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lionleds 06-29-2012 03:49 AM

Do you know the advantages of LEDs
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Advantages of LEDs:

1. High energy savings.
2. Very long life of about 50,000 hours, which makes for an average illumination time of 10 hours daily about 13.7 years.
3. No permanent replacement of fluorescent lamps more.
4. Little heat, no noise, no flicker when turning.
5. LEDs can be dimmed with very little effort, very well.
6. Very little space as very flat with a large emission angle.
7. Excellent luminosity ranges, even for pools up to 80cm in depth.
8. 100% security by 12V or 24V low voltage.
9. High color spectrum (high blue, less red content, no UV radiation),
thus, our fish and plants present in their natural beauty.
10.Environmentally friendly, no mercury, and lower power consumption.
Types of LEDs:

In the fresh water aquariums are currently mainly used the so-called LED stripes, mostly in the Seewasseraquaristik Cree LEDs with very high performance and very high light yield, especially in the blue region. I would first times the area of freshwater aquarium light, illuminating the area for sea water may follow later times.

The LED-Stripes are now available in different versions in terms of the number of LEDs per meter, depending on the luminosity is required. They are available as 30, 48, 60 and now also 120 LEDs per meter.

This rule, however, be used more LEDs per meter, of course, the higher the power consumption, but also the light output.

There are also LED Sripes in various colors of light.
They come in cool white with a very high proportion of blue, warm white, with slightly less proportion of blue and of course as RGB-LED stripes with 3 colors per LED (red / green and blue).
There are now but also the Magic RGB LED Stripes (Digital) can, by means of a sophisticated electronic all treadmills are created with different colors in a single stripe.
This could of course be used with the appropriate programming to the aquarium in various zones of light varies, eg Transitions from night to sunrise, or shadow and cloud simulations.
Then of course there are the LED strips in the colors red, green, blue, yellow, etc.. This can, of course, easy for a night light, or for sunrise -. And make sinking simulation advantage, as would be Sunrise also makes lighting control.

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