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HOPE_CONSULTANTS 07-20-2006 12:43 PM

Study Mbbs In China
MBBS IN CHINA AT YICHUN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Why should one join Yichun School of Medicine?

1. Belongs to a comprehensive university

2. Enlisted in World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO

3. Eligible to appear in MCI screening test.

4. Completely in English Medium

5. Syllabus in accordance with MCI, Indian books prescribed

6. Indian faculties available

7. Indian food available

8. Separate hostel for boys and girls with high-level security.

9. Four Star Accommodation for foreign students.

10. State of art infrastructure and good climatic conditions

Yichun school of Medicine is a government run provincial public
medical college, affiliated to Yichun University and situated in
Jiangxi Province, P.R. China, which was established in 1950 and was
granted recognition by the WHO in 1958.

Yichun school of Medicine is located in the complex of Yichun
University. Yichun city, where Yichun University is situated, is
located in the Southeastern part of China, in the northwest of central
Jiangxi province, precisely 114.40 degree east longitude and 27.83
degree north latitude and covers a total area of 18700 square
kilometers. The city has a population of 53,000,000, including 33
ethnic groups. The name "Yichun" literally means 'spring all year
round' in Chinese, as the city has comparatively mild climate all the
year round with subtropical monsoons. Yichun city is one of the first
experimental biological cities with beautiful scenery, excellent
natural environment and convenient transportation. It is a little more
than two hours motor ride from Huanghua international airport
(Changsa) and Changbei airport (Nanchang).

The climate of Yichun is quite fantastic. In summer it reaches up to
38 degree centigrade while in winter it may go up to 8 degree
centigrade. Foreigners can enjoy occasional snowfall over here. Yichun
prevails in ecological environment and it is the first nominated
ecological city in China.

How to reach:
Yichun City is 778 km from Shanghai and 173 km from Nanghang (the
capital city of Jiangxi province) .. YU enjoys convenient
transportation with Zhe-Gan Railway (from Zhejiang to Jiangxi ) in the
south and the State Road NO.320 in the west. One can reach to Shanghai
and from there go to Nanchang by flight , from Nanchang one can go to
Yichun City by train or by bus. One can also reach Yichun from
Shanghai Railway station by train nos. K79, K111, K149, 1527. In the
downtown district of Yichun City, Bus NO.5 and NO.8 lead directly to
the university.

Classrooms are equipped with latest multimedia facilities.

A state-of-art laboratory equipped with all the medical instruments
and hundreds of cadavers provide a rare opportunity for the students
to learn and experiment.

The college has four hospitals with 2846 hospital beds. Among them the
first hospital-Yichun People's Hospital (17-storeyed) is a big and
comprehensive hospital in the city holding the grade of first class
AAA in the country. As one of the well-known hospitals in Jiangxi
Province, it is manned and equipped with many advanced precision
instrument such as CT and NMR scanners and is the center of the
Radio-Immuno-Assay in the west of Jiangxi Province.

International curriculum in accordance with other medical councils
e.g. Medical Council of India, Nepal Medical council, Bangladesh
Medical Council etc. Total duration is 4 and half years + 1 year

LIBRARY: The school possesses a rich reserve of books. The collection
of library books pertaining to medicine exceeds 300 thousand volumes,
among which are over eighty thousand volumes of English medical books.
It is the only medical college in china which has textbooks and
reference materials for medical sciences in English medium, according
to the trends of text books being used in leading Indian Medical
Colleges. The library provides excellent study atmosphere for students
and faculty

FACULTIES: A very experienced cadre of teachers who have already
worked in renowned Indian Medical Colleges would render their service
to educate the art of medicine to the foreign students.

Hostel Facility:
Students will be provided with a high standard accommodation facility
with each room attached with a balcony and a bathroom for every two
students with cable TV, electricity, free and fast internet access,
telephone, washing machine, bed, air-conditioner, shower machine,
water dispenser, bathroom with hot/cold water shower, beddings, desks,
and chairs. Water is free and electricity is free for 100 units for
each room in a month (beyond which students should pay).
There will be separate hostel for boys and girls with high security
arrangement and strict prohibition for boys to enter into girls'

A separate mess is available for foreign nationals where pure Indian
foods will be served with segregated facility for vegetarian and non

Extracurricular activities
Games: - football, basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming etc in
stadium and swimming pool within the college premises.

Telephone System:
Landline telephones are available in each hostel room with free
incoming facility. For outgoing calls students can use cards. Students
can use their personal mobiles phones also in which free outgoing
facility is available to numbers belonging to students, staff and
faculty of Yichun University, a unique facility provided to the
university by China Mobile.

Other Facilities:
24 hours ATM facility, Post Office, Departmental Store within the
University premises

Yichun School of Medicine has started MBBS program in English Medium
since 2006.


1. Age: Completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of
the year of admission to the MBBS course.

2. Qualification: Passed 10+2 or equivalent with minimum aggregate of
50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology from any recognized

3. Admission test: Students must obtain 50% in an objective structured
test comprising English, Chemistry and Biology conducted by the
enrolling agency.

