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dahankus 10-17-2011 11:07 PM

Experience into offspring DNA?
Hello everybody!!
A few days ago i had an avid discusion about evolution with a friend. Our main debate topic was adaptative mutations. We finished our discusion with an mutual understanding and agreed that one question have to be answered in order to make things clearer.

What gland(or whatever) interprets life experiences into DNA parts corresponding to a specific mutation to better addapt to circumstances and how?

For example a giraff evolved witha a longer neck because its food was higher and higher. right? How the F@#$ did its body knew it had to have a longer neck!?:starwars:

We know evolution happens over thousands/milions of years, but in order to actually addapt, something in the creatures body must know that to overcome, for example, cold i can grow denser fur and to do so this DNA pairs needs to be changed.

I dont think evolution has anything to do with intended mutation. I sustain that evolution is just random mutations that ocasionally aid the creature to have an easier life, thus reproducing more often and passing its mutation to its offspring and this way evolving.

I hope someone here has actual DNA evolution knowledge and can help us understand this topic a little bit more.

Cheers and have a great day!

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