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Innovation Vol 4 No 2: Anti-Ageing

Innovation Vol 4 No 2: Anti-Ageing - Forum Biologie

Innovation Vol 4 No 2: Anti-Ageing - Forum Biologie. Germany German Biology Forums.

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Default Innovation Vol 4 No 2: Anti-Ageing

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Vol 4, No 2


Cover Story: Anti-Ageing

Ageing and Disease: From Darwinian Medicine to Antioxidants?
Humans evolved so that they could store food and resist disease, not
to grow old.

Anti-Ageing Medicine: Beyond the Next Generation
Anti-ageing medicine challenges the mindset that old age is a
disease-based condition.

Slowing Down Ageing from Within
Mild but repeated stress stimulates survival mechanisms and slows down

Coaxing Cells to Lose Heat - and Size
Want to stay lean?
Look no further than the Cidea gene.

Maintain Body Weight and Live Longer
Bariatric medicine may hold the answer to losing weight and keeping it

Hormone Replacement for Women and Men
The latest research findings in hormone therapy treatment for women
and men.

The Smell of Hope for the Future?
Hydrogen sulphide, famous for its rotten-egg smell, could be a medical

Growing a New Pancreas
A transplant expert looks at different approaches to coaxing donated
pancreatic tissue to work in diabetics.

Growing Hair with Stem Cells
Hair-follicle stem cells give hope to those with hair loss to regain
their crowning glory.

Blood Stem Cells Treatment for Cancer Victims
Transplanting stem cells has proved successful in treating leukaemia;
clinical trials for other cancers are under way.

Hyperactive Androgen Receptor Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

Cell-Based Therapy for Damaged Cartilage

Coping with Old Age the Asian Way
How do different cultures cope with issues of ageing?


Stem Cell Promise for Parkinson's Disease

Modern Management of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Insights into the Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease

Repairing the Damaged Nervous System

Personalising Dementia Treatment

Preventing Neurodegeneration


The Pill and Other Technological Sexual Liberators
The inventor of the Pill talks about the impact of new technology on
procreation and how he brings science to the masses in the guise of

Patent Mapping: Technology in Patents
Patent maps can provide visual help in strategising the charting of
technological development and long-term planning.

Interacting in a Virtual World
Real-time virtual interaction, in which users immerse themselves in
realistic environments complete with sight and sound, is no longer

How to Grow a Small Innovation into a Big Idea
What does it take to grow a company of 12 employees into one with
5,500 staff members worldwide and a revenue base of US$1.2 billion?


Extending the quality of life.

In Brief
Innovative highlights in various fields.

Industry Updates
Significant industry developments.


Shining Light on Emotion and Disease
An expert talks about her discoveries on the mechanisms and the
molecular bases of brain–immune-system communication.


Lessons for a Rapidly Ageing Society
Singapore is the fastest-ageing country in Asia. Studies attribute the
trend to the decline in fertility rates and healthcare improvements
that have extended life expectancy.


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