
to bother looking for evidence. Why bother investigating something, if you
have no evidence to suggest that it is worth investigating? Case closed.

If the public realized that we might face deadly disease outbreaks
because of a war, their support for the war might be lessened. Therefore,
the public must not know, if there is a disease outbreak related to the war.

How shameless, and how far does it all have to go, before the public
starts waking up?

The public has no problem with the proposition that the Chinese government
may have covered-up the existence and the extent of SARS.
Bad, bad China. We all know that the United States is a much more
sophisticated country, than backward China.

What people don't seem to realize is that the United States is far
more sophisticated, when it comes to covering things up.

How does the public know that the real origin wasn't Toronto,
with Iraq just assuming that it would spread into the U.S., from
there? How can we know that the extent of the disease hasn't been
underplayed in North America, and overplayed in China, just
as a diversion?

We had heard of no SARS outbreak among the Iraqi general
population, yet. It is a bit suspicious that something SARS-like
should hit our troops, in the absence of any more general
outbreak in the country.

Maybe the "experts" will be like Senator Joe McCarthy, eventually
getting so shameless in what they say and do, that people will
start to see through them. If that ever happens, maybe we will
finally see the floodgate of revelations opening up, concerning
AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, West Nile virus, lyme disease, and
others as well.

Tom Keske

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Old 08-10-2003, 02:25 AM
John Gentile
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Default Medical Experts Unable to Identify SARS in Iraq

In <iW9Za.71270$cF.22545@rwcrnsc53> Thomas Keske wrote:

As usual Tom you are off base, wrong and misinterpret what you read.

It is not a "mystery" illness that is affecting our troops - it is
pneumonia. It has been tested and it is not SARS. What is so hard to
believe about that?

The 2 soldiers who died had Streptococcus pneumoniae which still causes
a significant amount of death and disease in our population. Even young,
healthy soldiers can be infected by it - especially in harsh conditions
like high heat, long hours, poor hydration.

The number of illnesses per soldier population is not any higher than at
any other military unit. The troops affected are in a large geographical
area including Afganistan, Iraq, and other countries in that region. The
only unusual thing about this is the press coverage with scare headlines
that don't reflect the true picture. Stop looking for conspiracies and
ghosts in the shadows - there is nothing there!

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