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CrO2 - Chemistry Forum

CrO2 - Chemistry Forum. Discuss chemical reactions, chemistry.

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Old 08-16-2003, 08:03 AM
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Default CrO2

Was Re: uncle al(asshole)
"Nils Dalen" <[Only registered users see links. ]> wrote in message
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Hey, thanks a million, dude.
The patents show that the simplest reaction for producing
CrO2, Chromium Dioxide, via CrO3 + Cr2O3 = 3 CrO2
does not work in practice. All patents show that a vast excess
of CrO3 is required which shows reactions that look like:
3 CrO3 + Cr2O3 = 5 CrO2 + O2 .... to .....
6 CrO3 + Cr2O3 = 8 CrO2 + 2.5 O2.
The Cr6+, the Cr3+ plus some water are mixed into a paste.
Reducing- and nucleating agents are added and then the paste
is typically cooked at 110-750C for 1 to 15 hrs under 100 to
700 atm. The reaction mix then is slowly cooled & the insoluble
CrO2 that formed is separated and worked up to be ready for
mixing into various "glues" that are applied onto a carrier tape.

The wide variety of conditions to produce CrO2 shows again
how little value "Theory" has in the real, ponderable and tangible
world. Theories are just ****ing stories developed AFTER the fact
and mainly good to teach the children what's going on.
Folks who make a living from writing theories = stories or teaching
them will of course disagree.
But given that fact that all the theory, physics and chemistry, that
goes into the manufacture of a toilet bowl, will not enable a single
theoretician to construct one, no matter how fancy his theories are.
The theoretician, especially the relativity ones, should therefore go
and take a shit in the woods or the cow pasture and wonder
why this works too.

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