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Thesis on MacDougall Space and the Astral Form

Thesis on MacDougall Space and the Astral Form - Chemistry Forum

Thesis on MacDougall Space and the Astral Form - Chemistry Forum. Discuss chemical reactions, chemistry.

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Old 11-10-2003, 12:36 AM
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Default Thesis on MacDougall Space and the Astral Form

Thesis on MacDougall Space and the Astral Form.

Part 1.

The Good News According to John 14,2
In my Fathers house are many mansions.

Duncan MacDougall MD in 1907 wrote "If personal continuity after the
event of bodily death is a fact [1], if the psychic functions continue
to exist as a separate individual or personality after the death of brain
and body, then such personality can only exist as a space occupying
body, unless the relations between space objective and space notions in
our consciousness, established in our consciousness by heredity and
experience, are entirely wiped out at death and a new set of relations
between space and consciousness suddenly established in the continuing
personality. This would be an unimaginable breach in the continuity of
It is unthinkable that personality and consciousness continuing personal
identity should exist, and have being, and yet not occupy space. It is
impossible to represent in thought that which is not space-occupying, as
having personality; for that would be equivalent to thinking that nothing
had become or was something, that emptiness had personality, that space
itself was more than space, all of which are contradictions and absurd."

We begin with MacDougall rationalizing space as if analogous with
n-dimensional form and "nothing" as that which is "not space-occupying".
In MacDougalls black and white universe all that is created exists within
the manifold of space. Nothing may come from nothingness, not even
quantum mechanical virtual particles. All that has form has origins in
form [2]. With his black and white rationale he goes on to add "Since
therefore it is necessary to the continuance of conscious life and
personal identity after death, that they must have for a basis that which
is space-occupying, or substance, the question arises has this substance
weight, is it ponderable?"
Well it is certainly ponderable in terms of MacDougall space form.
Whether it has weight (mass) and other properties will depend exactly
on how this "personality" (or Astral) form "hooks" onto MacDougall space
form. Properties such as weight and force are the result of form
interacting with form by means of hooks built into the form.
All of physics and chemistry describes the world in this way ultimately.
As it turns out the Astral form may indeed have hooks into "our world"
that give it mass and weight thus bringing us some small way towards
a determination in regard of supposition [1].

End of part 1.


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