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Forum Biologia Forum Scienza Biologia. Italian Biology Forum.

wow, mag 8.0 on Hokkaido!

wow, mag 8.0 on Hokkaido! - Forum Biologia

wow, mag 8.0 on Hokkaido! - Forum Scienza Biologia. Italian Biology Forum.

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Old 10-02-2003, 08:00 AM
[|] jpturcaud
Posts: n/a
Default wow, mag 8.0 on Hokkaido!

By the way Der Cochon Crankeistein Cohen , David has the same pedigree as
you :i.e. the Mongols / Huns / Khazars descent Converts fraudulously
masquerading as Gywes now !
Or from the English own literature as Giwis," "Giws," "Gyues," "Gywes,"
"Giwes," "Geus," "Iuys," "Iows," "Iouis," "Iews up to the 18th century...
Of course, I am revelling this to you in confidence since NO GOY is
supposed to know it and this has to be kept secret ... in case those "seeds
of cattle kind "would understand your Ashkenazi's ' definitive fraud
performed since a 1000 years now !

Your most filthy comments point out to deviant sexual impulses and drug
addiction, which is a most common trait with that population of endocrinal
mutilated Mongolian descent fanatics, resulting indeed from the very
mutilation imposed by the Rabbid fools on their own 1st puberty children.
Well documented cases are the ones of Dr Fraud and Dr Eisntein, both
schizophrenic plagiarist frauds indeed ! ... both indulging further in
paedophilia seen as quite normal according to your free for all standards

I know all about your little secrets bloody ignorant fools and at that it
did not prevent saving the life of Ariel Sharon 's cousin, Mr Ron Sharon
himself who was lost in the australian bush ... and whom I recovered in less
than 6 hours flat from the time I was informed. ... and that does not
prevent me indeed to tell David, a few things he never had not the chance to
know ! To wit, this is NOT by religious obligation that Iews must follow
that blasphematory circumcision, BUT this is indeed the other way around !
Without 1st puberty or 8th day Endocrinal mutilation , there is NO Iews
anymore ! ... and the Rabbids know that but present it the other way around
in their own vermins' & parasites' interest !!!

See gutless anonymous yellow coward of DC ( and filthy Newmont henchman to
boost ) , your continuous ranting illustrates to all that very immoral trait
of the Endocrinal Mutilated and unbalance Endocrinal System victims ... and
at that the information I am giving is for the Goys ' benefit, since you
both beyond understanding ... even of the real purpose of that Rabbids
against-nature folly performed generation after generation, which I am not
going to tell you though !... and it makes you blinded and mad as pigs
indeed and all those Holocausts you performed in the world are the
demonstration of it : French, Russian Holocausts etc + all the Islamic
Holocausts since that holy propheet Mohammad was a Iew too, as you may know
and as the Goys don't of course !

Now the point is that the Goys crawl in front of you, and are not even to
question that imbecile so-called Geology which everywhere bears your imprint
of stupidity and ignorance. That present indeed debased Geology science of
gutless crawling imbeciles, who pretend in Universities by the mere fact of
acquiring worthless degrees acquiring knowledge of Earth and Mankind History
!. You, as well as your Goys slaves, are unable to understand that most
Divine Science since to reach that understanding indeed , One needs a
synthesis mind of which you are precisely deprived by your Rabbid Endocrinal
Mutilation ! You pretend or at least attempt to make sense of it all, but
never will you achieve that, since the understanding of Geology cannot be
perceived except by a Universal Mind able to apprehend ALL AVENUES OF

.... and so are all the Sciences by the way ... part of a Great Whole and
your systematically mutilated & circumcised mind, with its linear
iteration and analytic brain indeed tending towards specialisation and
ultra specialisation is causing havoc on the Earth ... and leading it
because your complete lack of insight towards perdition !

It can be noted by the way indeed these are three of you kind of Khazar
Ashkenazi's Iews Frauds Converts who most viciously assault me on these
sci.ng in relation to the True Geology : DC, DS and DA. It can be noted too
that the Sepharades present as well on those ng, and who are the real Iews,
are most courteous balanced and respectful of both my Mining and Geological
discoveries !
This tends to show that in any sect, the Converts are the real fanatics,
since they tend to overdo it to stop people reflecting on really their lack
of proper integration to their new system ! But for you the Khazars, this is
apparently beyond your reach ! The Rabbid of Leibowitch and his following
are a perfect example of that and ALL of my Sepharades friends have the
greatest contempt for those kind of overdoing it fanatic imbeciles indeed !

No regards

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Hydro & Mining Prospector
Pioneer of australian Mining
Discoverer of Telfer; Kintyre & Nifty Mines in The Great Sandy Desert.
Discoverer of the South Atlantic Submarine Gold Placers
_ 40 Millions Tons estimate _
Founder of The TRUE GEOLOGY

"Gold and Intrigue in the Desert"
"The true story of the discovery of the Telfer gold mine"
Author : Bob Sheppard, President of the Australian Prospectors' Union
Author's contact & web page : [Only registered users see links. ]
Order from : Hesperian Press, PO Box 317 Victoria Park, 6979 W.Australia.
AUS 40.00 + post

Published in Perth 15th December 2002

* The Greatest Australian Mining Covered Up Swindle Of The 20th Century
[Only registered users see links. ]
( Is maintained due to Public demand at least up to next Solstice )

* The True Geology ( previously Refutation of the Horrid Geological Myths )
[Only registered users see links. ] ( Not available due to plagiarism hazards )

~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never Forgiven ! ~~

"Der Cohen " <DerCohen @FanaticLegionsHQ.Mil> a écrit dans le message de
news:ZGVyY29hY2g=.870d0052e288e909bcfd4e124d5ff579 @1064970003.cotse.net...

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hokkaido , mag , wow

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