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sunnye 07-22-2008 01:06 AM

Way to saving benzine
Filling tire pressure: If tire losses on gas will lead to increased resistance, resulting in increased fuel consumption; On the contrary, if the tire pressure to increase the amount specified in the appropriate tire pressure will help reduce fuel consumption.
Tread patterns: patterns of different types of tyres of different rates of fuel consumption, tyre choice broken line patterns will help save fuel.
On the environment: in idling vehicles and low-Shift for the entire period of time on the lower occupancy rate, the more conducive to reducing fuel consumption. Therefore, the road congestion in urban fuel consumption remains high.
Road: the road resistance is, the more status on the downhill, the higher the rate of fuel consumption. So as far as possible the choice of pavement, bumpy road traffic.
The heavy-duty vehicles: minimize unnecessary car, can help reduce fuel consumption.
Smooth acceleration: Ji Jiasu the instantaneous fuel consumption rate higher than the smooth acceleration half, so we should try to avoid Jijia Su, to avoid emergency braking.
Moderate speed: a clear economic speed, the speed is too high and too low vehicle fuel economy will worsen.
Engine: If the engine technology in poor condition, will lead to decreased engine power, causing heavy fuel waste.
Automatic Transmission: automatic transmission shift to ensure normal.
Transmission System: regular inspection drive shaft, differential and axle, bearings and other components Tyre resistance is the normal rotation.
Brake System: Check to ensure that no trailer brake system lag phenomenon.
Gear oil viscosity: the relatively low temperature environment, manual transmission and differential gears in the oil viscosity replacement for the lower grade, help with fuel economy.
Drag coefficient: appearance of vehicles damaged, or improper modifications are Drag coefficient larger factor.
Fuel grade: Do not mistake to think that the use of No. 97 gasoline than the No. 93 gasoline to fuel-efficient, in fact, the contrary, add the same quality of No. 93 gasoline mileage of travelling farther than 97 of petrol. No. 97 [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click Here To Register...] engine is only conducive to life.

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