4. Passport: Students must possess a valid passport.

5. MCI Eligibility: Students must have applied for Eligibility
Certificate of Medical Council of India.

Admission Procedure:


• Complete Application Form
• Submit Mark-Sheet of Class X, XI, XII and Certificate of Class X and XII.
• And 4 Photostat copies of each document attested by Gazetteed Officer.
• 10 Passport size photographs two of which be attested
• Registration charge of Rs. 25000 (plus 12.24% service tax)
• Consultation fee of Rs. 25000 (plus 12.24% as service tax)

• Health Check up and Medical Certificate

• After the confirmation letter from the college, admission is confirmed.
• Student needs to pay the remaining sum of processing charge of Rs.
25000 (plus service tax of 10.2%), and Liaison office fee of Rs.
25000 & Faculty Development fee of Rs. 25000 (including service tax of
10.2% for both) to be payable to Hope Consultants, Bhopal before the
student gets confirmation letter.

STEP 4. Visa
• Students need to submit their Passport to our office so that we can
procure the visa.

STEP 5. Journey
• Students need to pay the air ticket charge and other travel expenses
of Rs. 25000 in cash after which we book the ticket. After the booking
of air ticket, emigration clearance is get done by us.
• After the clearance, our consultants help students get the dollar
and traveler's cheque in the cheapest selling rate.
• Finally our consultants personally accompany the students to the college.
• Expenses before leaving China: Rs. 150000 plus service tax of 12750
= Rs. 162750

• Medical fitness test and Residency Permit: US$ 170 (Rs. 7650)
• Medical Insurance: US$ 50 (Rs. 2250)
• University Registration: US$ 20 (Rs. 900)
• Bedding Fee (approx): US$ 40 (Rs. 1800)
• Caution Deposit: US$ 50 (Rs. 2250)
• First Year Tuition Fee: US$ 2000 (Rs. 90000)
• First Year Program Development Fee: US$ 200 (Rs. 9000)
• First Year Library Fee: US$ 20 (Rs. 900)
• First Year Hostel Fee US$ 500 (Rs. 22500)
• First Year Mess Fee US $ 500 (Rs. 22500)
• First Year Expenses in China: US$ 3550 (Rs. 159750)

Total First Year Expenses: Rs. 322500

Second Year to Final Year (Three and Half Years)

• Tuition Fee/Year US$ 1500 (Rs. 67500)
• Program Development Fee/Year US$ 200 (Rs. 9000)
• Libraray Fee/Year US$ 20 (Rs. 900)
• Hostel Fee/Year US$ 500 (Rs. 22500)
• Mess Fee/Year US $ 500 (Rs. 22500)
• Per year Expenses : US$ 2720 (Rs. 122400)

Total Expenses from Second Year to Final Year: US$ 9530 (Rs. 428850)

Total Expenses: Rs. 751350
Internship Year: Fee: US$ 750, Hostel Fee: US$ 500, Mess Fee: US$ 500,
Total: US$ 1750 (Rs. 78750)






PHONE: 0612-2322233, 9334972529

FRET 12-06-2006 12:52 PM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
I don't know this University in China when I step out for Germany. I am not sure it is good idea to study here since I know the way that most Chinese medical school taught.

studychina 05-03-2007 06:12 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
check the web...

FRET 05-07-2007 08:15 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
Why don't you suggest some big ones for the foreign people? In my eyes, the Anhui Medical university is better that the Anhui University of TCM (Traditioanl chinese medicine).

sunawan 05-22-2007 06:51 PM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
I don't think this a good school.


marcusbaby 03-21-2008 09:44 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
what about the one in Fudan? brand new program in the year 2008
Fudan is one of the big name you know...

anat 07-21-2008 03:10 PM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
Best Medical School Of China:

-Zhejiang Medical University
-Fudan University(Medical Center)
-Huazhong University (Tongji Medical College)
-China Medical University
-Zhengzhou Medical University
-Sichuan University
-Wenzhou Medical College
-Guangxi Medical University
-Tianjin Medical University
-Xian Jiaotong Medical University
-Capital MedicalUniversity
-Anhui Medical University of TCM
-Qingdoa Medical University

chinaenglishmedium dot com
Just Contact Us :+60123910281
Admission still in progress

cdmcchina 08-07-2008 01:41 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
# WHO Registered.
# CDMU founded in 1945.
# 1, 748 authorized employees.
# 540 are professors and associate professors.
# Only 4 hours drive from Chinese capital city Beijing.
# 1500 mus and its total area covered by its buildings is about 210,000 m2.
# 51 teaching and research sections, 24 labs
and 6 scientific research institutions, key lab.
# The University has eight affiliated hospitals and 63 teaching hospitals.
Altogether there are over 21,000 beds.
# foreigner teachers for international student.
# Fee structure only 3500US $ inclding hostel fee.
# first year student have to pay administration fee 2000US $.
# Student will be given concession of 400US $ on first year fee.
# Standered living conditions.
Download University Prospectus from our Website!

International Student contact CDMU Representative in China.


M Umair Javed

[Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]


Our representative In Pakistan.

Mr. Arshad Nadeem

SEGA Pakistan
Suit # 304, Third Floor, Dubai Plaza
6th Road Squire Murree Road
Rawalpindi Pakistan

Tel: +92-51-4581901
Fax: +92-51-4581978
Cell: +90-333-526349

cdmcchina 08-09-2008 01:42 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In China
E Mail Us
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[Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]

anjay_gmu 12-16-2008 09:29 AM

Re: Study Mbbs In 7 Lacs
Anyone want to study MBBS in 6 lacs(1USD = 50 Rs.) including Tuition, Hostel, Air-ticket and other processing Charge for Whole course contact me on [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...]. College is Rec. by WHO and MCI, more than 600 Indian students are studying here.

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