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CD19 10-05-2012 10:24 AM

I am watching
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and I have few things I want to discuss:

1. Nobody ever isolated HIV from peripheral blood when it is spreading from Th cells where it replicates? Can someone confirm?

2. What about research describing HIV in brain's neurons? When immunity is weaker for some reason, gitter cells (macrophages of the microglia) have lower reactivity and HIV escapes from neurons and goes to blood and gives the symptoms. Something like HSV. So if there is no HIV so what is in neurons then?

3. HIV test looks for antibodies against HIV that means that infected cells like Th need to show with MHC I some HIV antigen and then the antibodies against it appear. If there is no HIV then it means we have to do with autoimmunological disease, coz antibodies are produced against certain Th surface antigens and if there is many antibodies they can of course severely impair immune system. Another thing is that there can be mutation in Th cells genome which show on their surface antigen which is recognized as hostile. Anyway people with such kind of antibodies ain't healthy.

4. If the flu vaccine gives HIV test positive results then does it mean that this vaccine is unhealthy? I don't know what type was that vaccine (anyone knows?). Coz when after vaccination you have antibodies against "HIV" that means there must be something on cell surface. So does the vaccine changes genomes of Th cells or B cells (plasma cells) which start to produce certain antibodies and then differentiate to memory cells? Does the vaccine cause autoimmunological disease or this condition is transient and occur again when flu virus infects? So people who are vaccinated have HIV when they are infected with flu :P

I don't work on viruses so can someone explain me those issues?

CD19 10-05-2012 10:52 AM

Re: Hiv.
5. Christl Meyer claims at her website that when the blood serum is not diluted then all people are positive for HIV in ELISA test and this can mean that we all naturally produce small quantities of autoantibodies (maybe CD5+ B1 cells are those small population of cells to protect us?). Each ELISA test has its work range so when the serum is diluted the titer of those antibodies is lower and that is why it is not found in majority of people. Some people genetically have higher means of those antibodies and some vaccines cause it too that is why extensive immunization is not good. In my country the law says you have to vaccinate your dog against rabies every year, but not all people know that when the dog is 10 years old and it received vaccination each year we don't have to vaccinate it anymore. First of all the immunity against rabies stays for at least 3 years (as I heard from one vet's son) and vets know that excessive immunization impairs dog's immune system.

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