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International Journal of Modern Physics B - Vol 18 Nos 4-5

International Journal of Modern Physics B - Vol 18 Nos 4-5 - Forum Physik

International Journal of Modern Physics B - Vol 18 Nos 4-5 - Forum Physik.

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Default International Journal of Modern Physics B - Vol 18 Nos 4-5

International Journal of Modern Physics B
Vol. 18, Nos. 4-5 (20 February 2004)

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Special Issue: Perspectives in Quantum Field Theory, Statistical
Mechanics and Stochastics — Festschrift Dedicated to Prof. Francesco
Guerra on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday



Edward Nelson

Dynamical Detailed Balance And Local Kms Condition For Non-Equilibrium
Luigi Accardi And Kentaro Imafuku

Application Of Exact Renormalization Group Techniques To The
Non-Perturbative Study Of Supersymmetric Field Theory
Stefano Arnone And Kensuke Yoshida

Equilibrium States With Macroscopic Correlations
Giada Basile And Giovanni Jona-Lasinio

From The Mathematical Kinetic Theory To Modelling Complex Systems In
Applied Sciences
Nicola Bellomo

Decoherence In Heisenberg's Representation
Philippe Blanchard And Robert Olkiewicz

Analogical Model Inferred From Time Domain Analysis And Generating
Organ Pipes Self Sustained-Tone
Milena Bottiglieri, Enza De Lauro, Salvatore De Martino And Maria
Rosaria Falanga

Cosmic Origin Of Quantization
Francesco Calogero

Spin-1 Gravitational Waves
Fabrizio Canfora, Gaetano Vilasi And Paola Vitale

Mechanisms Of Aggregation Of Physical Systems: Possible Universal Laws
Salvatore Capozziello, Salvatore De Martino, Silvio De Siena And
Fabrizio Illuminati

A Critical Remark On Planck's Model Of Black-Body
Andrea Carati And Luigi Galgani

Bose–Einstein Statistics In A Discrete Spectrum Trap
Enrico Celeghini And Mario Rasetti

How real are quantons?
Marcello Cini

Clusters In Spin Glasses And The Frustrated Percolation Model
Antonio Coniglio

Convex Replica Symmetry Breaking From Positivity And Thermodynamic
Pierluigi Contucci And Sandro Graffi

Non-Trivial Behavior Of The Linear Response Function In Phase Ordering
Federico Corberi, Nicola Fusco, Eugenio Lippiello And Marco Zannetti

Dynamical Control Of The Halo In Particle Beams: A
Stochastic–Hydrodynamic Approach
Nicola Cufaro Petroni, Salvatore De Martino, Silvio De Siena And
Fabrizio Illuminati

Path Integrals For Qubits
Gian Fabrizio De Angelis

Quantum Timing And Synchronization Problems
Diego De Falco And Dario Tamascelli

Multiphoton Squeezed States By Cubic Nonlinear Contribution
Fabio Dell'anno, Silvio De Siena, Antonio Di Lisi And Fabrizio

Towards A Theory Of Decoherence
Gianfausto Dell'antonio

Mesoscopic Description Of Dynamical Systems: Hierarchy Of Recursive
Equations For The Moments Of The Density Distribution With An
Application To Charged Particle Beam Dynamics
Salvatore De Martino, Silvio De Siena, Renato Fedele And Stephan

The Joos-Zeh Formula And The Environment–Induced Decoherence
Rodolfo Figari, Raffaele Carlone And Alessandro Teta

The Kac Limit For Diluted Spin Glasses
Silvio Franz And Fabio Lucio Toninelli

A Stochastic Model For Multifractal Behavior Of Stock Prices
Umberto L. Fulco et al.

Topology Induced Macroscopic Quantum Coherence In Josephson Junction
Giovanni Giusiano et al.

On The Statistical Physics Contribution To Quantitative Finance
Maria I. Loffredo

A Kinetic Model Of Interface Motion
Guido Manzi And Rossana Marra

Stochastic Learning Of Fractal Images
Laura M. Morato and Paola Siri

On The Probability Distribution Of The Overlap In Spin Glasses
Giorgio Parisi

A Footnote To Nelson's Interpretation Of The Two-Slit Experiment
Michele Pavon

Path integral approach in quantum-like theory. Two applications: LHC
M. Pusterla

Stability Of Asynchronous States Of Spiking Neurons
Mariya Shcherbina And Brunello Tirozzi

Magnetization Of The Pure States In The p-Spin Interaction Model
M. Talagrand

Classical Chaotic Trajectories In Quantum Field Theory
Giuseppe Vitiello

Listening: Sound Stream As A Clock
Laura Tedeschini-Lalli

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