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Conferences , Symposiums and Meetings Post Information and News about Scientific Conferences , Symposiums and Meetings Here.

BIT Life Sciences' 3 rd Annual PepCon-2010

BIT Life Sciences' 3 rd Annual PepCon-2010 - Conferences , Symposiums and Meetings

BIT Life Sciences' 3 rd Annual PepCon-2010 - Post Information and News about Scientific Conferences , Symposiums and Meetings Here.

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Default BIT Life Sciences' 3 rd Annual PepCon-2010

Theme: After a Solution for the Machines of Life
Time: March 21-23, 2010 Venue: Beijing , China

Symposium 1: Basic Protein Science
Session 1-1: Advances of Protein Molecular Biology and Cell Biology

Session 1-2: Protein Folding Dynamics, Stability and Quality Control

Session 1-3: Protein-Protein Interactions and Protein-Transduction

Session 1-4: Proteins Interacting with DNA and RNA

Session 1-5: Structure Biology, Protein Structure, Dynamics and Functions

Session 1-6: Membrane Proteins

Session 1-7: Proteins and Signaling

Session 1-8: Protein Trafficking/ Transport/ Translocation , Assembly

Session 1-9: Ubiquitin, Protein Conjugation and Degradation

Session 1-10: Protein Metabolism, Secretion, and Enzyme Dynamics

Session 1-11: Protein Splicing and Endo -and Exocytosis

Session 1-12: Protein Modifications

Session 1-13: Green Fluorescent Protein

Symposium 2: Protein Technologies
Session 2-1: Protein Screening, Bioassay and Discovery

Session 2-2: NMR, EM and X-Ray Crystallography

Session 2-3: Protein Chips, Arrays and Protein Structures in Silico

Session 2-4: Cell Free Technologies for Proteins

Session 2-5: Robust Microscale and Nanoscale Separation/ Purification Technologies

Session 2-6: Progress of Synthesis Technology and Custom Peptide Synthesis

Symposium 3: Proteins and Diseases Session 3-1: Protein Interactions and Diseases

Session 3-2: Protein Networks in Disease

Session 3-3: Proteins in Apoptosis and Autophagy

Session 3-4: Protein Misfolding and Cancers

Session 3-5: Protein Misfolding and Neurodegeneration

Session 3-6: Protein Therapeutics for Immunologic & Inflammatory Diseases

Symposium 4: Human Proteome Technologies and Cancer Research

Session 4-1: MS, Imaging MS and MALDI-TOF in Proteomics

Session 4-2: Gel/Non-Gel Technologies, and Capillary Electrophoresis Systems in Proteomics

Session 4-3: Computational Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Session 4-4: Nanoproteomics, Chip and Array Technologies in Proteomics

Session 4-5: Protein Profiling and Interactome in Proteomics

Session 4-6: System Biology and Omics Network

Session 4-7: Clinical Proteomics

Session 4-8: Proteomics of Brain, Neck and Head Tumors

Session 4-9: Proteomics of Breast Cancer

Session 4-10: Proteomics of Colorectal and Colon Cancer

Session 4-11: Proteomics of Lung Cancer

Session 4-12: Proteomics of Esophageal Cancer

Session 4-13: Proteomics of Hepatic and Pancreatic Cancer

Session 4-14: Proteomics of Leukemia

Session 4-15: Proteomics of Prostate Cancer

Session 4-16: Proteomics of Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Symposium 5: Protein Kinases
Session 5-1: Protein Kinases and Kinome as Drug Targets-Preclinical to Clinical Trials

Session 5-2: Protein Kinase and Apoptosis

Session 5-3: Protein Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer

Session 5-4: Protein Kinase and Cell Cycle Control

Session 5-5: Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

Session 5-6: The ErbB Family and Associated Signaling

Session 5-7: SER/THR Kinases

Session 5-8: The AKT/PI 3-Kinases, and The MAP Kinase Pathway

Session 5-9: Sugar Kinases and Lipid Kinases

Session 5-10: Kit/Notch/Wnt Signaling Pathways

Session 5-11: Kinase Screening, Profiling, Identification and Lead Optimization

Session 5-12: Kinases of Toxicological Concern

Session 5-13: Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitor Discovery

Symposium 6: Protein Based Drug Discovery
Session 6-1: Target Discovery and Validations

Session 6-2: GPCRs in Drug Discovery

Session 6-3: Protein Structure, Modeling, and Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Session 6-4: Protein Crystallography in Drug Discovery

Session 6-5: Protein Drug Delivery System and Nanotechnologies

Session 6-6: Design Drugs Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions

Session 6-7: New Peptides Drug Discovery

Symposium 7: Protein Expression
Session 7-1: Advances in Control of Gene Expression and Alternative Expression

Session 7-2: Eukaryotic/ Prokaryotic, Insect and Mammalian Expression

Session7-3: Downstream Protein Expression Technologies

Session 7-4: Novel Protein Expression Systems and Sample Purification, Detection Technologies

Session 7-5: Novel Protein Expression Systems and yuySample Purification, Detection Technologies

Session 7-6: Novel and Emerging Hosts for Difficult-to-Expression Proteins

Symposium 8: Protein Biomarkers
Session 8-1: Protein Biomarker Discovery and Validation for Diagnosis and Treatment

Session 8-2: Toxicity Biomarkers and Biomarkers Assay Development

Session 8-3: Protein Biomarkers for Cancers

Session 8-4: Biomarkers in Drug Development and Clinical Use

Session 8-5: Protein Biomarkers for Diseases: Cardiovascular, CNS, Inflammation and Immunology

Session 8-6: Biomarker for Personalized Medicine

Symposium 9: Protein as Biocatalysts and Biomaterials
Session 9-1: Protein Design and Evolution for Enzymes

Session 9-2: Metabolic Pathway Engineering and Systems Biology

Session 9-3: Extremophilic Enzyme Discovery and Development

Session 9-4: Protein Biomaterial Design and Implications

Session 9-5: Case Studies on Novel Economical Industrial Enzymes

Symposium 10: Protein Analysis and Quality Control
Session 10-1: Progress of Analytical Techniques for Protein

Session 10-2: Chip and Array Technology for Protein Analysis

Session 10-3: HPLC, LC-MS and SFC in Protein Analysis

Session 10-4: Spectroscopic Analysis and other GMP Compliance Analytical Methods

Session 10-5: Novel Machines, Tools, Software, Instruments and Equipment for Protein Analysis

Symposium 11: Protein Engineering and Production
Session 11-1: Cellular Engineering and New Host System Development

Session 11-2: Cell Line and Cell Culture Development & Upstream Processing

Session 11-3: Improved Separation, Purification, Recovery, Crystallization, and Lyophilization

Session 11-4: Scaling Up Bioprocess Development for Biotherapeutics

Session 11-5: New Protein Therapeutic Formulation Development

Symposium 12: Proteins as Drugs-Non-Antibody and Non-Vaccine Protein Therapeutics Session 12-1: Cytokines / Chemokine, Interleukins

Session 12-2: Antithrombins and Blood Clotting Factors

Session 12-3: Human Growth Hormones

Session 12-4: Hematopoietics and Blood Modifiers

Session 12-5: Insulin and Insulin Like Proteins

Session 12-6: Plasma Proteins

Session 12-7: Enzymes

Session 12-8: Interferons

Session 12-9: Colony and Follicle Stimulating Hormone Factors

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